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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. Near Monte Nuevo, there's a fence that you can get stuck in. Not the end of the world, but still pretty annoying if/when it happens.
  2. I found a fix for the issue here, but the game should already handle this for everyone who doesn't apply this fix: This is also probably the cause of a lot of people complaining about anti-aliasing when it's really the operating system's scaling working incorrectly with the game.
  3. Yesterday at the big mylta power station - shooting from the roof through a fence dind t work - thought they fixed it ? Absolutely no bullets went through !
  4. the video is recorded in the replay mode using geforce experience program, for some reason it does not show the right point where you aiming at, my shots where all on target (head), we just cannot hit them, i think the desk in there is covering much more space. at the end me and my friends all died by these guys, it seems they had an invisible fence just covering them.
  5. Obviously this is a problem, please fix this.
  6. Just died to this after a great start. Really frustrating. Basically you can use these fences to your advantage and kill anyone who is behind it without recieving any damage. Replay system: In game recording (nvidia experience):
  7. Bug Description: While running around Shooting Range during a heavy fog match I encountered another player. They attempted to avoid me by passing behind the fences on the far west side of the complex. I noticed when they passed behind the fence the links in front of their character became highlighted with black making it easier to tell where they were. I recreated the bug in Military Base, and as far as I can tell it happens with any fence. I have evidence at military base, however I recall the events at Shooting Range being more prominent. The closer you are to the fence the less it seems to have an effect. I strongly suspect this can be either enhanced or negated depending on graphic settings, however due to the rarity of heavy fog matches I have yet to see any difference. my current graphics settings (settings at the time of occurrence) are stated below. Date Seen: September 15th 2017 Server: Live Servers, v2.6.23 Troubleshooting Attempted: I would suspect graphic settings have an effect as stated previously but have not been able to test. Other Information: Current Graphics Settings: Anti-Aliasing: ULTRA Post-Processing: MEDIUM Shadows: MEDIUM Texture: HIGH Effects: MEDIUM Foliage: MEDIUM View Distance: ULTRA Motion Blur: NO V-Sync: YES Launch Options: No Changes System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series CPU: AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight-Core Ram: 16g Video Evidence: Focus on when the player comes across the building the second time. If it weren't for the fence highlighting their position I could not see them. I apologize if it's hard to see or notice. I feel like this is minor, but still a real thing. As I said earlier I remember the bug being more profound when it happened at Shooting Range. If I get a chance to test it on different graphic settings I will post an update.
  8. Title. Was trying to crouch through opening in fence. Got stuck.
  9. You can stuck here if you jump in there. But you can get out of it if you destroy this fence. My friend got stuck in there, you can see it on screenshot.
  10. Hi, I just want to report a bug that I have encountered three times in a pubg game. 1° Friend and I were in a buggy, we hit a metal fence (near the water, georgopol) and buggy got stuck, fence didn't break. 2° Same as case 1° 3° this one is very interesting, we hit a fence (close to the hospital) with a buggy and the buggy exploded, fence remained intact. My suggestion for the devs would be to check all the metal fences in game, especially in georgopol. All best, Arminius P.S. Not very bug related, but please consider adding an option of adding friends on steam via pubg client, or at least being able to check their steam profile.
  11. There is a small fence surrounding a building along a road near Yasnaya Polyana. My friend and I collided with our Dacia, it got stuck and wouldn't break. We also unloaded into the fence and nothing happened. I don't think it should be indestructible, so please fix. Sorry if this is a small nitpick or has already been brought up.
  12. Clip As you can see in the clip, the fence works like a wall, even though it has holes. Is this intended? It does not make to get 0 hits. And that guy got all hits on me. Is bullet penetration planned for the future?
  13. I got shot in my car because for some reason the whole fence is destructible except for this odd part.
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