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Found 112 results

  1. Ok after playing apex for about 100h and coming pubg it is quite a shock. Im not gonna talk about all the good things pubg has, but only things I think should be updated. Here is what I think is lacking in PUBG compared to APEX: 1) Mobility - it really feels handicapped. I dont necessary mean addition of rocketboots or whatever but the overall fluidity of movement starting from parachuting feels very handicapped. Forced animation like jumping out of window, which prevents all other action during that mini movie, is annoying too. (note that im not recommending here some "unrealistic" things in a computer game, like sliding down a hill or rope sliding to make it a bit faster paced, though I would like it) 2) Actual gameplay: In apex it feels like this game is about fighting players, you have a lot of time to go gank some nearby squad when you hear shooting and loot them. Pubg main play feels like escaping the inevitable circle, and even prevents healing in water and can totally destroy game due to small obstacles. There are many situtations when it is not worthwile to even shoot enemy because you will not make the ring otherwise. 3) The ring is too strong in PUBG, at the very end its okay to be strong, but I think it should move much slower so that you are able to run after it and not just quit game if your car crashes and you realize there is no hope to catch it even though u have 10painkillers and 10 medkits in your backpack. Early game ring should move slowly, maybe start earlier if the game time want to be minimized, but remain at such a pace that its worthwhile to try to kill players. Now it doesnt reward killing players but campers. Well anyway thats how I feel after playing apex. I hope I didnt offend PUBG pros.
  2. Merhaba, şuan logitech g903 mouse aldım ancak bunun yazılımı yüklemem lazım dpi, rapor hızı, renk ayarı için ekstra bir işlem yapmayacağım driver yüklediğim için otomatik donanım banı veya normal ban yer miyim lütfen seri dönüş yapar mısınız? @PUBG_Begmeritz Sorma amacım gruplarda olsun baya gördüm bundan dolayı ban yiyen çok insan olmuş ve mağdurluğu giderilmemiş söylediklerine göre sizden dönüş bekliyorum.
  3. Artık biraz daha hızlı gelişmeler, düzeltmeler, iyileştirmeler yapılmalı güncellemeler baya geç gelmekte, bence.
  4. Date Seen: Last Seen (01.25.2019, Live Server, EU) Area of Map: Area of Pilnec Description: There is an invisible balcony near Pilnec. Just like the other invisible balconies. Photo: Video:
  5. Since the 27th update in september, i experience a lot of flickering in pubg for start, when i load the game the copyright message merges with the loading screen and flickers after, when i go to the menu of choosing what server i want to play in or if i want duel, solo or squad the menu flickers a lot when i am in the game, many objects flicker so much that it is impossible to play after a lot of researching i found nothing that could help me, i started messing with the graphics on my own and after a lot of frustration i found that the problem was shadows, apparently only if shadows were on ultra there was no flickering,this came with a price,my fps was so laggy that the game was unplayable, again.. my graphics card is 2,rx 480(crossfired) and the drivers are updated so as my windows 10 please, if you have any idea how to fix it help me, and yes i did try reinstalling the game and tried Vsync and stuff..
  6. Hello PUBG, I would like to give feedback on the Shift, Hold Breath dynamic. As it plays out it have only created frustration and interruption in my play and for many others I have heard it creates confusion and people get really annoyed by how easy you can loose it in rounds of play. The only safe way to get a hold breath action is to combine it with your aim down sight or directly after. 1. You can not move and aim down sight, the hold breath won't register. 2. You can not be running and try to aim down sight fast and get the hold breath smoothly, because you have to hit that butting while you stand perfectly still. 3. The Hold breath indicator have been lost and now only shows when you lost your breath. It should always be up for the player to spot their Lung capacity while holding the key! 1. Please make it so that we players can just hold in the button so that when we do aim down sight, the hold breath will FOLLOW that action. Right now the game feels staggered and stiff in so many ways... like we have to run, stop right click , shift click to hold breath. It is so many useless steps to achieve something that should be Second Nature to a FPS experience in general. Too many steps into your desired action can really hinder the player from performing. 2. With over 800 hours of play, I can honestly say that so many other shooters does this better. 3. For the upcoming patch please make it so the hold breath action really feels like a seamless action. Best regards, Holdbreath Snipe, Headshot!
  7. Quando eu inicio uma partida de pubg o jogo inicia certinho , porém o som do jogo fica travado e não da pra ouvir nada além de tiros aleatórios,carros passando do nada e eu me assusto com os airs drops! Meu pc: i5 7500 3.40ghz , 8gb ram 2133mhz (2x4gb) , nvidia geforca 1050 2gb.
  8. I have an issue where sometimes my mouse would stop working for a few seconds continuously during a round. This is completely Isolated to PUBG and doesn't happen in any of my other games. I have a Razor Mamba Tournament Edition.
  9. Ох, ну просто очень, когда прыгаешь в окно с соседней крыши и вроде влетаешь в него, но падаешь вниз, потому что твои руки не цепляют подоконник, пример АC любая, думаю технически будет не трудно, мани в кармане имеются у разрабов.
  10. Greetings, First of all, English is not my first language, so i will commit grammar mistakes. If i say something that doesn`t make sense, just tell me what part is not understandable and I will try to correct it right away. Secondly, I made this same post in general help because i don`t know where this issue fits better. My name is Yuri and I`m having some issues with in game gameplay. Anytime that i`m playing 1vs1 and i need to use a red dot or to use the right click zoom i lose the fight because the game freezes for around 1,5 seconds. This is making the game almost unplayable and i would like to see it solved on my game. I have already checked the game files. Any help is welcome. Best regards. PS: If someone knows a easy way to record it (without the necessity to be recording the game in full time) like Nvidia Shadow Play I can try to reproduce it.
  11. Fix this flying shrub pls. Its on miramar near monte nuevo
  12. Совсем недавно приобрёл вашу игру, но хоть и находится она в раннем доступе, на дворе 2017 год. Хотелось бы увидеть в данной игре удар прикладом, это просто необходимая функция и во многих ситуациях была бы не лишней. На счёт анти-чита, почему не можете провести ту же самую процедуру как в EAC(Easy anti-cheat) которая попросту позволяет запускать такие программы AutoHotKey и Phyton, но они не работают, тем самым не дают пользоваться игрокам скриптами. Уже надоели люди стоящие AFK или стреляющие зажимом в одну точку. P.s. я более чем уверен что данное сообщение вы вряд ли прочитаете. ------------------ Has more recently got your game but though there is it in early access, on a court yard 2017. It would be desirable to see impact by a butt in the given game, it is simply necessary function and in many situations would be not extra. On the account Anti-Cheat why cannot lead the same procedure as in EAC (Easy anti-cheat) which simply allows to start such programs AutoHotKey and Phyton, but they do not work, that do not allow to use to players scripts. People costing AFK or shooting with a clip in one point have already bothered. P.s. I more than am assured that you hardly will read through the given message.
  13. There is a black box in the lower right corner of the screen that says: Nice Work! You've unlocked all the achievements in this game. This box is there from menu screen and throughout game play. The box blocks the view of the mini map, making it very difficult to see what direction I'm heading, etc. Not sure if this is isolated specifically for Xbox One or not. I noticed this box showing up earlier this week, approx. 1/14/18.
  14. Near Monte Nuevo, there's a fence that you can get stuck in. Not the end of the world, but still pretty annoying if/when it happens.
  15. If you get shot by someone with the crossbow during warmup, the arrows will still be stuck on you when the game starts. Really annoying as if you get shot in the throat/face the arrow(s) will block your vision...Last seen 20180117.
  16. It’s happened a couple times where there has been a downed memeber of the squad, one of the squad approaches to heal but no option. Instead they’re stood there cycling weapons or reloading. Eventually the downed person bleeds out. Anyone else experienced this??
  17. There seems to be some sort of bug that will randomly kill me from falling damage. Its happened only 3 times and they were all while inside a house that was already fully rendered. At least they looked fully rendered, meaning the tables, chairs, rugs, and so forth were all visible. One time it happened as I was running through a house and came close to a wall, another was while I walked through a doorway, maybe right after I passed through the doorway. I can't remember what gear I was wearing or carrying or how much health I had.
  18. So, more or less just landed at the start of the game and was carrying on to loot. As I picked up this grenade (whilst hearing the bike approaching), I teleported. I tried to run for cover, before freezing, and what seemed like I was shot, out of nowhere. Here's my proof:
  19. I've been getting this recent bug (since full game release) where I cant turn my player, move and other actions. I can see everything that's going on because the game hasn't frozen and I can still open my inventory, map and settings menu. This happens near the start of a match and from what I've tried (quiting and rejoining, spamming buttons, waiting) there is no way to fix it. I just have to sit there and watch myself die. It's currently making the game unplayable.
  20. I have heard many diffrent complaints from friends and players experienceing targeting delay while shooting at enemy players. Many are finding it hard to target and/or shoot an enemy player after engagement. Many are saying the controls are delayed and stiff.
  21. There is a bug with vaulting system. Sometimes you cannot jump over fences, walls or windows (especially windows). Its not too high or not too small to jump over so the system not working.
  22. So, this has been happening to me for a while and I can recreate it with every assault rifle, I am not sure if it happens to sub-machine guns or not. When I try to fire my guns and am moving, sometimes the guns will not fire, if the weapons is on auto it does not start firing after I stop moving. For both semi and full auto I need to go into my inventory and modify (like remove the site and re-attach or change the mag attachment) in order to be able to use the gun again. This is incredibly annoying and needs to be fixed. In close range fights, it is just a guaranteed death and on long range fights, it is a massive inconvenience. I can recreate this is a video if need be, but this should not be an uncommon thing. Several of my friends seem to have the issue, although admittedly not at the level I seem to (which is pretty much once a fight). Just to clarify, this is an issue with me moving when I try to start shooting, if I am standing still then I try to move once I am shooting there are no issues.
  23. Opening the Nvidia GeForce Experience while in-game will reset the camera to a direction (not sure if it resets to the same direction every time). This is a problem if a player looks at his death-cam and sees a person suddenly reset to a random direction - looks like someone is enabling an aimbot software. Example happens at 0:57 (when trying to record a wicked headshot) Video of Example (edit, this does not happen in any other game)
  24. Date Seen:i got this bug since the first v1.0 update, and this bug always shows up everytime Server: Live Server: SEA Error Message: Nothing Error Message Other Information:I don't know what causes the bug Troubleshooting Attempted: I've try it all but still doesn't work Launch Options: No, i didn't change any launch/command line System Specifications:
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