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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there, I am experiencing issues with footstep sounds for quite some time now. The problem is that I don't hear enemy footsteps at all. Players in my team seem to be far louder. When spectating my teammates however, enemy footsteps all of the sudden seem to be there. This is why I am asuming it is a bug rather than my sound setup or anything else. If I am wrong though and there is in fact a solution to this then please let me know, since it is a big disadvantage for me. Thank you!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A67h9fNmC30&feature=youtu.be I finally recorded the footsteps we've been hearing. I know people most of the people don't believe me so here's a clip.
  3. If you're in a third person server there's a way to erase your own footsteps sound. If you spam the "V" key (to switch between first and third person view) the sound of your footsteps will disapear. If there's anyone around you, you will be able to hear their footsteps only.
  4. Bug Description: There's a bug that happens upon reconnecting to the game which makes some sounds very hard to hear and they appear distant when they are actually really close. The most important ones are gunshots and footsteps. This bug has 100% reproduction rate when you reconnect. Date Seen: Has been happening for at least 3 weeks, possibly ever since reconnect feature was added. Server: Live server Troubleshooting Attempted: Haven't tried anything to fix. Don't know what to do. Other Information: This happens to ALL my friend that reconnect and it has happened EVERY time when they reconnected. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Radeon R9 280x CPU: AMD FX-6300 Ram: 8 GB
  5. Iv'e looked around and haven't found any others with a post like this so i'll leave this here. with the new update I've been having issues in regards to hearing the footsteps of people running, sprinting on grass and sometimes concrete. i know that the grass muffles the sound, however I've had several circumstances where there are players sprinting towards me at a very close distance not making a sound at all. there is no background noise at all in some cases yet i can not hear the footsteps. if you guys could state whether i'm going crazy or some of you have the same issue that would help alot.
  6. Hello! I just recently figured out - while playing in squad with friends on TS - that the footsteps and general noises are much louder/clearer in spectator mode and the locating of enemy players is far easier in spectator mode then when actually playing. We had a couple of situations where I announced flanking enemies in nearby environment for a friend while being in spectator mode whereas he had no clue of distances and danger at all (and he is a CS veteran and used to pay attention to noises). I would love to enjoy the detailed surround sounds and footsteps while playing and not only while watching my freinds play. I remember the spectating mode being way off in terms of audio after EA relase but now it seems to be the opposite. Best regards JT
  7. Bug Description: The crouch walking sounds is just as loud if not louder then walking. Why even use it if this is intended..... Date Seen: 4/11/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: na Other Information: Hopefully this was not intended and will be fixed promptly
  8. Hi and Hello. Yeah i know it's early access etc etc. Footsteps in this game needs a real fix. When someone is running next to you in a building and suddenly they are ontop of you, with NO sound coming your way as an indication that they are in the damn house. It has happened too many times. The human ear can give you a precise location of the enemy by footsteps, since they are frequent and not massively low pitched sounds. Gunfire emits a rough indication of where the shooter actually is, BUT if you turn around at the same time, the damn sound effect Follows the character. So if you are getting shot at from the South, and turn around quickly, the sound follows and emits from the north. And that brief glitch of time / sound is enough to get the player confused and killed without any chance of retaliation (If the shooter is good enough for continuious steady fire). The sound SHOULD linger for atleast a second from the direction of the source, EVEN if you turn. Last but not least, the 4x Zoom with the M16A4, 50 meters out, Zero distance 100. The shot does not connect YET i aimed directly at the torso part of the body, Steady as a fucking ROCK, several shots fired, NO hits ( The guy was standing still so no sync issues). Also when firing Downhill with a 4x Scope with the M16A4 the shots lands 50 cm above the target (Zeroing 100m, distance to target atleast 150m, which has happened atleast at two occasions. And yes i know how zeroing works, and top elevation firing. Inputs: Bash open doors when you rush them is a very good way off getting to cover faster, and add an interactive feel to the game. Jump over fences, short walls, barrels etc. with an animation on the jump key. More dust when firing at rocks, trees, houses etc. will add a pinning effect to the enemy and a better indication where your shots lands and will give a better adjustment to fire. Otherwise a very good game! I love it!
  9. Allot of people have been having the problem of not being able to hear footsteps. i am looting a house and then i am shot from behind. didn't even hear them. this has happened so many times with me and my friends and even streamers. please fix!
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