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Found 27 results

  1. So I was camping behind a closed door and then I got shot in the head. I watched the death cam and from his client I was crouched there staring at an open doorway. This bug obviously effects game play and will influence the outcome of some games.
  2. problem with the door 35s start:
  3. Sometimes you have to quietly loot a building while staying crouched... The new "getting up" animation everytime you open doors is very annoying in my opinion. I think it would be more realistic to be able to open doors while staying crouched like before.
  4. Hi, i have experienced this bug a couple of times now, where 2 players try to go through a door at the same time and they both get stuck and neither one of them can move out. Also shooting at the other player results in shots hitting the door instead of the player. PS: With all the money you got you should allocate more resources to the bug fixing problem, because you released an incompleted game.
  5. I have a high end computer running a gtx 1070 with an i7 - 7700 and I have really good internet with an average of 40 ping. I keep having the same issue (even before 1.0 release) with doors not opening even though it is open? and then I have to keep pressing F just to open it but it closes it with only the closing door animation, this is extremely frustrating when trying to loot a house and I can only get in after pressing F a thousand times. sometimes it opens, most of the time they don't and they glitch out on me ie not opening, door closing even though they already appeared closed... etc
  6. It´s already the 2nd time today, when I saw someone walking/running through the door without even opening them. Both bugs appeard on Public servers. In the 2nd case, I was hiding in a small cabin and was waiting for the enemy to step in/open the door, and he just walked through them like there´d be nothing.
  7. hopefully this gets out to the devs some way or somehow. I somehow managed to go full retard last game. I was opening a door to a large building, and as I always do, press f halfway through the door to close it without looking back. Now this usually works, but this time i had stopped directly in the doorway because I thought I had heard footsteps above me. Anyhow, I couldnt re-open the door. looked every direction possible in 1st and 3rd person to no avail. Get this to the devs!
  8. When people open doors in this game sometimes it make a sound and sometimes not, which is really annoying and an get your team killed and idk lose the match like in this match:
  9. Just played a game where I power slid a buggy where I landed flush up against a door to a house. When I pressed 'F' to get out of the buggy, it "teleported" me through the door into the interior of the house.
  10. I was playing, and heard a Dacia that stopped near me. I think the dude that was driving the Dacia heard me too and he closed the door and he was staring at the wall i guess. When I tryed to go in the house i saw the tip of his gun ( I think it was an AK ), so i shot him through the door. I think that the guy reported me for some sort of wallhaking. I have no photos, but if you play whit a friend you can ask him to stay close to a door and point at it with a long gun ( like the AK ). I hope this was helpfull and I hope that I don't get banned because I just bought the game and it's amazing . (...oh and if you have any photos that confirms this please post it here ). UPDATE: In the photo i posted here you kinda can see how it happends, not my photo, not sure this does the same thing, but maybe this is how it happends ( and yes i know it's a window but i think it's the same ).
  11. Multiple times last night i pressed f to open a door and i passed through it without the door opening. I would interact with the door to get out and would have to press f multiple times to open. The other door bug is where i would press f to open the door and it would open but i was not able to pass through the doorway as if there was an invisible barrier. I kept pressing f until the door closed and opened again so i could pass through. These bugs were prevalent in the first minutes after the parachute drop.
  12. I feel I keep re-living bad network performances in modern games. I have 5ms at most to the servers, and I run 60FPS without any problems. Despite this stuff like this insists on happening all the time whenever the server glitches due to network penalties/delays. Picking upp stuff, parachuting etc are still sluggish and delayed more than it should need to be because of network latency.
  13. Ran to a small shack a enemy player rammed his vehicle into the door and i killed him, well the vehicle kept bouncing up and down rapidly and making all kinds of noise glitching out under the ground and inside the shack near the exit. I was trapped no matter if i crouched, jumped, shot the vehicle anything. The gas ended up killing me when there was no way out.
  14. Hello! I started noticing that whenever i switch to the weapon in the first slot i hear a door closing/opening (i can't tell) from the right about 10 meters while there wans't any doors. i told this to my friend and he heard the door too so this is not only my problem and it is really annoying.
  15. I was caught up in a sticky situation between two players in Pochinki and ran into this little bug. I was able to open and close the door inside the building I'm next to (you can see the prompt in the clip). https://clips.twitch.tv/ArbitraryBitterSnailImGlitch
  16. Noticed while playing that if you reload your revolver then cancel by, in this case, opening a door, the reload animation will continue on the revolver. The bullet wheel will keep spinning and bullet shells will keep popping out, player models doesnt do anything though. This is also observable from third person. Nothing game breaking but kinda fun to mess around with, hope it gets fixed in the future.
  17. The Player inside the Blue/White house at the right corner of the video teleported to outside and it seems that he closes the door before it opens.
  18. Reversing a bike into a door then closing it on the bike, second person gets on bike on the back, when you open the door well things get weird, https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyAdventurousQueleaKappaRoss Myself am shown on the right of the bike while my Partner is on the back, BUT to the person on the back of the bike he sees himself on the right of the bike where i am (so vise versa) Yuki.
  19. Bug Description: My friend was flashed from a flash grenade that exploded on the other side of a door. I was set up behind a wall while he was set up in front of the door of a building. I threw a flash grenade through the window of the building and it exploded inside the building. However not only was the player(s) inside flashed, but so was my friend who was outside the building on the other side of a door. Most likely a problem with the doors. Date Seen: 6/3/2017 Server: Regular server. Not test Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: Bug with the doors. Couldn't get a recording. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia gtx 970 CPU: Intel I5 6600k Ram: 16GB DDR4 3000mhz
  20. I always use doors to hide behind when trapped inside buidlings because they always open to the inside. But in this house-I havent been able to check others-the door opens for more than 90 degrees and clips through the doorframe. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/141492954
  21. I don't know what's going on, are you under DDoS or is the implementation just extremely terrible in this game? I've experienced lag quite often in this game but this time it was beyond bad. I went inside a house, tried to close the door but nothing happened. I walked to the other end of the house, looked into 2 rooms and when I was done with the 2nd room, that's when the door closed. That's like a 15 seconds delay for a simple RPC request.
  22. Rather than making two separate topics I'll put these two bugs that I encountered in last game here. First one: I was at Mylta Power Plant factory, or what ever its called, in the second floor in the room nearest to the sea. There is this "table" or control desk which had gun and bullets on it, but I wasn't able to loot it at all. I pressed F aka looting button many times and tried to loot it via inventory, but nothing. Here is clip of it: https://streamable.com/c4qxv Second one: I decided to go and check out this beautiful sniper cabin (F1,M0) and when I opened door it decided to open in wrong direction causing me to get stuck between door and wall, then after trying to get free for a moment I died (I couldn't close the door although it said press magic button to close it). In hindsight I could've probably shot that door to pieces, but that didn't cross my mind while playing. Second clip: https://streamable.com/s7s25
  23. There are some doors that are opening outwards instead of opening inwards. I'm not sure if it's something that I am doing wrong or not, but it is very frustrating when I'm getting shot at, and I need to get through a door quickly and the door opens outwards and pushes me towards the people who are shooting at me.
  24. Does anyone else hear these weird phantom door sounds? Sometimes it's a delay after I close a door, then I hear a door opening sound. Sometimes I hear these weird door sounds when I'm outside, not near a door at all. Maybe the range of the door sound is just way longer than I realize or something. I know I can hear doors one building over but sometimes it's just ridiculous.
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