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Found 4 results

  1. Bug Description: If you are in DBNO state and crawl under water, the usual breath indicator does not show until your are out of air and then suddenly depletes fully and you start drowning. Date Seen: 2018-08-01 Server: Live servers Troubleshooting Attempted: nothing you can do about it Other Information: Usually, the breath indicator shows as soon as you dive into water and slowly goes down, until you are out of air and then you start drowning. It should be the same if you are DBNO. Video that demonstrates the issue:
  2. Okay. One of the most frustrating things for me in this game is the revive thing. I LOVE that you have a chance to keep playing with your friend if he or you get knocked out. I dont like how stupid knockouts are in houses, Teams camp upstairs and you shoot him 3 times in the face and he gets revived over and over again. Another I dont like is, that you often die so fast if you run into people close up. Your friend might kill them, but you are still dead. I thought: Why not remove knockouts. Give a team 1-2 mins to revive a friend. If that time has passed, hes dead for good. That will give your teammate a chance to clutch it. Make the revive animation last longer. 15-20 secs. Maybe limit the amount of times this is possible. So many teams leave early cause one died. This way you will keep the momentum going in the game. Just a thought.
  3. --- Bug Description: There is a clear hit registration bug when players are down but not out. I downed a guy with a S686 (with choke equipped) and then fired a second shot when he was clearly down and it didn't actually register the hit. Here's a clip. https://clips.twitch.tv/MushyLovelyDadBabyRage This is the 2nd time I've noticed this issue. It's as if they are invulnerable for a period after being downed and in my case if you have a S686 you might end up wasting your second shot and the guy might be able to escape before you can execute him (as he did in my clip where he dropped off the balcony and I chased him out of rage that he didn't die). Date Seen: July 14, 2017 Server: Regular server (not test) Troubleshooting Attempted: If you wait a little bit longer after they become DBNO, there is usually no issue, but sometimes you can't afford to wait that long (as in my clip, for example). Other Information: None. Launch Options: -malloc=system –USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: See attached screens from dxdiag
  4. gadget_

    DBNO Problem

    So I was playing Duo with my friend, neither of us had taken a single point of damage and I died to a single shotgun bullet. I wasn't put into the DBNO state, just straight up killed. Is this a bug or is this part of the game?
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