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Found 10 results

  1. Bug Description: When aiming, ADS or 3rd person, my camera will aim strait down when I get shot. This causes my shots to miss and I die. I had a previous thread on this issue but it was moved to archives. There was another thread somewhere stating that this could be a desync issue when dying server sided. I am unable to find that thread. Every time this bug occurs I usually die within 100ms or so, so desync makes the most sense. This would mean the server is sending the killed message late. Date Seen: 9/15/17 Server: Live, NA Troubleshooting Attempted: Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  2. Hi, I have the following problem: I'm starting pubg as usual and I can start a game normally. I have no problems on the loading island, as well as when I'm jumping out of the plane. BUT as soon as I land I can't move my mouse up or down. I can look to the right and left thou. My character looks up and down when I move the mouse out or down, but the HUD-point in the middel is always at the same horizontal line. Please help me with this problem... the game is not playable like that Thank you for your help, Aeon
  3. I believe I found a minor bug with the map marker. I like to mark a position to jump straight at it when the plane is at a 90° angle to my flying path. For this option I line up the edge of the planes wing with the middle marker of the compas and wait for the marker to line up with it aswell. Doing so I usualy look down as far as possible to see people leaveling and scouting terrain. After the mopnthly update, anyway, looking down as far as possible from the plane results in the marker to jump to some sort of default position on the right side of the compas. It will just be fixed there and not move anymore. As soon as you change your view just ever so slightly upwards the real makrer will reappear and do what it is supposed to do.
  4. I had this bug (not sure?) yesterday where I wasn't able to view up and down in third person mode. I was only able to view correctly in first person. I could also move the camera through walls in third person, you can see it very briefly on the clip posted below (very briefly at 0:02 and 0:04 second, looking through the wall corner) - I can upload a proper clip with that if needed asap. How it happend: I'm not sure, but I was tabbed out of the game and tabbed in as soon as we we're in the plane, I was able to parachute normally but when I landed the bug occurred. Heres a clip of the incident: https://i.giphy.com/hUHpOb5sCBJfO.mp4
  5. If you have a controller and disconnect it, you are unable to ADS or mark map with right click. Pressing right click is interpreted as slightly depressing LT, not pulling it down all the way. So aiming with the mouse only slightly zooms in, not using the sights. There seems to be no way to fix this, even if you unplug the controller and restart the game using mouse/keyboard. I think adding controller support made the game thing that right click is analog, so clicking it is interpreted as a half-pull of ADS even after going back to keyboard/mouse. I have a 360 controller and G600. This completely breaks the game, so hopefully you guys can fix it.
  6. This is what my Aim Down Sight (ADS) looks like: I'm on a 3440 x 1440 (21x9) monitor. This bug has only just appeared as of yesterday and is 100% repeatable while wearing the pre-order hooded jacket. If I go prone and ADS my view is 100% blocked, even with scopes. EDIT: just read this in your most recent patch notes "Added more support for non-standard aspect ratios. The game will now display at the correct FOV on aspect ratios ranging from 4:3 to 21:9". Yeah you broke it, change it back please thanks.
  7. Hey with me sometimes the game crashes. Sometimes I can play 20 minutes sometimes but only 10 .... My PC is but also nict the worst ... can someone help me? Thank you Picture >>>>>>>>>>
  8. Car

    **GAME IS DOWN**

    Yo! My friend and I have just been playing some Duo's as per, and upon healing my game froze which forced me to exit to desktop. After reloading the game, none of my Main menu buttons worked, at all and neither did my friends as he left the match we were just in. So i restarted again but I couldn't search for a match or invite anyone, it came up with "an error occurred" if I tried. And the moment I left the game to desktop, my friend received all my invites. Anyone else having a similar issue? Just literally now. Possible servers crash? **Included picture for cools, not relevant**
  9. I was being shot at and was downed but also trying to get in a car. I got in the car while downed and drove away but my teammate could not revive me. I am not sure if you should be able to drive while down or if you should be able to be revived while in a car. Thanks
  10. I was driving with a level 3 helmet on and i was headshoted by a guy with a kar98 and I was downed but i was stuck driving the car and couldnt be revived. I was above the tunnels to the east of the school. FeelsBadMan
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