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Found 10 results

  1. PRE REQUISITES... 1. XBOX One S, Verizon hotspot on samsung s4... 2. You are in a group and in the game. Steps... 1. Hold start and exit to lobby, or just exit to lobby after dieing. 2. Either ready up before or after your team exits the game to lobby. Either your team exits group, or stays in. 3. Have everybody ready up by start tpp. 4. Note the yellow circle is spinning, but no check mark displays above charafter heae, and the game never starts.... Work around: Always exit the group after ending a game, and then re-invite.
  2. so i exit the match after getting killed and it loads back and says i need to exit and update the game but i am fully up to date on the game and this has happen more than once so i am not sure if others are having this issue but i wanted to bring it up in case it hasnt been posted. and Sly is the best in the world she needs a raise
  3. In English on the main menu in the Test Server when you press the settings icon in the bottom right, then "EXIT GAME" the pop-up asks "DO YOU WANT TO EXIT" (this is debatable based on your design, but you guys might also want to add a question mark there) and your answers are "OK" and "Cancel" when it really should be "YES" or "NO". I know it's a nitpick but a game as big as this needs polish, and it would look foreign and unprofessional if it had a lot of these types of errors. Luckily, it doesn't have many of these problems but it never hurts to clean things up! (also, I figured it would be something easy to fix for a change, you guys are doing great) yes i know there's a test server forum i realize this after posting it but im not going to repost it because i believe it applies to the main game too
  4. Hi, I have noticed this issue with me(and a friend as well) where our game would crash when we left a rain weather game during the warmup, we avoid rain as it leaves you deaf and irritable after the game. For me the error is bad_module whereas in my friend's case, it says something about application error or something.
  5. Dear Support and Players, i want to report a small Porblem with the Terrain in "Ruins" near the School. In this Terrain is a small Tower and you can go into this tower if u drop from the Airplain into it. After this happens you can do anything, this tower has no Exit . I made same Screenshots from the different angles. i hope it will help u to prevent such problems and make the game better. with kind regards
  6. When sitting as the passenger in a vehicle, leaning out and being able to use your scope is good. The issue is when you have to exit the vehicle if you still have the scope pulled up. Your POV is showing no scope up but the game obviously thinks it still is as you can barely walk. You move incredibly slow. I understand this can be solved by always taking down your scope before exiting, but that is easier said that done. When driving by houses and you take fire, as soon as the car stops your instincts are to get out and run to cover. I can't count the number of times I've done that only to basically be stuck in place and be killed. I would suggest either leaving the scope up so you can at least be shooting or know it's up and can quickly pull it down and run. The issue lies in not knowing why you aren't moving until it's too late. Body moves like scope is up, animation shows scope is down. The time it takes you to realize this is longer than the time it takes to die.
  7. The Bug Starts at 2:30. I get out of a car and the collision checks aren't quite right so it ends up putting me in a space I don't actually fit in. I can't get back in the car mind you. It registers as fall dmg I think and I get downed then when moving the vehicle it kills me. Feels Bugged man. The fix would just be to up the space required to get out on any side of the vehicle. It should have popped me out on the passenger side since there wasn't enough room on the drivers side.
  8. I place taskbar at the left side of the screen and in lobby cursor is misaligned with its actual position. When i place taskbar at the bottom side of the screen, everything is normal.
  9. Bug Description: Frequently (maybe 20-30% of the time) when playing duo/squad modes the game hangs after exiting match; I see the menu splash screen but never see the "Loading" text in the upper left of the screen. Date Seen: Since EA release through 2017-3-25 so far. Troubleshooting Attempted: I let the client sit for several minutes the first few times just to see if the client would recover and load in the menu; now I just terminate the client application and restart after 15 seconds or so. Other Information: It's possible that this is related to spectating before exiting match; I have never experienced this issue when exiting a solo match. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW @ 2.0Ghz CPU: i7-2600K @ 4.4Ghz Ram: 24GB @ 800Mhz
  10. I just died when exiting my car. I parked about one meter away from a rock (driver side) and when I got out the car, my character fell to the ground and it said "You have died from falling". Now I assume falling does not mean the 10cm between my car and the ground. I have survived jumping off buildings before! Now I understand that this is early access, but as I was pretty set and then died for no reason, it was pretty frustrating. Apart from that I am really enjoying the game, keep up the great work on it! Ps. I understand a screenshot or video would clear this up more, but I forgot to capture the moment
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