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Found 13 results

  1. Cs go da 60 üstü pingi geçmezken pubg lite da 200 ping altına inmiyorum sorunun benden olduğunu düşünmüyorum öneriniz, çözümünüz veya sizde bu sorunu yaşıyorsanız belirtir misiniz ?
  2. Oyuna böyle ayda bir güncelleme gelirse ve gelen güncelleme iyileştirme değil de daha çerez güncellemeler olmaya devam ederse gelişmesi uzun sürecektir. Tekrar steam pubg'e geçiş yaptım.
  3. Оружие и лут спаунятся не просто с задержкой, а с сильной задержкой. - Приземление. Я и оппонент забегаем в один и тот же ангар. Я с одной стороны, он с другой. Я где -то в середине ангара вижу дробовик, хватаю его первым, начинаю заряжать его, и он убивает меня Scar. Реплей показывает. Он подобрал в начале ангара Scar, зарядил его. Убивает меня заряжающим дробовик. Дальше бежит, и на том месте которое я пробегал (и там ничего не было), лежит AK-47 с амуницией. Заспаунился AK-47 с задержкой для меня. Но свой то Scar со своей стороны ангара для него появился как надо, быстро. Что смотреть ? Чего не хватает на моём железе ? Видеопамяти ? Оперативной памяти ? - Лутаюсь в развалинах, на отшибе города, даже не приземлившись там, а уже добежав до туда. Ну, то есть времени прошло изрядно. Подбираю лут. Пистолеты, патроны прицелы. Рюкзака нет. Оббежал окрестности, вернулся. В одном из мест, которые пробегал и лутал уже - лежит два рюкзака.
  4. Wonder why you can’t quite figure out where that shot is coming from? It’s most likely not your fault, it’s still the game’s. I first noticed this when I was walking around waiting for a match to start, trying to figure out which character is attached to what voice isn’t that easy, while it should be fairly easy... right? What’s in front of you is centered, what’s to your right should be panned hard-right, however when you’re running, walking, turning or whatever, the position where the sound comes from is delayed. Meaning that it takes a - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? - for PUBG to play the sound from the right “direction”. For instance, when there is a shot coming from exactly NW, but you’re spinning in circles for whatever reason, the gunshot sound will **NOT** come from exactly NW because the panning is behind - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? -. Idk if this is a bug, or whether or not Bluehole intended it to be like this, it shouldn’t be there in a game like this.
  5. I've discovered on numerous occasions, in particular last night on the OC servers, weapons taking sometimes up to 5-10 seconds to appear. Incredibly frustrating when you just want to hot drop and start an early fight. I thought it might only be in highly populated areas, but I had a case of a SCAR-L, 3 clips of 5.56 and an extended mag that didn't appear on a rooftop for at least 10 seconds after I landed. Was myself, teammate and an enemy duo on the area. This is for me at least, game breaking. RNG in the first 30 seconds is a factor, but you take away the first 5 or so seconds of a hot drop waiting for weapons to render in and you're near on death without fault of your own. i57600k 16g ddr4 GTX 1070
  6. Ok I've had this issue for about a week now, It doesn't happen every game but whenever it does it is almost always early game. I drop down, everything is rendered; I'm not seem to be lagging; I see an uzi with 60 rounds; I pick it up pressing F; It disappears from the ground and is in my inventory when I press tab; I spam main weapon button and nothing happens for 5-6 seconds and then I'm able to equip it. I thought it was some problem exclusive to me, but recently my friend had a similar issue where he picked up a sight and it didn't appear in his inventory for several seconds. Another thing I noticed that I think is in connection with this bug is when I drop an item it gets dropped and a copy of it stays in my inventory for several seconds.
  7. Bug Description: I am unable to shoot for 2 to 5 seconds after switching seats in the buggy. Often I try to kill people by moving from the driver seat to the passenger seat, but I am unable to return fire. If this is intended, there should be an animation or some other indication to display the delay. Date Seen: 11/4/14 Server: Live Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I switched seats in the buggy and tried shooting. Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  8. This has been an on going issue ever since I've been playing, to 1.0. Shotguns have a 1 second delay of killing an enemy and it's not fair when you land the first shot that should kill them. I have taken videos over and over of me shooting the enemy and they still live to shoot a few rounds at me before just toppling over like a ragdoll. It's not lag or anything. I notice that even when I'm in cover, I'm getting hurt for no reason when someone is using a shotgun themselves. When players jump in the air with a shotgun, they're more likely to hit than the person holding the corners which I find that really baffling. If the rubber banding ever comes back (right now, 1.0 is pretty stable for me) -- I'm not using the shotgun any more. It get me killed more than I can kill. Oh and uhh... Shooting an enemy should kill them regardless if I died. It should show both players dying. A shotgun bullet should still register even if I die. Even on the replay it shows blood going every where but no damage. How does that even make sense?
  9. Hello everybody, I really love this game but the glitches really try to make me hate it. I know it's an early access game & I love it so i can't stop playing. But oh god the input lag is massive I had to record it to be sure. There is a 80ms average and up to 150ms between the click and the shot (image/sound is sync'd so it's not audio lag) Here's an example screenshot the click on the left, the shot on the right,90+ ms delay And another one where I flickshot and actually lost because of the delay. With all the details and in game frames. This is a VERY noticeable lag, that would make any good fps player go nuts. It makes flickshots almost impossible, even the moderately fast ones, and even classic aim when the target goes in the crosshair for a few ms can be completely missed because of it. I can't just be the only one right? Just take a gun on the island, listen to your mouse, listen to the shot. I'm playing EU serv and I have a very good internet, I always had sub 10ms latency on every other games and never once this input lag in any other game with the exact same hardware. I average 80fps or more and play very moderate settings, fullscreen, no v sync (i know because of awful screen tearings). My install of windows is clean and audio interface has an incredibly low latency, but as stated previously, there's no audio delay with the image so it can't be it. This drives me nuts, Thank you
  10. Siempre que me matan de una forma muy rara fallando todas las balas o me matan a cubierto, nose si el server esta demasiado lag o es problema de mi conexión: pd: si me van a borrar el post de nuevo, por lo menos díganme que estoy haciendo mal.... Acá tengo pruebas de lo que hablo (vídeos especialmente creados para mostrárselos al soporte): 1° 2°
  11. Играю на евро-сервере. Во время игры, в любой момент времени вылезает на экран надпись: "Задержка сети", хотя с интернетом точно все нормально...и вижу как другие игроки бегают стреляются, а меня не видят и я сделать ничего не могу , так как у меня - ЗАДЕРЖКА СЕТИ, не из-за чего, просто так. Исправьте пожалуйста, это наблюдаетс уже третий день. И по середине матча в самый разгар я должен начинать сначала, не имея возможности продолжить игру. ------------------------------------------------------- I play on the euro-server. During the game, at any time, the message "Delay of the network" comes out on the screen, although everything is fine with the Internet ... and I see how other players are running around, and they do not see me and I can not do anything, since I have - NETWORK DELAY, not because of what, just like that. Please correct this for the third day. And in the middle of the match in the midst of I have to start again, not being able to continue the game.
  12. I have been experiencing a consistent issue recently where when I open either the inventory or map they will not close immediately when I press the corresponding key. This is really frustrating as going for care packages is a no no since you need to tab to collect and if the inventory will not close you're a sitting duck.
  13. After almost two weeks of trying just about everything manageable to stop having issues with desyc I may have finally found a solution. Please keep in mind that this change may only resolve client desync and that any server lagg or desync will not be affected by this change. What was suggested to me by a teammate was to disable the system paging of memory to the hard drive. It sounds irrelevant but after doing so just about all of my desync issues have been eradicated. Pickups and doors feel smooth, falling from the plane no longer freezes midway for a few seconds, and I have been able to notice a great difference in hit placement especially at long distances on all servers. To do this you simply follow the screenshots below and set your system to use "no paging file". I run a Server OS but your menus should be very similar. Please ask me if you need any help locating these options. Be sure to restart your PC after making changes and verify that the pagefile is still set to "no paging file" and shows "0 MB". From what I can gather it seems as though the game has an issue with the caching of memory data while using a pagefile. Since the current build of the game does just about all of the calculations client side and then sends those results to the server to update all other clients after the fact there may be a delay or fault in between the client processing the memory and that data being sent. I am using an M.2 SSD and can only imagine that players using an RPM disk would benefit even more from this change. I am unable to verify if the game just has an issue with select types of hard drives or if this will help all players globally. If you have been having desyc issues with your client and have the administrator rights to do so please give this solution a try and post your results below. If this does indeed fix the issue globally for users I believe this information can then be passed on to the development team to tweak and resolve the client desync completely.
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