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Found 6 results

  1. Date Seen: Last Seen (2019.01.05, Live Server, EU) (Not so often but it still happens) Area of Map: Everywhere Description: This video from Live servers but I have been facing with this bug since first test server Vikendi map release. It's not so often but last one (which is in the video) took too much time to get rid of it. It's serious problem and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I got a couple videos more about this bug. I'm going to upload if I can find them. Video:
  2. Idling for a few seconds on the surface of water automatically submerges my character underwater even when I'm not pressing 'C' or anything Also, I've noticed there are frequent crackling sounds randomly during the game, only started having this since the latest patch probably an audio processing bug
  3. I tried doing research on this but it would seem that no one has reported having issues with switching the firing mode. Some weapons I am able to switch the firing mode and other's it says it switches above the HUD but the mode doesn't switch. Let's say it's in Single and I switch to burst or auto, it will still say Single next to the weapon but the indication above the hud will briefly show "Switching to (Firing Mode)". When playing duo, I have to hand off the weapon to my partner, he switches the mode, and then hands it back to me and it's now flipped. I noticed that the UMP9 works most of the time to allow me to flip but most weapons don't work to switch out of the firing mode when they are supposed to. It's a weird bug that happened after i uninstalled PUBG and reinstalled it. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game since but it won't go back to working properly.
  4. I have experienced a bug at least twice were I have gotten out of a vehicle and got stuck between it and some object ie fence or crate and then instantly died. Today 27/12/17 I was in squads and wasnt only knocked out but died properly because of this bug. This was on the Live Server.
  5. If you aim in first person + lean to the left +walking back or left causes that the left arm bugs and takes a big part of the view. to see what i mean pic below
  6. Hi, My specs are the following : Processor : i7 4970K Graphics : GTX 970 Ram : 16 gb DDR3 DD : 2 T ( 600 go free) Operating System : Windows 10 Professional Keyboard : AZERTY ( Madcatz Strike 7 ) Controls : Forward (FOOT) / Accelerate ((VEHICLE)) : Z Backward (FOOT) / Deccelerate (VEHICLE) : S Strafe Left(FOOT) / Turn Left (VEHICLE) : Q Strafe Right (FOOT) / Turn Right (VEHICLE) : D The Problem Encountered is the following : Since Today's Patch , I can't move left/right and forward at the same time. When I am in a car , I'm forced to stop accelerating in order to be able to turn. In other words, i can't turn if i haven't already got some speed. If I do press the turn key before I press Z, my character will strafe but won't go forward. This is gamebreaking as i'm not used to turn with the mouse while running, and as i can't drive anymore. I've already done a reset on the controls, i've put it in QWERTY ( no result ) and I've scanned all the game's file trough steam. This happens on every game I launch ( tryed solo, solo FP, Squad ) I've no trouble on any other game i'm playing atm, and this happened just after getting the last Patch ( as 4 of August 2017) Please help :'(
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