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Found 4 results

  1. 1/ VIKENDI TOO BRIGHT : crosshairs barely show up when you target a bright area --> why not adding an extra dark color for all crosshairs ? white lines marking the 100m squares on map are now invisible --> make them darker on the map 2/ REWARDS & MISSIONS BOARDS So many things to monitor, "daily", "beginner", "premium", blablabla, it's a mess impossible to read. Design nightmare ! 3/ INGAME, CROUCHING SOUND now, i can hear a guy moving while he is crouching ... at 40/50 meters !!?? 4-1/ PARACHUTING / GLIDING gliding with my parachute IS a skill, it allows me to reach far areas. The new "auto glide" for parachutes (WALK key) is nothing else than like "an aimbot for gliding" : it allows everybody to do it automatically. change the key : change from WALK key to AUTO-RUN key 4-2/ PARACHUTING / RUNNING the new feature "press RUN key" allows players to fast fall to the ground during parachuting stage --> change from RUN key to DIVE key. 5/ GENERAL GAMEPLAY DESIGN Add visual indicators on screen for RUN/normal/WALK selected Add visual indicators on screen for LONG/SHORT nade range selected Feel free to comment and add yours 😙
  2. Description: When you are moving and then stop, your character will hold a position that is different than the one that he would normally hold if he hadn't moved. This will cause the player to not be able to ADS correctly and usually end in a death. Bad description but it's the best i can do. How to replicate: I did it in 3rd person going into 1st, not sure if it works other ways. 1. Run or sprint a direction until you find someone or something you want to fire at. 2. Stop sprinting and switch to 1st person and then ADS. What happens? What you will see is either the forearm or some other part of the character model in the middle of the screen. A second or so later your person will return to normal and you will ADS properly.
  3. WhiteNoise

    Sound bug in new patch v2.1.38

    Bug Description: The crouch walking sounds is just as loud if not louder then walking. Why even use it if this is intended..... Date Seen: 4/11/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: na Other Information: Hopefully this was not intended and will be fixed promptly
  4. ScienceBill

    Permanent crouch when healing

    When I was reviving my friend, he bled out mid revive and it caused me to be in a permenant crouch. I couldn't look down the crosshair but I could shoot and zoom in third person mode with no crosshair. This also made my character dead silent. My character looked like he was just hovering around.