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Found 18 results

  1. When i'm crouched and lean on any side with the pan in my hand it seams like i hold all my weapons at once.
  2. My setting is hold to crouch and I have mapped healing items to my numpad, for example bandage is on numpad 2. Actual behavior If I hold to crouch (left shift) and press numpad 2 at the same time to use my bandage, it only makes the player stand up from crouch again. The bandage is not applied. Expected behavior Holding to crouch and pressing numpad 2 at the same time keeps player crouched and applies bandage. Date Seen: 2018-01-04 Server: Live EU Error Message: N/A Other Information: N/A Troubleshooting Attempted: None Launch Options: No System Specifications: See attachments
  3. Sometimes you have to quietly loot a building while staying crouched... The new "getting up" animation everytime you open doors is very annoying in my opinion. I think it would be more realistic to be able to open doors while staying crouched like before.
  4. Bug met several times : in crouch position, open a door : you player gets up and come back in crouch.
  5. Hey guys, I've been having this issue for the past two days, I'm pressing W and my character will start to run and then slow down and come to a stop where her legs are jittering, pressing shift doesn't do anything and sometimes when I'm crouched she won't move sideways at all. My movement is very broken and I don't believe it's my keyboard as I've changed the movement controls to different keys and it's still doing it. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. I have found that my firearm will perform the full reload animation, but sometimes now result in having a full magazine afterwards. This seems to happen mainly when crouching during reloading. Has gotten me killed many times.
  7. Everytime I am reloading a gun whether I stand, crouch, or lay prone my reload is cancelled. I thought they changed this in the previous patch but I guess not? any suggestions?
  8. if im reloading and then i change from standing to crouching my reload cancels. It happens no matter from which position im going from and to. When i jump if doesnt cancels the reload Any help?!
  9. if i'm proning and started to reload my gun , i can't stop the reload i can't crouch or stand up until the reload animation is finished which made me die tons of times ,same if i'm crouching or standing up in shorts words the bug is (You can't can't stop the reloading to change your state) , i think changing state should have higher piority just as opening doors
  10. Bug Description: Cannot bind SHIFT+RMB on crouch AND jump simultaneously. It only lets me apply the bind to one, whereas I can bind SHIFT+ANY KEYBOARD KEYS to both crouch and jump with no problem Date Seen: 09/10/2017 Server: Nope Troubleshooting Attempted: I'm able to apply the crouch and jump bind to SHIFT+SPACEBAR by holding SHIFT the entire time i'm setting the keys and also when clicking apply. I tried the same technique to SHIFT+RMB, but every time I click apply it removes one of the binds. For now, I'm able to use SHIFT+G, but it isn't ideal since my jump is set to RMB Other Information: Launch Options: Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 CPU: i7 4970 Ram: 8G DDR4 The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs.
  11. I crouched and went into the corner and couldn't move, couldn't stand or go prone.
  12. i put crouch on hold mode and i cannot shift walk and hold crouch at the same time. when crouch is on toggle yes you can still crouch walk. crouch on hold does not allow for crouch walking.
  13. If you are crouched, and pull a pin on a grenade to throw it, you are not able to stand up while 'cooking' the grenade. You have to throw it before you can stand. I was able to reproduce this in the pregame lobby as well.
  14. I have set my crouch option to hold instead of toggle and now I cant switch between my primary and secondary weapons. I can select melee and pistol but can't switch back to pri/sec.
  15. As most people already know you can use Crouch/Jump while in the water to dive/emerge from the water respectively instead of using your mouse and aiming downwards/upwards. I bound crouching to CTRL and cannot dive/submerge with that exact hotkey while I am in the water; when I leave crouching on the default hotkey C I am able to do that (which is supposed to happen by using crouching in the water).
  16. When you crouch and look down sight while moving right, there is considerably less sway than if you crouch and move left while doing the same thing.
  17. This was posted in the test server bug report forums but never got noticed. Still relevant to the live version now.
  18. If you change the default keybind for crouch it doesn't change the keybind for submerge.
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