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Found 17 results

  1. Date Seen:Release of 1.0 onto Public Stable PUBG Server Server: Live Server Error Message: (Image depicts exactly the same problem I have and was taken by DragonKnight-1) (Image depicts exactly the same problem I have and was taken by DragonKnight-1) Other Information: When screen scale is returned to 100% the problem goes away but then the game becomes unplayable, when reduced again the problem goes away. Troubleshooting Attempted: All attempted Launch Options: None System Specifications:
  2. So I was playing the game today and suddenly it froze and I got an error (I can't remember what the error said). After I opened the game again it asked me if I want to join the game that I left. I pressed yes and thought, that I am not alive anymore. But I was and then the glitches started. Everytime I scoped in (ADS not Hipfire) there were strange clipping bugs and sometimes I could see through walls and see the enemies when I cancelled the ADS view. Switching the weapons helped a little bit but there were still some clipping bugs after that, but at least the "wallhack-bug" was fixed. I didn't abuse this bug. I have recorded the bug with Nvidia ShadowPlay but I am not allowed to upload such big files. That's why I'll upload them on my Youtube channel:
  3. I found a bug earlier yesterday and was able to repeat it. I don't want to go into detail about how to do it because it can easily be exploited. I tried the same glitch methods in different areas and found results such as falling through the map still alive and swimming but eventually get teleported back to the surface. I even got disconnected and reconnected to teleport to random spot across the map. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ap9sW7yyvfM2laZIA0eCMVn1FGWLkg The glitch on spawn island makes the controller useless. No buttons function except the dashboard button and even quitting and rejoining doesn't correct the glitch. I have other videos showing the glitch in action which I can gladly share to the proper team.
  4. alright so idk if the game was even tested on xbox because if everyone freezes up atleast 1 time every 3 games and sometimes multiple times in one game then whats the point of trying to play ya know. it freezes all the time during all kinds of different encounters and even while spectating.
  5. Hello everyone today i encountered another bug for PUBG with AKM. Unfortunately I was`nt able to record the bug but it seems pretty game breaking according to my opinion. so the bug is with akm i switched the extended mag with m4a1 because i had more ammo in it. and when i switched i still had 40 ammo in akm with no extended mag and m4a4 i had extended mag SHORT STORY BOTH HAD 40 AMMO WITH ONLY 1 EXTENDED MAG AND THE BUG FIXED WHEN I DROP THE WEAPON AND EQUIP IT AGAIN. SCREENSHOTS. The only reason I didnt record is because for low fps.....
  6. https://youtu.be/4zZmvvh6TFA Here, I'm running around inside of the safe zone, still taking damage from the blue zone. After that, I get teleported back to where I was minutes earlier. I also cannot interact with doors or items.
  7. OK so this happened a while ago and after posting about it on the steam forums and getting 1 reply saying "cool" I forgot about it. Thought it might be worth posting here. While duo with a friend he dropped out of the plane and half the walls were missing for him. We worked out that it was only walls that had windows on them and that if he walked up to where the window was supposed to be he could prone and them move through the wall unimpeded. He also could prone and clip through furniture and then stand up inside the furniture. I dont have screenshots from his end but I do have screenshots of him standing inside a tv. No idea about what caused it.
  8. In several recent duos and squads games, I have had an issue where I would be able to move around the map wherever I dropped, but not be able to interact with anything. Additionally, duos/squad mates would not see me moving around. They could shoot where it showed I was, and I would take damage wherever I was on my screen, usually far-ish away. Similarly, I could shoot them from where I was on my screen. To them, it seemed like I was shooting through mountains and walls. Experimenting somewhat with this, I wanted to know what enemy players saw. Around the military base, I started running up and down the west bridge, and came across a person. I tried shooting them with a gun I picked up and loaded before this bug occurred, and they turned and looked to where my player model appeared to my teammates. Unlike what happened with my teammates, I could not damage enemies. Environmental damage also occurred based on where my player model was to other people, like drowning damage or blue zone damage. Reloading my gun sends my position on my screen back to where I appear to be on other peoples' screens. This is a major issue to me because I was able to see where enemies were without them seeing me, even if I was right in front of them on my screen. This could be an unfair advantage in many ways. One of my friends suggested I was lagging out, but this couldn't be because I could see other players moving and shooting in a regular fashion, as well as take damage from them and deal friendly damage without issue. Please help! I cannot play the game and I fear other players abusing this 'ghost' mode to figure out enemy positions and acquire an unfair advantage.
  9. As seen in this clip above, that i was able to capture, the 2nd Kar98 shot on me killed me from 2/3 hp. His first shot went into my lvl 3 chest piece, which was 100% intact, and doesn't break from 1 Kar98 shot. Still the 2nd shot connects and kills me without being a headshot. That's 70 dmg to a lvl 3 kevlar or my limbs, shouldn't happen. I have noticed this trend more and more often now, where i take insane damage from weapons that should not deal that much, considering where it hits, and the protection i'm wearing. It's hard to notice on rifles and smg's because they do rapid damage most often, but i've noticed it quite a bit with Kar98 and SKS. I do assume it's a general bug though. Is it ignoring kevlar? Is it ignoring the % damage reduction to limbs? I don't know the answers, and I don't know how to reproduce, but it is a very very serious bug, I don't think i have to explain why.
  10. During a match the entirety of my game was only half rendered. Indoor areas were nonexistent, buildings were flat placeholders, and collision only half worked. I was able to straight up walk through walls. While I wasn't able to get a screenshot of the lack of collision, I did get one of the 2d buildings http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1115598690 It only happened once, but the fact that it did happen means that it can probably happen again. Leaving and rejoining the game fixed it, but other people might attempt to exploit this, seeing as player models are fully rendered, gear can still be picked up, and being able to phase through walls is just unfair.
  11. Ok so this bug is actually so game breaking im not even sure why its a thing but it is. If you jump onto a nightstand by a door or if the nightstand is clipping through the wall you can crawl through the buildings wall to escape without having to open a door. You can also shoot through the wall if you have the tip of your barrel outside of the wall and when you zoom in you can even see outside. I experimented with it in a game when none was around and if you keep half of your body in the inside of the building you can even surf yourself around the building outter walls. I havent really tried it but im assuming you can probably surf yourself underneath a staircase. This is a game breaking bug and hopefully its removed swiftly.
  12. I have absolutely no idea what to say. The game just finished with two people alive. I had the last guy in my crosshairs as he killed one other guy and then the game just finished, just like that. And apparently it had marked me dead earlier. I have literally no idea what happened. You can see that I was literally about to win. I was having a great time and was thrilled to have gotten lucky with the circle only to have this happen and have the game say jk you actually didn't win when I had the last guy dead to rights and more or less did win. This single handedly ruined this match for me and honestly I'm not going to touch pub for a while now. Odd textures and server performance are one thing. However, I was literally cheated out of a win. I have no idea what the hell happened, and hope that whatever the hell this was never happens to anyone ever again. An explanation would be great and if the devs could add a win to my account it would be appreciated. I care about my stats a bit more than the average person. P.S. Just to explain the picture a little bit better the guy is simply prone/crouched by the tree as I angle in with my kar98 getting ready to headshot him. At that moment the game simply ends and I get a little more than upset. Sincerely, Xacha0
  13. Here is a glitch i found that lets you get under the map at any time and never lose. this needs to be fixed soon thanks.
  14. Bug Description: During my stream OneBadMuthaJama and I joined a server like normal. As we were skydiving to the Sunken City I noticed the building were not being rendered at all. Once I had landed I was able to walk through building, loot items, etc. We then encountered another duo team, in which I was able to not only see through the buildings and locate them, but was also able to shoot through walls and down/kill the players. Towards the end of the clip I highlighted below, you can also see me shooting out the tire of a UAZ through a wall. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164728572 Date Seen: 08/05/2017 Server: This occurred on the Production version of PUBG, not the Test server Troubleshooting Attempted: This issue seems to happen randomly, and has only occurred once. Simply joining the next lobby fixed the issue. Launch Options: -refresh 60 -maxMem=12000 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 And my PC has not been overclocked in any way. Thanks for any assistance and good luck tracking down the cause and resolving the bug! Please feel free to reach out to me if I forgot to include any information above.
  15. Bug Description: When I loaded into the game all structures and buildings were invisible. Terrain and nature stuff was unaffected, but I couldn't see walls/houses/etc. My friends with worse specs get this often and just have to wait for it to load, but for me it never loaded (and I'd never had this issue before). The real dangers of this bug came when me and my team mate started experimenting. I could see all the loot in the buildings, and could see my team mate in the buildings. He gave me a gun and went back in side. I shot at him and did damage. We freaked out, because this was insane and game breaking haha. I went to another building and could see enemy players. I shot at one and it downed him, after which I let him get revived and then let them kill me and my team mate because I didn't wanna cheat. This is insanely powerful. I have no clue what caused this or how to recreate it, but if it was figured out it'd be game breaking. Date Seen: 8/1/17 Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Waited to see if buildings would load. Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: No. Settings: All on Ultra, foliage on Very Low System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Graphics Card: gtx1080 CPU: i5 7500 Ram: 16GB Attached pics are screenshots I took. Also I posted this on Reddit and Twitter too as I wasn't able to access the forums (client side issue)
  16. This issue is prevalent in spectator mode where two teammates are far from one another. Switching rapidly between players causes buildings to change spawn/despawn states, then as buildings dont complete their despawn cycle they aren't loaded back in as it thinks they still exist. This is utterly game breaking and allows the spectator to see through all nearby objects and see exactly where players are (wall hacks). This is also prevalent when rapidly changing the view distance setting causing further out buildings and trees to not load back in which allows the player to shoot through the invisible objects. Or alt-tab as a passenger in a car (causing freeze) then the location change and new building not loaded in. Logic needs to be implemented to verify all buildings are loaded in.
  17. I wanted to try using a controller for the game just to try it, so i bound some controls to it. Played a couple of games like that then switched back to mouse and keyboard but i noticed all the keys that I changed were red. so i clicked default to change them back to the way they were clicked apply but it didn't work. i tried to manually input the keys but that also didnt work
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