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Found 14 results

  1. A buddy of mine, and I, were playing Duos and won. The glorious Chicken Dinner was ours, but our BP was stolen. We did not receive the plethora amount of BP we wanted to get crates. Please help!
  2. Readying in Duo's takes away Partner's ready check but starts Match searching. Both players can see the other players check mark until they ready up. After the second player ready's up, the other avatar's check disappears, matchmaking starts at the bottom but you never find a match. Have tried restarting steam, reloading lobby, leaving/rejoining teams.
  3. TOO LAZY TO type everything just it wont let me and friends do a squad or trio on reg pubg
  4. Bug Description: Whenever i play a game of PUBG By myself in solo, i play perfectly fine. No problems or issues. As soon as one of my friends join me, my UI bugs out. I hit "READY" as per usual but nothing happens (on my screen). My friends can hit ready and they are put inside a game but i'm still in the menu standing there as if nothing happened. Whilst this is going on, i can no longer edit my characters appearance or click LEAVE TEAM. If i click LEAVE TEAM and then proceed to refresh my UI i only then leave the team. If i proceed to refresh my UI (whilst in the team) like most people suggest, i then continue standing there in the church but my READY button has changed to BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE. I cant press the refresh button under BATTLEGROUNDS OFFLINE however i can still refresh the UI but nothing changes. I have tried numerous "fixes", re-installing the game (8 times) and verified game cache countless times but nothing seems to work. Date Seen: Aprox from 26th of October till today (9th of November) Server: Normal server (not Test) Troubleshooting Attempted: I have updated all my drivers (clean installs), tried to launch steam as admin, restarted both my pc and steam multiple times, uninstalled the game and installed it again at least 8 times, I disabled firewall and all the security i have on the pc and verified game data via steam. Other Information: After each reinstall I get one normal round where i can ready up like normal in a squad or duo however i still cant leave a team without having to refresh. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Card: GIGABYTE GTX 1050Ti running main graphics, Geforce GTX 750 running PHYSX Ram: 16GB Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.70Ghz (4CPus), 2.70Ghz OS:Win 10 64-bit I just hope for some help because I don't know what else to try... Any advice or help is appreciated. Thank you for looking over my report
  5. Game occurred on 9/11/17. My client crashed while parachuting at the beginning, but I was able to reconnect before landing. Ended up winning the match and getting around ~650 BP, but the points were never accredited to my account. As stated in title, gametype was Duos FPP. Is there any way to get those point retroactively added to my account? Thanks!
  6. My teammate and I noticed a team in the water and we shot them and insta killed one without downing him. We thought maybe they were not on the same team and were teaming. Then I went into the water to loot and and I was headshot and instantly died while my teammates was still alive no knockout at all. I have been knocked out in water before so was this a something messing up or does it have something to do with being in the water near Venice (west of Rozhok).
  7. Have tried all troubleshooting suggestion steps provided in the bug reporting template. Date Seen:8/12/2017 Server: Live Error Message: None Other Information:(Rough Estimates) Attempting to join the NA duo's FPP servers and will not be matched with a partner 90% of the time. Have to keep disconnecting back to main game lobby and repeatedly trying to join duo fpp servers before I will finally get a match. Have also noticed trouble with the servers being "filled" to their respective capacities. Had originally thought this was the case, but then noticed the times that I would get matched, they weren't completely filled either. It's either hit or miss. Playing on peak times as well Saturday and Sundays over 8hr play time etc. Yes I have made SURE I'm clicking duo fpp It will just show my name at the top left like normal, then no one else joins the duo team, and I end up on the plane alone, or just disconnecting back to the lobby to try again.Seems to be the worst when joining a lobby with the countdown timer already in progress, but I have also had trouble when I'm one of the first one's in the lobby as well. Troubleshooting Attempted: Have tried all troubleshooting suggestion steps provided in the bug reporting template Launch Options: No lauch options System Specifications: Operating System:Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Version 1607 OS Build 14393.1593 Graphics Card:MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB CPU:Intel Core i-7 4930K Ivy Bridge-E Ram:32 GB DDR3 2133mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum
  8. Got a bug where me and a friend join a FPP match in duo's, matched up but as soon as we enter the game we can't see eatch others name in the top left. I would like to say we're not linked completely but while this bug occurred my friend died and I instantly had the game finished for myself (I was fine). As shown in the attached picture, I was in a duo's match and my friend died. This is what greeted me when he did.
  9. If you reload a gun and get downed while reloading without finishing the animation, you will be able to finish reloading while you are downed. It can be really effective if you have guns that take forever to reload like the M249.
  10. I have noticed you can't delete your marker after you die and you spectate your team. Maybe should add the ability to continue to mark or remove it after death. I think it would be nice to still be able to help the team. Its not a big advantage but can help the team possibly still win.
  11. These past two games, me and a buddy have seen 3-player squads even though we're queued for DUOs. This is extremely unfair.
  12. I recently played a match of duos with someone, i used the voice chat with them to communicate, it seemed like they could hear me since they listened to directions, we got second place by the end of the match. He added after and we spoke, turns out he was talking the whole time and i couldn't hear him. This leads me to believe that every game where i spoke to people and they listened, they tried talking to me but i couldn't hear them. So if you have a fix, tell me or if its a bug, please fix it. And to be clear i double checked my settings and they were on as well as verifying my game files just to be sure.
  13. My duos partner was downed by someone, and I killed that person. I ran over to revive my partner and in the process of doing so, he bled out. After looting his body, I began to run off. However, my character model was stuck on the crouched revive stance and everything from jumping, crouching, running, walking, or even going prone did not fix this. I learned that where my gun aimed on my client side was also where the bullet impacted on server side. I came across another team of two and by a series of jumping strafes, I downed one and was killed by the other. This has never happened to me before, and I doubt it will happen again, but I am just doing my part as a user and making the developers aware. P.S. Another minor glitch: when Molotovs are thrown in the lobby, the players, who are still on fire when they get teleported to the plane, stay on fire and create a visual glitch that makes it look like the plane is on fire.
  14. I'm running slower than everyone else I play with.. I play with two other friends and my running speed is abysmal. On my screen I'm running fine, doing the animation, but they can start running way after I do and pass me like I'm sitting still (not literally). On their screen it shows me doing the running animation, but I'm just slower they said. I'm not rubber banding either. Played like this the entire night yesterday and it became quite annoying as I'm literally always behind everyone else, I take more shots getting to cover, takes longer to loot areas, etc. Anyone else having this issue? Everyone in our discord has no idea what could be causing it. I've only re-binded "Crouch" to L-CTRL and that was it. SHIFT is still Sprint. We verified my games files through Steam and nothing was wrong. 40 Down/8 Up.. It's not connection based. Not sure what would cause this?? I can't find anyone with a similar problem.
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