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Found 36 results

  1. А с каких пор можно задавить того кто находится в транспортном средстве? Очень много раз делал подобный приём, да и часов более 1000, но вот что-то такое вижу в первый раз. Собственно вопрос, что-то меняли в механике столкновений или что?
  2. Hello, this is a motorbike drive of death. It happens sometimes somewhere on the old and new map.
  3. Please fix this or remove the sidecar from game until fixed, it is still happening today with latest patch version https://clips.twitch.tv/AggressiveSourGoatFailFish
  4. Date Seen: 1/12/2018 - 1:30 pm Central Time Server: Live Server Other Information: This location is at the very south of Los Leones. I have attached a video of the bug below. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Creative Update Graphics Card: GTX 1080 TI CPU: i7-8700k Ram: 16gb DDR4
  5. There seems to be some sort of bug that will randomly kill me from falling damage. Its happened only 3 times and they were all while inside a house that was already fully rendered. At least they looked fully rendered, meaning the tables, chairs, rugs, and so forth were all visible. One time it happened as I was running through a house and came close to a wall, another was while I walked through a doorway, maybe right after I passed through the doorway. I can't remember what gear I was wearing or carrying or how much health I had.
  6. There's a bug that when you get knocked out in water, you fall on the bottom of the sea and die. Normally you should fall slowly (or even float) and if you get knocked out in water, you fall like you aren't in water.
  7. me and a friend were playing duo he was in a bike I was in a the Jeep car top less (just startedplaying don't know the names) and we were running from the play zone and I got Network lag detected pop up and my vehicle launched and stayed in the sky for about 20 seconds or so and after the pop up went away the vehicle started plummeting leading me to my death.
  8. 3rd or 4th time I am dying from random "falling" without actually falling, but climbing on something. This time, my teammate died first. I tried to resurrect him and died the same way. Here's a video: https://streamable.com/846is IMO this is unacceptable...
  9. Hey! I just drived with a bike over the bridge and then just died.... i linked you a proof video, just look yourself....
  10. Can't upload my gif so https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMQkLpaeK8t22kVVzh4wsnKrqWE86lY-P293dPe or
  11. Bug Description: I got out of a buggy, ran over to a rock..... crouched... and died from fall damage. Date Seen: 12/26/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: No. Just died. Other Information: This Game is ESPORTS ready! Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win 7 pro Graphics Card: Titan Pascal x2 (SLI) CPU: 5930k @ 4.5GHz Ram: 16GB Corsair Dominator..... wait, this doesn't matter... it's an issue with your client. VID:
  12. While trying to improve my skills, I try to watch the killcam to see what went wrong. However, everytime I load up a killcam, it takes way too long or it even doesn't load (up to couple minutes loading time) The loading screen still shows some dots in the bottom right of the screen. Why does this have to take so long? Call of Duty 2 had an instant killcam back in 2005. This worked awesome.
  13. this happened yesterday on the live server (oceania) (19/12/17), me and my friend were playing duos and as we were retreating my friend (who recorded) just dropped dead to a non existent vehicle explosion. .
  14. If the door is opened inward on you in the larger yellow 1 story house you start the falling animation and die, see video below
  15. I Landed and got a car straight away, then me and my teammate when to Yasnaya Polyana to loot, i was looting my 3rd building, when i opened the door, entered the room and just insta-died. I heard no sound, saw nothing and just suddenly died to vehicle explosion. After this it doesn't show to my teammates that im dead, it shows that i have 0 hp (below, left photo). Just randomly looting, to die instantly for no reason, and then have me show up as 0 hp. Please fix!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IExhnCnMse0 Bug Description: About 10 minutes in to a game, I was given the 'YOU died outside the Playzone' message, when I was clearly inside the zone, and hadn't even taken any damage at all. I ultimately win the match and on the final kill it displays "better luck next time" with a rank of "#44", which was right when I received the message. Something is obviously quite wrong with this, and I hope you find the bug and fix it asap because this is pretty bad. Date Seen: 10.8.17 Server: Live, NA Error Message: Death Message @ 0:25 Winning @ 3:45, but get a losing message No crash, but I was given the "YOU died outside the Playzone" message when I was clearly within the Playzone and hadn't taken any damage whatsoever. Other Information: The only other thing I can think of, is that the game I played before this one which was about 10 hours previously, I died outside the Playzone - so perhaps they were connected somehow? Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: EVGA 1080ti CPU: Ryzen 1600x Ram: 32GB DDR4 3000
  17. I was playing a third person match, possibly with high latency (Forgot a video in the background) and got killed. After death, however, my character did not become a ragdoll, and neither the rank, reward or statistics were shown. The Spectate button was also available, but did nothing. The match wasn't frozen, as the player who killed me successfully looted my stuff and ran off-screen afterwards.
  18. I was playing a game of Squads (Not FPP), and I got knocked out and killed when holding the Mk14. When my friend looted my corpse, there was no Mk14, only an SKS underneath my box, with all of the attatchments on my corpse. (Not on the SKS). I died in a field, so there would be no way the SKS could have naturally occured there. When searching the area there was no sign of it either. This is extremely odd and is nothing like any bug I've experienced before. Edit: I made this account just to report this bug because I thought it was a large nuisance and I also wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this.
  19. Hello, today I was in the game and I was stucked between a wall and my car (truck), after i tried to jump a lot of times, I've died with the same message if i fell from a mountain.
  20. dosent show the report bottem when i died,
  21. Title says it all. I've played 3 matches today and after all of them, when I got back in the lobby, the rejoin button would show up. This would put me back in the game. It doesn't let me play, instead it puts me on the spawn-island. I can't walk or open the inventory or map. It isn't gamebreaking, but I do think it should be fixed.
  22. Here's a quick youtube video of it. I only uploaded in 720p due to it being a fairly easy thing to see.
  23. I was standing inside a building south-west of the School, and yet the red zone bombs still killed me. Video can be found here:
  24. When you are playing duo's / teams and you die, you can't remove the marker you have placed while alive?
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