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Found 3 results

  1. This is new update 1.0?? always this lag impossible play on SERVER EU im living in italian and all my Italian friends lagg like thatgg FIX THIS PLEASE EU SERVER!!!!! i have i7 6700k 4.6 gtx 1080TI and 100MB fiber !!!!!
  2. Hey, i have a 1920x1080 Monitor and i wanna play strechted. (1440x1080) If i change it in GameUserSettings: ResolutionSizeX=1728 ResolutionSizeY=1080 And i enter the Game, i have black bars. To remove it i simply go to nvidia and set the screen scale to Fullscreen. I even add the Resolution 1440x1080 in the Resolution doesnt work. Reinstalling Drivers doesnt work. Removing Startup Lunch Steam Parameter doesnt work. Press AlT+Enter and change to Fullscreen again doesnt work. Lower Resolution and scaling it up again doesnt work. Just saying i used it once (streched playing in pubg it worked perfectly fine, also in other games like battlefield 4..) Since the last Update if i tab out off game and click on pubg again i need to lower my resolution and scale it up again to line up with my mouse cursor (that day it worked perfectly fine before i needed to reinstall my compltete nvidia driver) and now?.. Even FULL HD 1920x1080 Monitor and Fullscreen in game doesnt work. Even with restored nvidia Settings. This is so annoying, and the best is, its not even my fault its the game ( other games like battlefield 4 working just perfectly fine in strechted resolution) @Developers pls fix that problem. Btw same Problem for my friend. GameUserSettings.ini [/Script/Engine.GameUserSettings] bUseDesiredScreenHeight=False [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=inf sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 sg.ShadowQuality=2 sg.PostProcessQuality=3 sg.TextureQuality=3 sg.EffectsQuality=3 sg.FoliageQuality=3 [/Script/TslGame.TslGameUserSettings] ScreenScale=100.000000 Gamma=50.000000 bIsLanMatch=True bIsMasterSoundMute=False MasterSoundVolume=100.000000 bIsEffectSoundMute=False EffectSoundVolume=100.000000 bIsUISoundMute=False UISoundVolume=100.000000 bIsBGMSoundMute=True BGMSoundVolume=0.000000 bIsVoiceInputMute=False bIsVoiceOutputMute=False VoiceInputVolume=100 VoiceOutputVolume=100 bUsePushToTalk=True bUseGlobalVoice=True bUseTeamVoice=True bSavedGraphicOption=True bMotionBlur=False CultureName=de CustomInputSettins=(ActionKeyList=,AxisKeyList=((AxisName="FollowOrFreeCamZoomOut",Scale=-1.000000,Keys=((Key=MouseWheelAxis))),(AxisName="FollowOrFreeCamZoomIn",Scale=1.000000,Keys=((Key=MouseWheelAxis)))),MouseSensitiveList=,bInvertMouse=False) SelectMiniMapIndex=1 FpsCamearFov=90.000000 bUseForceFeedback=False ColorBlindType=0 CrosshairColorString=WHITE FppWeaponIconShowType=AlwaysHide TpsWeaponIconShowType=AlwaysShow FppEquipableItemIconShowType=AlwaysHide bUseCharacterCapture=True WorldMapZoomSpeedLevel=10 InputModeCrouch=Toggle InputModeProne=Toggle InputModeWalk=Hold bToggleSprint=Hold InputModeHoldRotation=Hold InputModeHoldBreath=Hold InputModePeek=Hold InputModeMap=Toggle InputModeADS=Toggle bEditorApplyOverrideScalability=False bUseFreeLookInterp=True bPreloadingMap=False PreloadingMaps=Level_1-1 PreloadingMaps=Level_1-2 PreloadingMaps=Level_1-5 PreloadingMaps=Level_2-1 PreloadingMaps=Level_2-2 PreloadingMaps=Level_2-3 PreloadingMaps=Level_3-1 PreloadingMaps=Level_3-2 PreloadingMaps=Level_3-3 PreloadingMaps=Level_4-5 PreloadingMaps=Level_4-6 PreloadingMaps=Level_5-2 PreloadingMaps=Level_5-4 PreloadingMaps=Level_5-5 PreloadingMaps=Level_5-6 PreloadingMaps=Level_6-1 PreloadingMaps=Level_6-3 PreloadingMaps=Level_6-4 bUseVSync=False ResolutionSizeX=1728 ResolutionSizeY=1080 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1728 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=1080 WindowPosX=-1 WindowPosY=-1 FullscreenMode=0 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=0 PreferredFullscreenMode=0 Version=1001 AudioQualityLevel=0 FrameRateLimit=1000.000000 DesiredScreenWidth=1280 DesiredScreenHeight=720 LastRecommendedScreenWidth=-1.000000 LastRecommendedScreenHeight=-1.000000 LastCPUBenchmarkResult=5179765.000000 LastGPUBenchmarkResult=109.796043 LastCPUBenchmarkSteps=104.451790 LastCPUBenchmarkSteps=8632871.000000 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=145.968063 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=68.984177 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=125.904190 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=116.742912 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=55.253799 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=97.875183 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=182.731827 LastGPUBenchmarkMultiplier=1.000000 [TslHighlight] Provider=None
  3. Hello Community, first of my pc: cpu: i7-6700k @4.5ghz gpu: evga gtx 1080 ftw ram: 16gb ddr4 2133mhz mainboard: msi z170 pro carbon (playing in 1440p) So the game runs ok for me i have around 40-110 fps, it vary´s quite alot, so sometimes im have a lag which happens everytime my fps drops from 70 to 50 for example. Yesterday i was playing and i monitored alot of stats about my cpu and my gpu and i noticed that everytime i had such an fps drop my gpu usage went down from 99% to what ever, sometimes 80% sometimes to 50% and even lower and i just thought id share this so the devs might have some use of this info. (other games run fine and dont show this gpu usage drop behaviour) have fun playing everyone i can get some screenshots later if needed.
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