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Found 9 results

  1. This is one of the known issues, I wonder if the devs planning to fix that? The crosshairs position are not accurate during replays and killcams, weird stuff going on, the crosshair is very far from its original place. It's completely harm your abillity to watch your gameplay and learn why you missed because the crosshair is just not in the original placeyou shoot at, looks like you missed the shots... Why they keep release features that don't work to the official game? I just don't get the way this company works...
  2. I keep watching death cams and I'm not sure if its a bug or a cheat. It only seems to happen with Chinese players. And most of the time it shows a clean death cam.
  3. No need to elaborate I believe the devs are aware of this issue since it was discussed many times. In the replays the crosshair is off its original place, so you can't see how you or your opponent aimed. Sometimes the character looks directly down making other players think he cheated although it's just a bug. Please fix that...
  4. While trying to improve my skills, I try to watch the killcam to see what went wrong. However, everytime I load up a killcam, it takes way too long or it even doesn't load (up to couple minutes loading time) The loading screen still shows some dots in the bottom right of the screen. Why does this have to take so long? Call of Duty 2 had an instant killcam back in 2005. This worked awesome.
  5. Hi, Unexpected this guy shooting me in a moto. See videos
  6. Well for starters the death cam is only making me angrier since i dont know how people actually hit shots on me if they are aiming 5 feet to my left or right in the death cam, i mean c'mon im dead at-least show me the correct way i died so i can call out cheaters if there are some. Secondly, the game crashes more now than it did 3 months ago and i have literally half the fps i used to and i know it isnt my pc specs causing it since i cant run almost anything else at ultra 60+ fps. Thirdly, every time i either die or win a game and attempt to use the return to lobby button my game freezes on the loading screen and i then have to ctrl+alt+del and end the task and relaunch the game to play again, its a joke that i even go and do so every time.
  7. When you are already dead and one of your teammates die in squads, you can see over the dead teammates body. It's like an overview of the whole situation, which allows dead teammates to info about everyone nearby. This is very bad at an ending near the chicken dinner. Happened to me earlier today: I died, my mate died, I kept speccing him so I could see where all the 3 last enemies were. Please fix fast
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