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Found 14 results

  1. Frag grenade spawns should be reduced. They are very overpowered, especially when you just chuck 5 of them in some poor soul's general direction in a 1v1. They should be limited in numbers to allow for more gunplay rather than cheap grenade rain kills.
  2. Subj ... Каким-то патчем, с год назад разработчики его количество поломали, и так и осталось. Сначала его было нормально, потом несколькими патчем то уменьшали то увеличивали, видимо искали баланс. Теперь по сравнению даже с Миромаром - его мало. Сейчас дут крайне и неприемлемо скуден. Не соврать, сегодня залутал три-четыре деревеньки - каска нашлась когда уже отчаялся её найти. И так далее, постоянно.
  3. The Bridge on Erangel (connecting Military and Mylta) is flying. Underwater the pillars are flying. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 You can even swim right under them. Please fix this, just because it's not realistic.
  4. I've got some weird texture bug that makes water ingame look terrible and my sights(red dot, holo, x2) look like they have 2 pixels and are set on very low. Its honestly game breaking, when it happens you can't aim properly with sights above they are just 2 big for target that is over 100m from you and the water just hurt your eyes so much! It happens only on Erangel and is probably related with water! Please zoom in on photos, make it fit your screen and you will see what im talking about, also everything is set on ultra!
  5. In the school on Erangel, there is a location on the first floor...in a small room with boxes and a metal shelf. If you climb up on these boxes behind the shelf (back right corner of the room), you can see through the floor above you (see people, loot, etc.) It does not appear to allow firing through the floor, but does provide an advantage when playing in duo/squad, as a teammate can report locations of enemies on the floor above them.
  6. In the erangel lobby, where people can pick up guns, some fucking idiots take up crossbows and shoot you in the eyes with them. The goddamn crossbow bolts then procede to be stuck there impeding your vision for THE REST OF THE DAMN GAME. For christ's sake. Fix it.
  7. Pls, delete crossbow from Erangel lobby, early pvp is super annoying with an arrow blocking your field of view, ffp. https://imgur.com/a/XVHZY
  8. The clipping occurs in the storage closet next to the bathroom downstairs in the school. If you climb onto the boxes in the back of the closet and then stand up, then your head clips through the ceiling/floor into the 2nd floor and lets you see & shoot into the back auditorium hallway, the main hallway, and the auditorium. I'm playing version 0A2F40 on 2018.01.07.2051 EST in the US.
  9. Date Seen:12/28/2017 Server: Live Servers. Error Message: None. Other Information: Happens usually when dropping into the middle of the map on Erangel games. Have not crashed yet on Miramar. Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified integrity of files, already launching through steam and not a shortcut. Launch Options: No launch options changed. System Specifications: See uploaded image.
  10. Bug Description: I was running around Shooting Range and I stumbled upon this instakill spot. Check the video, please. Date Seen: Jan 4th, 2018 - around 9am BRST Server: Not on test server
  11. Last 12 rounds, both duo and solo only the "old" map!
  12. The big house next to the police station in Yasnaya can be accessed from the back (opposite of entrance) through the right window. Player model glitches through the bars.
  13. Hello to everyone, I have been playing pubg since the release of the Early access but this is my first post.... I just downloaded the 1.0 version and every time I get into Erangel it looks like this: My computer specs are: i5-3550 @3.30 hz 12 gbs RAM GTX 1050 Ti I play pubg on medium quality and Im able to play it between 50 and 60 fps. This is only happening at Erangel.... Miramar is just awesome. I hope you can tell me if this is something of my computer or is an issue from PUBG. Since english is not my first language I would like to apalogize if I wrote something bad.... Thank You and have a nice day!!
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bbXrrY4JiktGa2tEAxuwJXC0D6jyDC8A as title, this is the link of my video clip this happened at about 2300(UTC+8)(HK time) in the test server, water town in erangel, the weather was foggy.
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