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Found 37 results

  1. i don't use reshade myself, so i'm not really familiar with the options, but i ran across this video documenting an exploit in reshade to effectively give the player a 'zoom' advantage... if this video is accurate, reshade needs to be banned immediately or those options need to be disabled by reshade.
  2. It seems that the foliage exploit has returned, or was never fully addressed on the PC version of the game. We're starting to see more players (when watching replays) who only have grass and other foliage on their screens out to a few hundred feet, exposing any player (who from their view) is well-covered and should be difficult to view. This is occurring on the live servers, and experienced on the North America servers. I believe that this was previously addressed, but it seems to be showing up more often. The suspect player easily aims immediately onto the opposing players without the need to use an aimbot that snaps to the player. A few nights ago, there were 7 or 8 players spread out through a grass area, and the suspect player was on a low rise, but out of view. Suddenly, every one of those player's characters were dead---from one-shot Kar98k headshots and follow-up (to avoid reloading) with a Scar. When reviewing the replay, the dead characters were in wide open spaces with zero grass or other cover, completely the opposite view from what those characters had for a view. However, the grass from the suspect's view remained out to a certain distance before it all vanished. The suspect's guns swayed and had lift, but he quickly went player-to-player with one to two-shot kills. We've now seen this behavior about ten times over the last few days. The screenshots did not save, but I'll try to add some the next time we see this occur. Are others seeing this same behavior?
  3. In the school on Erangel, there is a location on the first floor...in a small room with boxes and a metal shelf. If you climb up on these boxes behind the shelf (back right corner of the room), you can see through the floor above you (see people, loot, etc.) It does not appear to allow firing through the floor, but does provide an advantage when playing in duo/squad, as a teammate can report locations of enemies on the floor above them.
  4. Pictured below are two players using an exploit in which they hide under a rock where they cannot be seen or damaged, but they can shoot out of it. Sensationally strong cheat which is game breaking, please fix this asap, thanks. Bugxploit
  5. Just finished a round where I had to push across the school fields against a duo on a ridge. My partner and I popped a line of smokes so we could approach. In the second to last smoke I was forced to lay down and heal. Laying in the smoke, where I was invisible to my enemies I could see them without any problem whatsoever. When I came into my last smoke, I stopped and downed one of their players by shooting through the smoke. Ultimately, I lost the game as I moved forward enough to be visible enough through the smoke by their last player. In retrospect, caught in the moment, I absolutely abused an exploitable aspect of the current smoke system. I hope the team is aware of this issue. If used with purpose, this exploit could easily change the gameplay of late games. The other duo in my game were playing their positioning incredibly well. They deserved to win but I was almost able to kill them despite being at an unbelievable disadvantage. Here is a clip showing the fight: https://plays.tv/video/5a5bf6d2bb8ed8e3fa/broken-smoke-grenades-allow-for-perfect-vision-silhouettes-pubg-bug
  6. Playing on Miramar 01/11/18 in Solo FPP on the AS server I found rocks that were not properly textured near El Pozo. I was able to crawl under the rocks as well as shoot through them. https://clips.twitch.tv/WimpyVenomousGerbilJonCarnage
  7. It is possible to see through smoke grenades when a frag grenade is exploded between you and the smoke. It appears to be caused when overlapping the smoke from both grenades. Here is a link that demonstrates the bug: Date Seen: 09/01/2018 22:00 GMT+0 Server: Live Server, Squad FPP EU No Error message My launch settings are default (nothing).
  8. Well this disgusting bug cause my squad to lose an easy game, we 4 vs 1 guy (5 player left) and he ended winning the game because he was behind a wall, YES BEHIND A WALL, shooting perfectly to us with no chance for us to give him some damage in return. I have the clip to proof this bug found in the new map. we have videos and clips to proove this bug. PLEASE FIX IT. Edit 1: The location is in this rocky mountains around the crater, probably you can do this in a lot of this mountains, clip inside the walls and shoot to the people while your are invi and can't get shooted back. Date Seen:1/1/2018 Server: EU Error Message: shooting through the wall Other Information: Troubleshooting Attempted: Launch Options: System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6GB CPU: i5-6600k Ram: 16GB
  9. Just died to this after a great start. Really frustrating. Basically you can use these fences to your advantage and kill anyone who is behind it without recieving any damage. Replay system: In game recording (nvidia experience):
  10. Shadowplay didn't save for some reason but I was in the last circle and got killed (confirmed via kill cam) by someone inside one of the big rocks that make up those mini mountains on Miramar. Maybe he jumped from under a rock? I'm not sure. It was just north of a road with a 3-way intersection like a T with a ranch on the SW corner. I could see partial textures with the backfaces of the rock model without textures see-through. He was clearly on the ground where the rock meets the map floor and the bullets were shooting out the wall and at me.
  11. Last night my squad and I encountered an issue where 3 of us could not see a player but one of us could. The player in our squad who could see the player killed the enemy player and then the corpse/loot disappeared for him afterward. Here's a video from the view of someone who could not see the body. https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/7geskv/bug_invisible_player_that_only_one_of_us_could_see/
  12. Found this while playing my last game. Huge hiding spot and people can't see you, however you can shoot them. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  13. I was playing a game with a friend and I came across a wheat end zone, I looked for cover and crawled up to a hay stack and accidentally crawled inside of it. Obviously there are hit boxes with the hay stack, but these didn't extent very far as I was able to conceal my entire body in one, giving a completely unfair advantage. If this is a gameplay aspect please tell me but as far as I can tell this seems like a bug, thanks.
  14. This thread is for posting any map specific bugs, like being able to walk through a particular wall that should be solid, a place that you got stuck and other things like that. Please post a screenshot of the location where the map bug is and also write the coordinates in your post Videos are also welcome, but please keep them short or timestamp them to the pertinent part of the video. Please make sure that it hasn't already been reported before you post your screenshot! *Please do not post videos that are 3-5 minutes long. No mp4 files. Either take a screenshot or clip the video to only show where you got stuck.*
  15. "When playing on a fog server" If you press TAB(inventory), you can see way better in the fog. Alot easier to spot players.
  16. >Buddy and I are doing duo fpp, >drop into 'Primorski' >proceed to loot, >opponent appears in the middle of room (half sunken in up to his knees) and he looks like he is driving but is floating there [I believe it was the south-most house west of the warehouses - @ 1700,6335] >ask my teammate if he sees him, 'negative' he does not. >ask teammate to clear the area, I proceed to punch floating guy. >he dies. just putting it out there, this seems like a HUGE game breaker.... anyone ever seen this? makes me nervous to get into cars now....
  17. My POV of performing the glitch. Its a simple crouch jump at the window and then you just scope in. https://gfycat.com/SinfulSevereInsect My Teammates POV when we discovered it. He could not shoot me while i was able to shoot him. https://gyazo.com/1067c58040dccda4bffba18d96204bce I am not sure if it works in other locations, but i would assume so since there are a lot of these buildings.
  18. My friend has been having issue with the game since the start with building not being rendered to the point its unplayable, but today his building not rendering issue turned into an abusable exploit to the point he manages to go through the wall, His point of view is that the wall is not even present on his screen, Only parts of the building and a few random walls totally not present allowing him to go through the wall Here's a footage of the clip that had been recorded while I was livestreaming.
  19. Bug Description: I have noticed this type of thing happening a lot: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62N2JkwIkGw There no other parachutes in the air above or below you, but there are players who have somehow managed to land before you. I know about the 234km/h freefall technique but this has happened to me regardless. I'm not sure if this is a hack/expolit, or whether other player's parachutes just aren't being rendered in some instances. Either way, it's a real pain. Date Seen: 20/08/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: None Launch Options: No System Specifications: Windows 10 Core I5 4670 8Gb Ram GTX 1070
  20. https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentBloodyTurnipTooSpicy Pushing against the wall lets you see through at the Eastern doorway at front of School.
  21. I have discovered an exploit(or bug maybe) that allows players to look threw walls/buildings as tho they are not present to see players/loot they should not be able to see(even threw several buildings). Have screenshots and can reproduce effect. Im not giving any more info on what it is over forums because this is not my first day on the internet and everyone will be using it if i do. Will explain over private with admin or someone from PUBG team.
  22. Bug Description: Playing Duo with a friend and we went to loot the building that you can see in this screenshot: I peaked to the outside of the window and I saw some little movement inside of the on my screen while I was in 3rd person (same happened in 1st person) and then I zoomed in with my VSS and I spoted 2 enemy players moving while proning inside of this building: NOTES: My Duo partner could see them to while peaking trough this window (we didn't tested peaking from other positions because of reasons already explained); We couldn't see the actual players textures, we could only see dark human shapes and these weren't flickering while moving (like a "wallhack" effect); My ingame graphics settings: Screen mode: Fullscreen; Resolution: 1366x768; Luminosity: 50; Screen scale: 100; Anti-aliasing: Very Low; Post processing: Very Low; Shadows: Very Low; Textures: Low; Effects: Very Low; Terrain: Very Low; View Distance: Medium; Blur: Off; Date Seen: 22/07/2017; Server: Standard EU server; Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried to zoom in and I went out of my building but I wasn't paying attention anymore to the insides of the enemy building since they went outside of it and died; Other Information: I was overclocking (extremely light/safe overclock) when the bug ocurred; Launch Options: None; System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits; Graphics Card: MSI Radeon R7 260X 2GB DDR5 OC; CPU: AMD FX-6300 Ram: 8GB;
  23. During the final 10 players, we came across a player who to me looked like he had a Tier 3 Helmet on and it was just rendering weird, when went to take a headshot, I saw Sparks, when my friend went to hit him with an AWM, he saw sparks as well. After he downed both of his with his Kar98 the last member of our squad noticed it looked like a frying pan. Upon further investigation, we came across this video. He was able to snipe us and prevent headshots on himself.
  24. I'm posting this so that the devs can fix it. If you die and go into spectate with at least 2 players you can look through the map. To do so spam back and forth between spectating the two players. The world takes a second to render when you first start spectating the players and it renders the players first, not the walls. So when you spam it fast only the players render so you can essentially through walls.
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