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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Hi, when I die and watch death cam 1st time it's ok, but If I want to repeat it, 2nd time I press death cam, game crash
  2. No longer shows name of player you are viewing, also many times will crash on trying to view death cam
  3. First time it happened to me that Death Cam is not available. Button is gray and when move the pointer over it appears message (PL) "nie można załadować death cam". In English: Could not load death cam. Why ???
  4. Boa tarde Venho reclamar de um bug ao assistir a death cam. ela ao invez de mostrar a visão de quem me matou, mostrou a visão minha ae o vídeo
  5. I never get death cam, less than 5% of my games I get the choice to watch death cam, its enabled, always has been, and iv even tried to change settings and reset them to see if it changes, but its always the same. I don't know if anyone else has this type of problem. Sometimes I wana report people haha
  6. Literally across the map instant headshot and then my UI was bugged ONLY from that person killing me and i can't view the death cam only encountered this during this situation.
  7. Witam Czym jest spowodowana blokada DeathCam z informacją "Unusual movement has been detected from the killer. Therefore, the death cannot be played" ??? To wynik błędu w grze, problemu z lagiem sieciowym czy jakaś detekcja podejrzanych o oszustwa ?
  8. Hi, i bet this question had been here 100%, but cant find it. On my death cam, basically almost every time the player that killed me is not shooting at me, but few meters next to me. Thats some sort of bug, or my lag i guess?
  9. (ESP) Hay muchas veces que la gente del juego me mata y al mirar su death cam observo que nisiquiera me estaban apuntando directamente, sino que por ejemplo con la shotgun le pegan a la pared y derrepente me muero... O_O. Otras veces hacen una rafaga cerca de mi, pero sin llegar aparecer yo en la mirilla estando unos 3 metros a la izquierda/derecha y me matan aun asi... parece que mi hitbox es una pelota enorme invisible a mi alrededor de unos 3 metros de diametro =_=" mi pregunta es... ¿¿acaso es por algun retardo en la deathcam?? es el único sentido que le veo porque no es normal
  10. My death can didnt work, it still loading and nothin appear, i wait like 5 mins and nothing, someway to fix it?
  11. Описание бага: После нажатия кнопки DEATH CAM начинается вечная загрузка (черный экран с логотипом PUBG). И всё, эта загрузка не пропадает. Соответственно Death Cam не грузится. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 21.12.2017, 22.12.2017 Сервер: Live Другая информация: Параметры запуска не изменял Характеристики системы: Операционная система: Windows 10 x64 Видео карта: nVidia GTX 980 ЦП: AMD FX-9590 Оперативная память: 32Gb
  12. My death cam gets stuck in an infinite load and never shows me the video feed. This happens 100% of the time. I've updated my Nvidia drivers and its still broken.
  13. My Death Cam looks like this: The only option at this time is to kill the game process. Still the same as before in the test.
  14. that simple. here is the dxdiag output. https://pastebin.com/swS0NwsN thanks.
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