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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. A small bug inside the house in which the roof of the next house is going through the wall as can be seen in the attached images. Location: Southwest Georgopol in New Erangel Remaster.
  2. In a regular game of PUBG on the new desert map. My friend and I were moving over some rock structures just NW of El Pozo when I jumped over a rock to fall into a hole. I couldn't escape and ended up dying to the blue. Since I am not sure if these holes are intentional and that I should maybe just get gud. I thought I should bring it to the attention of the developers as it led me to having a bad game experience. Hopefully this post gets an answer and is maybe fixed or resolved in some way.
  3. Hi, I'm not one to complain about bugs. It's early access, bugs happen. That's what I tell everyone, but when the same bug is happening every other game it makes the game for me unplayable. I have, a count of three times today gotten stuck on random objects that prevented me from moving—which obviously resulted in me dying outside the playzone. Once in a random dip in the environment, another on a desk in a house, and the last in a hole in the fence near the bridge going to the military base. The only way I was able to get out was a friend running me over with a car, crashing the fence over which still resulted in me dying because the playzone was ticking harder and harder. I only ask that this bug be noted, and strongly recommend looking into it. If any other players are having this issue, they can feel the disappointment it gives when you are stacked and die to something unavoidable. Haha. Overall, thank you for the game and the time you put into it. I look forward to seeing more fixes to improve the quality of gameplay.
  4. I just died when exiting my car. I parked about one meter away from a rock (driver side) and when I got out the car, my character fell to the ground and it said "You have died from falling". Now I assume falling does not mean the 10cm between my car and the ground. I have survived jumping off buildings before! Now I understand that this is early access, but as I was pretty set and then died for no reason, it was pretty frustrating. Apart from that I am really enjoying the game, keep up the great work on it! Ps. I understand a screenshot or video would clear this up more, but I forgot to capture the moment
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