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Found 40 results

  1. Witam. Już jakiś spory czas temu walczyłem z problemem przycinania się gry co 10 - 15 sekund co nie zawsze wiązało się ze spadkiem fps. Zmieniłem komputer i przez jakiś czas było w porządku, lecz zmora wróciła. Zacząłem szukać przyczyny i zauważyłem, że system Windows 10 nie opróżnia bufora pamięci RAM. Już po zalogowaniu się do systemu bufor zajmował 3.2 GB ! Zacząłem szperać w Internecie i znalazłem na jakimś forum link do filmu. Sprawdziłem, wykonałem i gra działa jak na początku, bez ścinek. Jeżeli masz taki problem to polecam wykonać to co znajduje się na filmie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnKDPLjbg_I&t=1s Jak pomogło nie zapomnij zostawić like
  2. Последний час event-а с ракетницей (8 человек сквад). Подобрал ракетницу, выстрел к ней, зарядил, выстрелил фактически в центре белого круга. Ввверх. Дроп так и не прилетел. Предыдущие два раза прилетал (уазик обваренный листами).
  3. I really love to see the new anti-cheat getting there. But when I start the game with the anti-cheat ticked in/on I get some 25-30% fps drop in the testing range compared to without. Personally I could live with it, but I am sure it causes bigger issues for some. I truly hope you soon have it mandatory and well working. This on: Nvidia 980 ti Win 7 Pro Latest drivers/patches
  4. Quem jogou esse final de semana de 11/05 a 13/05 sofreu bastante com dificuldades para conectar aos servidores do PUBG. Se não bastasse isso, tive queda de FPS absurda jogando SOLO. Coisa que só acontecia jogando DUO ou SQUAD. Já está na hora da PUBG corp. apresentar um jogo no mínimo aceitável, afinal, já se foram 5 meses desde seu lançamento. Jogo no xbox one X. @PUBG_The Sparrow Tem algo relevante a dizer sobre isso?
  5. This is when I pick ammo & Meds. So, I noticed this in the test servers. It seems there is still no fix on v1.0 so, the problem is that. I can not heal without dropping Meds/Boosts and only having 1 heal in my inventory. This also effects the ammo/meds when I try to pick it up. It does not just pick it up it asks me how many to drop yet, when I click drop it picks it up. Link: to Ammo & Meds Pickup. https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyLuckyVulturePartyTime Link: to Healing & boosting .https://clips.twitch.tv/LittleTastyQueleaNomNom And https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousGeniusScorpionVoteNay
  6. I've noticed that if you vault in top of a drop crate while swimming, you fall directly through it and either be knocked out or die from falling damage, but then you'll fall to the bottom of the water and take that fall damage and then drown.
  7. Boa tarde amigos, eu estou com o mesmo problema de quedas bruscas de fps, de 150 cai para 13 fps do nada. O uso da VGA e do CPU dropa pra em média 40%. Isso ocorre principalmente em início de partidas quando é a hora mais importante de loot. Minha configuração é boa. i7 7700k, GTX 1080 e 8gb de RAM. Sendo q deixo o antailising no ultra e texturas em médio, o resto fica tudo em baixo. Não entendo o que ocorre!
  8. U can watch my vid on YT, where u can see bug twice. Hope it will fix soon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yGiTgU-Kh8
  9. If drop lands in sea, and while you re picking loot at drop by mistaked pressed space, vault on it, the sea or drop knock u up into air and u die from falling!...
  10. Buenas pessoal! Bom, estou tendo bastante problemas com quedas bruscas de FPS e uso da VGA (às vezes cai a 0% e o jogo trava). Tenho uma 960 2gb, um phenom 1090t (que será trocado por um fx 8300 essa semana), e 6gb de ram. Sei que é uma configuração que não irá rodar o jogo magnificamente, porém quando não tenho essas quedas bruscas, o jogo roda normalmente em 50-60fps no médio em fullhd. Alguém já passou por isso, e conseguiu resolver? Grato desde já!
  11. CPU (processador): i7 7700 Motherboard (placa-mãe): b250 Memória RAM: 16gb Placa Gráfica: gtx970 PSU (Fonte): cx750 Sistema Operativo: win10 SSD 240gb Antes de lançar o jogo eu não tinha problema nenhum com o FPS, sempre na casa do 50+ ate nas cidades lagadas, porem depois da atualização eu entro em qualquer casa meu FPS de 70~80 cai para 20 ~ 30, ja atualizei o driver da nvidia, ja executei como adm, temperaturas tudo normal, meu amigo com configurações inferior não tem esse problema, o que poderia ser?
  12. I was going for the airdrop and it dropped it on the roof! Important to know, this happened NorthWest to Los Leones in Miramar. I even tried to jump with the motorcicle on the hill that was too rocky, but I didn't manage to get to the roof. This is nonsense, please make sure this never happens again to me!!! It happend on Wednesday January the Third, 2018. My friend was watching and laughed at me for this
  13. Hey, since couples of weeks, i have a bug that comes sometimes. When i am trying to right click a usable item that stacks, the window asking me how many of this item i want to drop is poping out instead of using it. This is very uncomfortable, since i want to heal when in danger and die like a rat... This has nothing to do with the "can't heal bug" cause shortcuts "7-8-9-0" are working and i heal myself poroperly with, just have to find the right one because not used to it. Anyone got same issue ? ps : No, i don't press ctrl when i click
  14. I get a bug in fpp mode- when i drop out of the plane and look directly up or directly down my compas starts glitching out and i start flying straight down. Not all my friends get this bug. Playing on the EU servers.
  15. Bug explained: So the problem is that when I drop from the plane in First person and that I want to go to the minimum speed, my charachter doesn't slow down, the charachter change his direction and my compass is going crazy. Date Seen:23 December 2017 Server: Live server Error Message: No error message Other Information: - The bug is only their in First person mod Troubleshooting Attempted: - Verified the integrity of the game files - Playing without Reshade - Removing launch options Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits Graphics Card: Gtx 1080 CPU: i7 4770K Ram: 16Gb Video of the bug:
  16. We were on Miramar starting the flight path when all of a sudden all 100 people were forced out the plane. ALL 100 PEOPLE. People landed all around me in fields. Also the rubber banding was incredibly bad in that game at the start. I couldn't take 5 steps without rubber banding back.
  17. Literally all 100 players all dropped at the same time. Never seen it before. Majority dove straight down to get guns asap to kill the players in the air or the afks. All that caused was massive lag and cluster of people looting ammos without guns or guns without ammos.
  18. Date Seen:12/7/17, 4:30AM EST Server: Live Description Playing squads. Saw an air drop. It was near the top edge of the map north of Kameshki. While it was falling, I noticed the box and chute were tilted at a 45 degree angle to the side. Once it landed it began doing the known bug where it teleports back and forth from just at the edge of the map, to beyond the edge of the map. I've seen this before where the package is teleporting beyond the map edge, and you can usually still loot by just waiting for it to teleport close to you, then quickly taking the contents. However, I couldn't get any loot out of it. I tried both right clicking the items and dragging them into my inventory. Here are some screenshots to help illustrate the situation. Other Information / Potential cause: Package was dropped at or beyond the edge of the map In the past, this hasn't been a problem for me. I have looted packages behaving the same way in almost the same spot (north edge of the map) Screenshots: I'm at the edge of the map here. The package is unreachable beyond the edge of the map and is tipped to the side. I'm in the same spot. The package teleports just inside the edge of the map. Still tipped to the side. Its inventory can now be viewed. Here I can view its contents. No matter what I tried, I couldn't take anything from it. My inventory has room for the medkit / ammo, I have an open slot for the gun, and I couldn't replace my helmet.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCHi-fh-kCM I've had this several times, I don't think anyone else has this problem? I have a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard, everything when I am done fighting and I is low. I go into a building trying to heal or remove things from my inventory. But then this pops up, in such situations which is very frustrating. It will go gone automatically after several mins but still, I thought it would've been fixed in the new patch. If anyone has this problem to please tell me, and NO I wasn't holding or pressing control.
  20. Hey, we´ve encountered this bug 2x in one match. We opened 3 airdrops and 2 of them Contained only 1 Item The first one had a Groza and some other stuff and 7,62mm ammo (normal airdrop) The second one only contained an M249 and nothing else. (no ammnition, nothing) The third one had only a lvl3 Backpack inside (see screenshot) and yes, we were the first ones to loot the drop. There was noone even near us. We even have proove regarding the 3rd Drop. here´s a Youtube Video
  21. Is this a bug, is it a hacker who flies to the aridrops before they land, or is it programmed to sometimes not have loot, and I just got unlucky twice in a row? I have screenshots. This happened twice in one match, and it's the only time it's ever happened to me. I know for a fact that I was the first person to the crates, as I tried looting them as soon as the touched the ground.
  22. I had 2 games recently where the drop had landed in water outside the map area. It wasn't accessible as there was some invisible wall blocking my path.
  23. Hey there , So , check the picture on the attachment please. Its a bug for drop location.(Lands on the roof in Military) No way to get it.Even with a grenade. My nickname is Tenac93 in the game.Wish you all the best with your job you guys!
  24. I retrieved a crate, a car was coming so i hid behind the crate. The care crashes into the crate. I die. I believe the crate moved a little but was not supposed to move, then snapped back into position. I believe this is reproducible if the player is right up against the crate. This may be an engine bug.
  25. Ben ; Amd Fx 8350 8 CPU's 4.0 Ghz 8 GB Vengeance 1600 Mhz 8 GB Asus Rx strix 480 256 bit 128 gb Samsung SSD , ye sahip bir oyuncu olarak ilk defa bu şekilde fps düşüklüğü aşırı şekilde bir drop la karsılasıyorum forumlarda görüpte mantıklı olduğuna kanaat getirdiğim bir çok işlemi gerçekleştirmeme rağmen sorun hala devam etmek de . 1 ay lık uğraşlarımın sonucunda buraya bir topic açmaya karar verdim yardımcı olursanız sevinirim .
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