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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there! I am playing pubg for over 300 hours now. Had no problems until now. Whenever I am starting a game it occasionally crashes and my screen gets black. The only way I can access my PC is to press the power button to shut him down. I tried several different graphics driver , updated my sound drivers and so on. I got this problem just when the rubberbanding patch (for about 1 week) came out. My specs: Intel i7 4790k AMD R9 390X 8GB DDR5 16GB DDR4 480GB SanDisk SSD
  2. Since the last update, ShadowPlay has been working intermittently. After updating I noticed that I was no longer getting the "Kill recorded" or "Death recorded" modals and upon investigation noticed that the option for highlights in the settings was greyed out as well as ShadowPlay's "Instant Replay" feature not working for PUBG. After trying to fix it for a while I found that they would only work again after reinstalling the graphics driver. Both then show as available and work as expected. Instant Replay was also working fine in other games before the reinstall. After reboot however, this happens again. The only fixes I'm aware of currently are to either reinstall my GPU driver any time I wish to use the highlights feature or to use the "Capture desktop" option in the privacy settings of ShadowPlay and record the whole match/use "Instant Replay". Has this been logged as a bug already? The only information I could find was a few people experiencing the same thing as me on the PUBG subreddit here and here. Hopefully this is helpful to anyone experiencing the same issue. The attached screenshots show how both the Highlights feature and Instant Replay "Save" button are greyed out.
  3. Logitech G500 mouse and Logitech K120 keyboard. Windows 10 64bit - fully updated. Drivers and client fully updated. Disconnects in-game and plays the windows disconnect / connect sound over and over. I lose complete mouse and keyboard controls while game is running, forcing me to hard restart my pc.... Apparently this bug has been around for quite awhile, there are some threads on reddit about it.
  4. Hello, every time that I play PUBG, I usually can't go more than 10 minutes before my whole screen turning blue or yellow, or both. It doesn't show up in screenshots, it persists onto my desktop, and won't go away until I restart my graphics driver. I have multiple monitors, and it only affects the monitor that has PUBG active on it. This only happens when I play PUBG. It turns blacks blue and smoke/sky/grass particles yellow. I'd think this was a hardware issue, but no other game does this. I have tried re-installing my drivers multiple times. I have monitored my temps while playing the game and they don't get over 64C on my GC and not above 50C on my CPU. I've tried contacting support, but they directed me here. Computer specs: OS: Windows 7 64 Processor: i7 4770k 4Ghz Graphics card: GTX 1070 FE (Zotac) 24Gb Ram (Mixed brand, same speed; 2x4 2x8) Game is played on a secondary HDD. I've included a picture from my phone showing what happens.
  5. My friend was the driver in the UAZ. We stopped near another empty UAZ and began to take fire. We fled in the second UAZ and drove a long ways away. Our original UAZ that we had left behind got shot up and exploded. This immediately killed my friend in the driver's seat of our new UAZ! The death message said he had been killed in a vehicle explosion. I switched to the driver's seat and continued to drive.
  6. Hi i'm Myjo Recently a friend gifted me PUBG and it keeps crashing when trying to join a game. (crashes game and occasionally display driver) the weirdest thing is that it doesn't always crash i have managed to play several matches in between the crashes. PC specs: OS-Win 7 Ultimate CPU-Intel Core i5 750 @2.67GHz Ram- 8GB DDR3 GPU-NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570 <(below minimum) now i am aware that the GTX 570 is below the minimum requirements yet it has played several matches without any mayor problems. so i don't understand what the issue actually is .. Fixes i have tried. run steam as admin, run game as admin update drivers, clean driver install Lowest graphical settings (caused more crashes then just Low settings) i would love some help with this as i cannot refund the game as it is a gift
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