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Found 46 results

  1. It's as simple as that, whenever i exit to lobby the game freezes during loading of main menu, and I cant tab out of the game and use anything but my arrows, enter and tab buttons, so what I have to do is ctrl+alt+delete and use my arrows to navigate to task manager and from there also manage down to TsiGame.exe and press delete and restart the game from steam again, and again, and again after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE GAME. This only started very suddenly, around 11:30 pm CET 01/15/2017 after several games previous to it on the same evening. It does not happen to my friends. Got an intel i5 something 4750 idrlk, an MSI 1060 6GB, 8gb RAM and I have it on an SSD with more than 70 GB free space. No other applications but Discord and Steam running whilst playing and I prefer to minimize graphic settings for max FPS, but still 1080 with medium render distance and texture (literally 2 FPS difference between low for me so I prefer the whole lotta better gfx than tiny little fps gain). Do take in mind i have not had any issues with loading stuff in this game these past 5-7 months.
  2. On my last post i said that pubg crashed after main menu and before loading the game, it just crashes and closes. But now on a public chat in discord group everyone says they have a laptop and it crashes. Anyone else who´s game crashes... do you have a laptop or is it a desktop? Can you post specs? Thx. My specs: Laptop: Acer Aspire VX15 Intel Core I5-7300 HQ - 2.5 Ghz 16 GB Ram DDR4 GTX GeForce 1050
  3. I can get inside the lobby but game crashes at launch. Every time. Did anyone test this patch?
  4. 38 megabytes on 27/02/2018 update and gives "Your client version 3.6.14. Please exit the game" error. Tried everything, can´t start the game.
  5. Hey guys I have a friend who's been having issues with his PUBG game. Basically what happens is after restarting or shutting down his computer the first time he runs PUBG he gets a message reading ; Missing file: 0x1312ac80 Terminate now. After he terminates the app will close. However when he runs the game again it starts up and he can play but the game freezes everytime he attempts to move, jump or punch. We've looked all over the place through my game folders and could not find any iregularities. Does anyone have similar issues or solutions? BTW he was running the game just fine yesterday.
  6. PRE REQUISITES... 1. XBOX One S, Verizon hotspot on samsung s4... 2. You are in a group and in the game. Steps... 1. Hold start and exit to lobby, or just exit to lobby after dieing. 2. Either ready up before or after your team exits the game to lobby. Either your team exits group, or stays in. 3. Have everybody ready up by start tpp. 4. Note the yellow circle is spinning, but no check mark displays above charafter heae, and the game never starts.... Work around: Always exit the group after ending a game, and then re-invite.
  7. Salut a tous, je recherche des joueurs qui voudraient jouer en duo sur PUBattleground
  8. This game is really broken now. I bet 70%ppl hates new map and want play old one... (i mean atleast i fucking hate this new map, its really fucking bad) There should be some choice to choose whitch map you would like to play. scope zeroing was much much better before update, you can only change scope zeroing only fucking 8x and 15x WHY !?!?!? FIX THE GAME PLS
  9. My game has now crashed 3 different times today, in three very different locations on the map. Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of performance updates? Oh wait, there was already two of those, and they somehow managed to either make my game worse or just as bad before the patches were implemented.
  10. well i was in a favorable firefight and guess what happened... fix please. looked from all angles there is no way that barrel was blocked.
  11. Description: If a player uses alt tab right after hitting ready (before the pubg logo appeares), the game will only proceed to initiating connection to game server when the player goes back into the game. If it passes the 1 minute warmup mark, the player will get closed off from the game and has to start connecting again. Time: This bug was present in the test server too, and has been happening since then, without being repaired. Trigger: Screen options must be set to full screen in order to occour. Specs: I'm running windows 10 64 bit. Not sure if anything else could be related to this bug apart from this. In addition: Some might think it's not a big deal but the UI loading time and the logos at the start of the game (which load after EVERY single game), also the 1 min warmup, take away enough time from me as it is. I do not wish to be made keeping looking at the game's logo in front of a black background every time I join the server for several seconds. I have also met about mechanisms agains people going afk are being better for the game. To that, I can only say, the sound of an airplane's engine is a distinguishable enough sound effect to wake you up and alt tab again back into the game. If possible I would like to get confirmation that this is not a feature but a bug. Thanks.
  12. In English on the main menu in the Test Server when you press the settings icon in the bottom right, then "EXIT GAME" the pop-up asks "DO YOU WANT TO EXIT" (this is debatable based on your design, but you guys might also want to add a question mark there) and your answers are "OK" and "Cancel" when it really should be "YES" or "NO". I know it's a nitpick but a game as big as this needs polish, and it would look foreign and unprofessional if it had a lot of these types of errors. Luckily, it doesn't have many of these problems but it never hurts to clean things up! (also, I figured it would be something easy to fix for a change, you guys are doing great) yes i know there's a test server forum i realize this after posting it but im not going to repost it because i believe it applies to the main game too
  13. I have to restart the game everytime it reaches the third Ring shrink, the only workaround is to get into the ring first, then Force quit and restart. anyone else facing this problem?
  14. Hi, Yesterday for unknown reasons, Steam decided that PUBG was no longer installed on my PC. I'm installing it all over again. Do you know what issue is this?
  15. ▶ Всем привет друзья. Рад представить вам новый игровой канал. Я только лишь начал заниматься им. Играю играю и всё же решил поделится и с вами. Прошу строго не судить. Будут стримы, обзоры, розыгрыши, открытие кейсов и всё то что вам хотелось бы видеть. Два первых видео я выложил, смотрите, ставьте лайки и конечно же Подписывайтесь. Спасибо за внимание.
  16. Hello! The first, sorry my bad english! I do not know if you know about it, but you can get into the game walls and change it. Unfortunately, the anti cheat does not notice and there is no sign of it. Specifically, any kind of texture can be extracted completely. Reddit is full of that. So they can cheat the game without anyone noticing it. The video and pictures below are the result. Since there is no texture, it is very easy to tell where your opponent is. If you could fix it so you can not get into the game's files, that would be great.
  17. My pubg's audio is completely muted, it seems to have occurred because of a glitch with ctrl + m, at the start of every game, in the lobby, i press ctrl + m to mute everything and i turn the sound back on once the parachute is open, now however when i start a game and press ctrl+m it unmutes the master volume even though its unmuted in settings, so now the ctrl+m does the complete opposite, checking boxes in settings, but it never unmutes my audio, it is just always on mute no matter what i do, -ive tried using other audio, the problem is with pubg, -ive tried verifying the files in steam - i haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling because i would like to avoid this because of my download speed PLEASE HELP, PUBG IS UNPLAYABLE WITHOUT SOUND
  18. Dois irmãos – um designer e um programador – criados em meio ao mundo dos games, desde o nosso bom e velho Counter Strike 1.3. No ano de 2017, conhecemos esse game maluco de batalha real onde, seu melhor escudo é uma Panela de Aço, o PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ou como todos conhecemos PUBG! Inspirados pelas idas nas saudosas Lan Houses que, sempre precisávamos juntar moedas para jogar com os amigos e em torneios que vida nos proporcionava, surgiu a ideia: Por quê, não montar uma plataforma exclusiva de PUBG para o cenário competitivo? Juntando forças, Designer e Programador, resolvemos fazer disso o nosso projeto de vida e assim nasceu a GAMERSPUBG. Uma plataforma exclusiva e inteiramente voltada aos jogadores assíduos por PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, trazendo torneios, desafios e grandes premiações aos sobreviventes desse fantástico cenário competitivo. COMO FUNCIONA Os competidores devem se cadastrar no site e participar dos desafios diários para acumular pontos; esses pontos serão a moeda de troca dentro da plataforma para participar dos torneios; os desafios nada mais são que, jogar; a sua classificação em game determinará a quantidade de pontos que receberá, ou seja, o último sobrevivente receberá uma quantidade maior de pontos; é imprescindível que cada membro da equipe acumule, individualmente, a quantidade exigida de pontos para participar do torneio que deseja se inscrever; Todo o processo de cadastro, participação em desafios e torneios são totalmente GRATUITOS! A GAMERSPUBG é uma plataforma acessível a todos que têm garra e coragem para competir com os MELHORES DO MUNDO. E para isso, desenvolvemos uma plataforma gratuita que, além de competitiva, proporciona diversão a todos os jogadores sem se preocupar com mensalidades ou limitações de cadastro. No momento ainda estamos desenvolvendo a plataforma e ela será lançada inicialmente no Brasil e assim que aceita pelo público, iremos leva-la para o mundo! Se você gostou da ideia e quer conhecer um pouco mais sobre o projeto acesse o nosso site: Gamerspubg.com.br Convido vocês a participarem das nossas mídias sociais e contribuir com a sua presença: blog.gamerspubg.com.br twitch.tv/gamerspubg facebook.com/gamerspubg youtube.com/gamerspubg twitter.com/gamerspubg Faça parte do nosso Grupo do Facebook acessando o link: Entre no nosso grupo do Facebook Estamos nos preparando para a abertura de vagas da aplicação para Esports CGA da PUBG e precisamos do apoio da comunidade para tornar este projeto em realidade. Espero que gostem da proposta e aguardo o feedback da comunidade ?
  19. So i won my first game after like 130 games just 5m ago, http://prntscr.com/gvoqmz But i didnt get the win in my statistics? http://prntscr.com/gvorwi What happend?
  20. I've been having this glitch for awhile now. Before it only happened when I was in Full Screen mode and I was still able to play in Full Screen Windowed. But recently it got worse and now I can play it at all without getting the bug. Here's a video of someone else having the glitch, I included some screenshots but I was too lazy to record my own video so here's someone else's. This bug made the game unplayable and i'm looking for a fast fix.
  21. I get this weird looking horizontal lines in game , like an old tv sort of thing. I'm using a GTX 1060 and i only get the lines in the game. Not else where. Running my game on a Predator X34A Ultrawide at a 100hz. Is it a bug?
  22. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// hello i bought the game i installed it from steam but when i open the game i say the game opens and it closes after 15Tü seconds merhaba ben oyunu satın aldım steamdan yükledim fakat oyunu açtığımda oyun açılıyor diyip 15 saniye sonra kapanıyor PLEASE HELP ME ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  23. Date Seen: Started around July 10th and is still happening to this day. Server: Live Error Message: No message Other Information: I was ingame when the colors just changed and became pixelated. At first it only lasted for around 20 seconds then it would go away. But then one day I opened the game and it got stuck and the colors wouldn't go away until I changed to fullscreen windowed. Now everytime I try and go to fullscreen the glitch happens again, and when I try to go back into fullscreen windowed the game crashes. The game is still playable, but only in fullscreen windowed. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried everything, I have updated drivers, reinstall steam, ran as administrator, verified integrity, stopped my antivirus and firewall, and basically everything else . I did try to disable my AMD Gpu once and run the game and everything was normal even in fullscreen, but the only problem with doing that is I would only get 10 fps since it was just my Intel GPU running the game. So I think the problem might be with my AMD Gpu but I just don't know what to do. Launch Options: Nothin System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD8970M, and Intel HD Graphics 4600 (I have switchable graphics) CPU: Intel Core i7-4710MQ CPU @2.50GHz (8CPUs), ~2.5Ghz Ram: 16GB
  24. hello, I do not get awards after matches, I have already played for 11 hours, there is also no game store
  25. Fala Galera do Forum, estou com um problema no meu microfone quando entro no PUBG e queria saber se vocês podem me ajudar. O fato é o seguinte: eu ligo o meu computador e o microfone está funcionando normalmente com outros programas como Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak e etc... Porém quando entro no PUBG e exatamente quando inicio uma partida microfone fica mudo, e se estiver numa chamada no Discord ou qualquer outro programa também fica mudo. (Windows 10) Vlw!!
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