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Found 31 results

  1. 1. Invisible players. 2. No footstep sounds 3. Parachutes not visible Bluehole has been made aware of all these issues over a year ago. Nothing has been done to fix listed issues. Now I would like to hear what other players think about priorities company has taken to not fix these issues.
  2. Sometimes I get this weird graphics glitch (as shown in attached image.) which is 100% game breaking. I can't properly scan / aim where I want to because there are these huge stretched out / glitched textures all over my screen. Often at a particular direction only. (E.g. let's say i'm facing north and it's glitching. when i face south or wherever, all the textures are fine. but when i face north again all the glitched textures are still flickering all over my screen. this sometimes happens on multiple directions too.) Switching from fullscreen mode to windowed (fullscreen) mode doesn't fix it. idk what to do as sometimes it happens right when i'm exchanging gunfire with an enemy. it happens for approx. 2/10 games. (trash stats but this is the only time i was able to get a screencap.)
  3. I was playing Solo FPP and decided to land on an empty farm. Another guy chased me and clearly wanted to start a fist fight, so I made sure to get on the ground before him and use his landing "stun" as an advantage. Well, as soon as he got off his chute, he pulled out a P1911 and shot me in the face. I REALLY hope this was just a bug/glitch and not a reward you get from the new crates, because this is unacceptable for this genre... I would gladly show proof of this, but BattlEye started to block AMD ReLive, and the game hasn't saved any replays in the past 8 days so I have no evidence, just my word for it. Maybe it was server lag (SEVERE server lag) and he somehow rubberbanded up in the plane after landing somewhere to get a gun (I did bail pretty late, people were already killing others), but whatever it was this is clearly a gamebreaking advantage.
  4. So i had just droped in and i hit the ground and entered a house but someone got there first and that would be fine i still got a pisstol and turned and he was swiiming so i couldnt aim properly... this is a very odd bug or hack or something. screenshot included. timecode is the filename
  5. Bug Description: Right at the beginning at the game I landed on one of the Silos in Los Leones. The bug happen when my character took a step towards the the edge around the Silos near the stairs. Instantly my view changed from a top down perspective of the ocean and I was unable to interact with the game except pushing "esc" and get the meny up. My character was still active in the game and alive, and actually won the entire game because it seems to have teleported somewhere outside level so the circle never killed it. My team saw my characters waypoint to the south of the level although somewhere outside the map. Video of the the bug: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211698098 This was captured by using replay mode. The camera behaved differently from when I was actually playing. Screenshot of how it looked liked in game when I was playing. I was stuck in this camera position the entire game: Date Seen: 21 dec 2017 Server: EU Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Wasn't able to interact within the game after the bug. But my character was still active and alive in the match. System Specifications:
  6. The first person view is way too close to the gun and for a person who usually plays First Person Shooters with FOV up to 120, the view changes the gameplay completely and it's hard to get used to it.
  7. Happend to me and my friend in a duo just now and happend earlier to me during solos. Only started happening after the 125ish mb update. Basically whenever me or my friend try to loot players bodies the game gets unplayably laggy and got me killed one game. Im assuming its due to the high number of items the game has to display since looting stuff on the ground is fine for some reason.
  8. Info: So I have had the game since early access release I stopped playing back then because of this bug and I come back to find its still happening! I have seen people online with the same issue but none of the fixes work for me. I have tried multiple times. I also have a good PC, it isn't a monster streaming pc, however it should be absolutely fine running pubg. The Bug: When I'm skydiving towards the ground I start to experience lots of frame drops when I land a lot of the time the buildings haven't even loaded and when they do load the textures are messed up and if I walk near them I start glitching out. This goes on for 1-2 mins then it loads and goes back to normal however every 20 seconds i get massive frame drops again. So in short if I go to any high population place on the map, I get killed while glitching out and even if i'm not all the loot is gone and i get killed because I have nothing and everyone has a 2 min head start on me! Example: Just last game I drop in at the school. I go hide in the pool section while my game has its seizure, then some guy walking in the room looting and i have a pistol. Suddenly my game starts freaking out and has a massive frame drop and the guy turns around and kills me while i'm on 2fps. Main Specs: GIGABYTE NVIDIA GTX 950 GPU Intel i5 4460 Quad Core Processor HyperX FURY Series 8GB RAM Settings: Very low on everything apart from detail which is on medium Performance: I get 60-100fps in game after the fps drops and glitched textures. Troubleshooting: restarting the game I have tried reinstalling the game Restarting my computer Pressing tab while skydiving to preload the area Turned off shadowplay I don't have a ssd so can't move it to that lowering settings (cant lower much from the settings I already have) Made sure I didn't have any other programs running. Help: I honestly don't know what to do about this. Pubg is my favorite battle royal game by a mile but this bug makes me want to go elsewhere. I know the game is in early access but that can't be used as a excuse forever. I feel they should really fix things like this asap as there is a growing market in the battle royal game mode and more and more games are being developed every week. With games like fortnite and islands of nyne starting to get alot of attention they need to step up their game if they want to keep players..
  9. >Buddy and I are doing duo fpp, >drop into 'Primorski' >proceed to loot, >opponent appears in the middle of room (half sunken in up to his knees) and he looks like he is driving but is floating there [I believe it was the south-most house west of the warehouses - @ 1700,6335] >ask my teammate if he sees him, 'negative' he does not. >ask teammate to clear the area, I proceed to punch floating guy. >he dies. just putting it out there, this seems like a HUGE game breaker.... anyone ever seen this? makes me nervous to get into cars now....
  10. Hello My name is Klezy today I was playing with my friend when i noticed that some buildings wherent loading (as you can see in the picture) its gamebreaking. Can you please fix it? Thx
  11. Hello. I'd like to report a strange bug. I was driving a motorbike and jumped off a cliff. The bike flipped upside down and when it was supposed to hit the ground, it fell straight through it. The game thought I was underwater so I drowned.
  12. Me and my friend both got stuck in the chair by walking into it while crouching, it will get you stuck with no way to get out, we were lucky enough to use a motorcycle to push our self's out. I put pictures of my friend stuck and where it is you need to go.
  13. Being far away from wizard towers (Sniper towers) makes the wall below the three main windows dissapear, and that let's us see if there are any people proning in there. I don't know if you can shoot trough it then, since scoping usually makes the walls apear again.
  14. Parachuted down into the quarry, with no textures loaded as well. As I landed, my character began falling and ended up in water under the map. No way to get back up.
  15. i killed two people after dropping in to mansion and having glitched textures. By the time i had killed them, they started accusing me of cheating/hacking over the microphone, thats when i figured out that it was more than a texture glitch, and i must have been clipped in a wall when i began firing at them. Included is a short video to show what the glitch looks like: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=xhgQqEz_n18
  16. For people who don't know, what i mean is that when you move your mouse up and down it moves slower as opposed to when you move your mouse left and right, this causes severe issues especially when tracking targets diagonally, like for ex. somebody is going away from you and to the left. You would have to drag your mouse up and left, but since the sensitivities are different it feels really jerky and kind of like there is some sort of built in acceleration. This is a serious problem especially for people who have been playing fps games their entire lives.And since this game is trying to be competetive-friendly this should definitely be fixed asap, seeing as you cannot really develop muscle memory cause of this problem.
  17. so I was just driving and then I was going to stop by this building, I turned to the right to stop and drift a bit u know, I jumped out while it was still moving a bit and then this happened. I was stuck like this for a solid 4 minutes until suddenly standing on top of the car.
  18. I just played a solo FPP round. At the first 15 minutes everything worked fine, but after that the houses stopped loading and i could see an enemy through walls. I tried to shoot him through it and it worked. After he was dead I continued and saw that every house stopped loading. so i quickly killed myself so I don't ruin the days of every guy in the lobby. This bug is absolutely gamebreaking and should be fixed in the next days.
  19. I found this glitch in a game of Solo EU, happened to be recording my gameplay and this happened, so ive put the vid on YT and put it in discord, someone helpfully linked me the forum and now im posting it here, hope it gets fixed.
  20. Totally unable to fire in 3rd person while holding RMB. "ADS in 3rd person" Yet I am able to fire in every other way. Hip fire. Scopes. Red dots. Iron sights." I've tried restarting the game. Computer. Tried a new mouse. tried reinstalling the game. Tried verifying files. Every self fix I could think of. Reset all of my keybindings to default. Everything. I've been dealing with this for about 4 days now. Can't find any way to fix it. Or even anyone else experiencing the bug. Have video proof of the bug on my twitch. Been reaching out to the devs but no luck as of yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Never realized how much I use third person shooting til now..
  21. South of Sosnovka Military Base there is a white hole in the map! If you stand in front of the hole you will fall right in the hole
  22. First off I'd like to start off by saying I love this game, but I suck at it and I'm glad I didn't get my first solo chicken dinner because of a glitch. I entered the tunnels east of Roz after getting out of a Das and somehow fell into the underground part of the map. This is definitely a GAME BREAKING bug. I swam to each circle, the underground part of the map is ocean. Lastly Id like to say I intentionally killed myself to the gas due to it being unfair to the guy who was actually on the top of the map. Logasm
  23. Bug Description: As seen in the picture, the main menu simply will not load. The settings menu works fine, I can reset UI and exit the game, but there are no menu options. I've never had this issue before, it's only surfaced today. 160 hours with no problems until now. Date Seen: 4/07/2017 Server: Happens on BOTH main and test servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Reset game, router and PC. Changed display settings in-game. Verified files on steam, uninstalled and reinstalled, verified files on steam again, did some CMD trickery to flush DNS and other such fixes. All to no avail. Launch Options: All launch options are default/unchanged System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 390 CPU: i5 6600k Ram: 16 GB
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