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Found 13 results

  1. So since the last update the Xbox has been crashing a lot during driving when I play DUO. It is been a daily thing multiple times.
  2. Hello there seems to be a bug where when driving with group of people on squads in a car and the game crashes frequently. My friends and myself all encounter this. Figured I say something. So far love the game and I understand it's a working progress.
  3. Hey, I assume this is already known but wanted to post it anyway just in case as FPP is now a thing. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. As a female, the left hand while driving a boat is clipped completely into the steering wheel:
  4. Hey guys, I made video when i show this problems. When u fall on ur front wheel, ur bike want to kill u. Pls check this and may be fix)
  5. Bug Description: Possible bug where players driving in vehicles will have their player models duplicated elsewhere on the map onto other vehicles. The reason I suspect this is because the first person I spotted was floating inside the boat I just beached ~1 minute ago, and that I was firing multiple rounds from a position open to both of the players that may have been bugged. Provided screenshots with the floating players and both of their names if it helps to track the problem. Date Seen: July 5th 2017, ~13:15:00 AEST Server: Live servers, Solo OCE ( - 30221C) Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Strix) CPU: i7-4790 3.60GHz Ram: 16GB 1600Mhz
  6. The past few games I've decided to go for a car mid game in order to move from location to location. I backed up into a garage with a Dacia and the entire thing lept into the air and flipped upside down. I was going less than 5km/hr backing up. Played another game in which I stopped my UAZ completely in order to loot and camp a nearby shack, trying to make it look like the UAZ spawned there. The vehicle came to a complete halt and I proceeded to jump out. As soon as I jumped out of the vehicle, it lept forward and killed me. I died from falling. I wouldn't be upset unless I had really good loot, which I did. Not sure if the second case was lag and the server didn't register that I had stopped the vehicle yet, but the first scenario only was as a result of MAYBE backing up into a table, or a crate on the ground. Furthermore, if I had jumped out a second early, the car would have crushed me. Maybe the new patch had some interfering spaghetti coding. In any case, hope the Devs take a look at this issue and try to fix potential issues so more players do not have this issue. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hey, I have this issue, after googling and browsing reddit, it seems like I am maybe the only one that have it. The issue is I can't fly or drive forward, only backwards. When I am not holding any keys, I am driving or leaning backwards while in parachute, but if I press my assigned forward button, I stabilize, my car won't move and it shows 0 mph on screen, when I fly, i am just stabilizing like I am not pressing any keys. https://gyazo.com/0240d3c5e5180a47a28f83c08817ed31
  8. Yesterday I played a game in Squad; We took the jeep to get in the zone when we saw a motorcycle coming in the road; I as a driver, decided to slam the Jeep ( UAZ ) into the motorcycle to kill the 2 guy; What happen is our UAZ flew into the air, while the motorcycle only stop`d moving without actually hurting the 2 enemy; I know this is probably not a priority issue but the Driving and car physics need something to be done
  9. I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but you can't use items while driving or being driven.
  10. Friend shot a dude while dude was driving a jeep, kill feed said the dude was knocked out but he was still able to drive the jeep. 2.1.38 B8FCDE <-- the code that shown at the bottom of the in game screen.
  11. I was driving with a level 3 helmet on and i was headshoted by a guy with a kar98 and I was downed but i was stuck driving the car and couldnt be revived. I was above the tunnels to the east of the school. FeelsBadMan
  12. Here is a video of me and my friend driving dacia and bumping into uneven ground. BUG 02.avi
  13. Bug Description: So essentially I was playing DUO queue with a friend on an Asian located server (we are from Australia). After driving around in a hard roof Jeep (UAZ?) my team-mate managed to drive right into a wall, of which had killed him on impact, I was not in the vehicle at this moment. He was knocked out, while still in the vehicle and with complete control, he was able to still drive the vehicle while his player model was in crouched position in the middle of the jeep. It was near impossible to revive him if not for being able to crouch and do so in first person. Date Seen: 28/3/2017. Troubleshooting Attempted: To revive my team mate I had tried driving around quickly to dislodge his player model out of the jeep so I could revive him, after him nearly dying I was able to crouch and first person to revive him, only being given a millisecond each time to press the revive option. Other Information: Player model bugging out when being knocked out in a vehicle, not being seated properly and still having full control of the vehicle, even with me in the front drivers seat. Launch Options: No launch options were used at the time. System Specifications:
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