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Found 10 results

  1. Bug Description: The game amplifying fall damage from relatively small fall as well as making you fall when you shouldn't even fall. Date Seen: 3/27/2018 Server: Main server NA Duo FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: Here is a video of it happening(Warning I do drop fbomb out of anger): https://clips.twitch.tv/OpenInventiveDotterelSwiftRage Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti CPU: Intel core i7 960 Ram: 16GB DDR3
  2. Okay the following problem occurred : I was riding a car when i suddenly wanted to jump from it at not max speed maybe half speed or so ... And i died falling on round ground. Can you please fix that somehow .. Like .. When you jump from the car at least take some damage depending on the movement speed of the car because this is ridiculous .. I can jump from a 2-floor house and take half my hp dmg or even less , i jump from a car and i die , when 5 people shooting you for example how in the love of god im supposed to STOP and then go out? I would die 20 times in the time that im stopping , i hope you read my report and do something next update because this is getting really freaking annoying . Good wishes , Madnet
  3. When vaulting on a Lootdrop in the middle of the Ocean i just got instant knockout by falldamage
  4. My teammate was walking down the stairs and I was walking up. We couldn't walk past each other so I jumped to get past. I froze for a moment and then fell however high a player can jump. Then "you have been knocked from fall damage" popped up, imidiately followed by "you have died from fall damage"
  5. Can't upload my gif so https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMQkLpaeK8t22kVVzh4wsnKrqWE86lY-P293dPe or
  6. Duvara tırmanma mekaniklerinin gelmesinden çok memnunum fakat bazen çok gereksiz yerlerde düşme hasarı alıp ölüyoruz. Miramar haritasında Crater Field'in sağında ki bölgeye atlamıştım ve tırmandıktan sonra iki blok arasında sıkışıp öldüm. Aşağıdaki eke koyamadığım için YouTube'a yükledim. Kanıt videosunu izlemek için tıklayın. -SonDerece
  7. Date Seen: 2 of October Server: Live server Error Message: (Did an error message appear when your game crashed? Please write it here, or post a cropped screenshot of the error) Other Information: Saw a player running behind me, so i tried to prone on the hill i was on. That led to the game bugging out, and choppily sliding my character down hill, until after 2 seconds, i died from fall damage. Troubleshooting Attempted: (Any troubleshooting attempted. Did you complete all the steps above and if not, which steps didn't you complete?) Launch Options: (Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game and if so, which ones? Please remove them and see if this issue persists) System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Gtx 660 CPU: AMD fx 8350 Ram: 8gb
  8. So my game ended abruptly as I tried to get on a motorcycle that was knocked over. Instead standing the bike up, it killed me instantly, with the reason being fall damage. The bike was on a slight incline, and I might have been slouching over it a little bit, but that's no reason that it should instantly kill you
  9. 4 people left, killed someone who was prone behind a tree. Ran over to the same tree he was using for cover and crossed over his body to hide from someone else. My character kinda froze up and i couldn't control it, then i just died and it said i was killed by fall damage. I'm not sure if the rag doll is what pinned me up against the tree of if it was the crate to be honest.
  10. I just died when exiting my car. I parked about one meter away from a rock (driver side) and when I got out the car, my character fell to the ground and it said "You have died from falling". Now I assume falling does not mean the 10cm between my car and the ground. I have survived jumping off buildings before! Now I understand that this is early access, but as I was pretty set and then died for no reason, it was pretty frustrating. Apart from that I am really enjoying the game, keep up the great work on it! Ps. I understand a screenshot or video would clear this up more, but I forgot to capture the moment
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