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Found 7 results

  1. Happy new year! When jumping from the plane, only the default keys "w,s,a,d" are working until you are on the ground. Once there, the rebinded actions work properly with the new configured keys. Thanks for fixing this
  2. For whatever reason, since 1.0 released, I am missing all of the default equipment items in game . I still have all the items I got from crates, but my favorite clothes are the default khaki pants and grey shirt since they blend in most with the environment. I also didn't receive my early access pioneer shirt. It DOES however show the default items in my steam inventory, I just can't access them in game. By the way, there is no pioneer shirt in my inventory.
  3. Hi, On 16 of august i posted this issue i have with my keybindings, azerty-keyboard, game changes my keyboard to qwerty settings. Here's the bug report: Date Seen:16 august 5.38 pm Server: EUW Error Message: none Other Information: It was only for a minute or so, but the game changed my key bindings automaticly to a qerty keyboard, while i'm using a azerty keyboard i walk around with zqsd, prone w, map m, crouch c. when it changes i have to run forward with w that is on my keyboard on the lower left corner and for example open map with , . Troubleshooting Attempted: So far, have tried restarting pc, update graphics drivers, set page file size, restarting my pc, running steam on administrator. Launch Options: only have shortcut on desktop and in steam library System Specifications: Operating System: windows 7 Graphics Card: geforce gtx 550 ti CPU: amd phenom 2 x6 1055t Ram: 8 GB I posted about this way before the 16th of august but my post was archived. I'm starting to get really frustrated with you guys not fixing this problem! I really do believe in this game but this issue has made it impossible to play. And another thing, i have lag issues aswell, as above you can tell that i have a good pc to run the game on and tried almost everything that you guys suggested in the troubleshooting post, nothing helped. Even when i set the page file size to the recomended amount i get lag in my other games, that is'nt supose to happen i think. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB AND FIX IT! Greatings Gamerzrage
  4. Does anybody else have this issue? once i start the game it defaults to the asia server, every time i get out of a game it does the same thing. i have completely uninstalled and reinstalled with no fixes, i verified the game integrity via steam with the same result. Any ideas?
  5. Dear Players and Developers, I am inside a network where all HTTP traffic is passed through a Proxy server and I am not able to change this. HTTPS however is passed through directly without interference. As this Proxy malfunctions frequently, sometimes my Battlegrounds lobby won't load properly. Changing the default landing page from http://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html to https://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html would alleviate my issues. Is there any possibility on doing this at this point in time? Thanks for your time. EDIT: For anyone else with the same problem it seems like I have found a workaround: Use "-LobbyUrl=https://front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html" as a launch option.
  6. So i tried using an xbox one controller. game let me change the bindings as i wanted. got into a game only to realize that the apply didn't work . went back to my mouse and keyboard and the game will not let me re apply default settings. i can click default but the map and in game menu will not map. i tried to manually map them and it will not let me apply them. help please!! we all know the map is a key function in this game
  7. Bug Description: After attempting to keybind necessary buttons to an xbox one controller, the keybinding settings started to fail. First, a change in settings would not allow to be "applied" and "okayed" after starting and restarting games. Eventually whether changing settings at the main menu or in-game the player can create new keybindings or restore to default, but the settings do not save. Date Seen: March 24, 2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I restarted the game multiple times, tried only "applying", tried only "okaying" and both together. Tried to restart steam, then finally uninstalled an re-installed the game, but the settings have been locked into my account. Other Information: could be linked to controller usage. System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: gtx 1070 CPU: i7 6770k Ram: 16GB 2017-03-24 15-51-55.mp4
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