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Found 26 results

  1. One thing I’ve noticed on the PTS is that that flow, responsiveness, and speed of both the Customization and store tabs and all submenues is very slow/low. It just has an incredibly heavy and sluggish feel to it. I’m using a One X with 200mbps internet.
  2. Moin, am Ende diesen Monats läuft mein Prime Abo auf Twitch aus und ich überlege, ob ich es verlängern soll oder nicht. ^^ Ein "Pro Faktor" wären für mich u.a. die PUBG Crates, nun frage ich mich aber, ob man irgendwo einsehen oder abschätzen kann, wann die bis dato noch verschlossenen Crates verteilt werden? ( siehe Bild ) Hat jemand 'ne Idee oder ist Zufall bzw. sollen die verschlossenen Crates quasi nur anfixen? Gruß
  3. Verlosung 01/04/2018 Was kann man gewinnen? 1. Platz // 10€ Steam Guthaben 2. Platz // 5€ Steam Guthaben 3. Platz // 1x EARLY BIRD KEY (PUPG-Shop Crates) ============ Wie kann man am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen? 1. Steam Gruppe beitreten >> Grafiksteins Gaming Community << 2. Folgt mir auf Twitch: >> http://www.twitch.tv/grafiikstein/ << 3. Rang 5 auf unserem TS³ Server erreichen >> TeamSpeak³ Server-IP: ts.grafikstein.de << ============ Wie wird verlost? Von allen Teilnehmern werden die Namen in einen Zufallsgenerator eingegeben, der erste der gezogen wird ist Platz 3, der zweite Platz 2 und der letzte der gezogen wird landet auf Platz 1. Die Verlosung findet Live auf Twitch auf meinem Kanal am 01.04.18 um 16:30 Uhr statt. Macht mich! Das Lohnt sich!
  4. Every time I open a desperado crate I get the same item, punk gloves (red) I have so many pairs now, what is the point of doing the crates anymore if I get the same thing especially when you have to pay for a key!!!
  5. Bug Description: I opened a crate and didn't get my item. At first I thought it was laggy, but it still hasn't arrived after a couple of minutes. Date Seen: 11 Jan 2018 Server: EU Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted the lobby, looked in steam inventory System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 1060 6BG CPU: i7 quad core 3.4gHz Ram: 8gb
  6. So, i've been playing for about 2 weeks or so, I noticed this bug the first time i started playing. Since then the issue hasn't resolved after patches. On the wardrobe/crates screen i just get a message saying "an error occurred". On top of that, where it says my BP, it just says i have N/A BP. I've played over 20 games and yet haven't gotten any rewards for it. the screenshot shows the message showing up on the wardrobe tab.
  7. I was playing a couple matches, saving up for a crate, we came second and I got something like 400BP. When the match was over it said that I only had 170 BP. I was confused but assumed that it just wasn't loading. After another match, placing 1st with 8 kills, the game said that I won a lot of BP (like over 800). After re-opening the game a day later... I was still at 170 BP. Whats going on??
  8. I won a match and I did not receive my points but she counted in the scoring
  9. Whenever I play a game, I get NO BP, and I can't change my character's clothes, the menu just says "an error occurred." same with the crates menu.
  10. Date Seen: 12/12/2017 Description: The rewards from the test server are not shown in steam inventory. You can see in the images that I have two "Survivor crates", but no one in the inventory (I didn't sell them or something). Is this a bug ? I don't care about them, I just want to know. Server: Test server Photo:
  11. Hi, I just bought 3 gamescom invitational crates costing me $7.50 but haven't gotten them I can't even see them in my inventory I really would like a refund or my keys. I can provide proof if needed. My ign is chrisiscool6709
  12. First I wanted to thank the devs for this great feature. It helps me a lot. The only thing i still mention and would like to ask the devs to change is the "red" smoke out of the crates/air drops. For me as a person affected to colorblindness it's still almost impossible to detect the drop especially when the crate lies in between trees. Thanks for listening to the players and keep on going ??
  13. I recently purchased two Gamescon crates with my BP, and the next time I logged in they were not in my inventory anymore. What can I do to get these crates back? That's like 5$ of steam currency man.
  14. I tried: game restart, computer restart, run steam as administrator, restart UI. As you can see, my skin-items and crates are not showing, but I can still click on them and I can still buy more crates. My game is on SSD and my gpu/cpu temperatures are totally fine. I usually have 90-120 fps in game. I have no other programs open that take any ressources worth mentioning besides discord (discord overlay non-active).
  15. i paid for 8 survivor crates and they dropped nothing from them and i have no loot
  16. There was a delay then an error spending my reward points this morning. I am in Central Standard Time Zone. It would delay/freeze up when trying to spend reward points then would show that they were not spent and also there was no gear given. . . but when you go to click start game it would cash out your reward points and not give me my loot! Happened twice and I lost 2 crates worth of points and never got the loot. I know it's a new game. I was really looking forward to some cooler clothing/gear. Cheers Developer Team, KillerBusiness
  17. Since my first install, my wardrobe has not had any clothes. Instead, one solo grey box appears in each category, and nothing is selectable. Screenshot below. Is there any way around this? I have tried a clean reinstall of the game but had no luck.
  18. I talked to the game support about my missing starter crate, they told me to post this here. So, I literally started the game naked and never had any starter crates to get any clothes so I had to buy some.. All of my friends received a starter crate with a shirt, shorts, shoes and the belt. This has to be a bug. It bothers me because there is no other way to get the belt... I couldnt find anything about this in the PUBG Forum or in the steam forums, so this seems to be unkown.
  19. Vazul

    Pioneer Crates

    Bought my first pionner crate, opened it then got nothing. Bought my second crate, it said that it failed to open, then I also got nothing, lost the crate and now I have to buy the third crate. Why can't you fix this already? I've read that you have had these kind of problems since launch.
  20. Bloggles

    Reward Crates

    Is it just my character, or are other people having issues with the reward packages? I purchase a couple, in hopes of saving enough to get the next level pack of clothing, yet next time i log in, the packages are back at the 700 level one, and i cant just get to the next crate. It seems to reset each time, yet i keep my clothes that i had, just cant get anymore. I have spent the reward points in a couple of cycles of packages, yet it resets each time. How can i fix this so i can actually get to the coats and such?
  21. The other day when there was issues with rewards crates and players werent able to get them, I got frustrated and attempted to click a bunch . . . . . like an idiot (sorry). I got my first crate at 700 once you fixed it, however the button tracked my clicks and am now at my 95th crate for 7000. Im not sure if you can check my account to verify I only recieved 1 crate? Or if you could reset me back to my second crate or anything? Sorry for being that guy and attempting to click more to try and make it work. I figured the clicks werent still being tracked and counted. No big deal if not, its not worth a rage quit over! God
  22. Is it the same for everyone or the crates are bugged for me? i have to pay 7000 everytime i want to open a new crate while my friends got their crates price reseted, to 700, 1400, 2800, 4600, and reset and so on. Its so weird.
  23. First time posting on a topic, hope everything is in order. A while ago i could not receive pioneer crates. When I looked the other day I did receive my first crate for 700 bp but when I click on rewards it now says "64th PIONEER CRATE" and it costs 7000 bp. Note that i have only opened one crate. Please report this mods. player name- Izaya steam name- oxvx_vyper_xvxo Attached a image of the bug, keep me updated.
  24. [I warn in advance I am French and I am not yet very good in English so I translated this text with google translation] Hi everybody I open this topic because I have a problem in the game By re-starting the game the rewards had gone up to 700 pieces while I was at the # 4 case and I had 2,500 but clicking on nothing happens so I start a game and then at the end of that game I found myself at 1300 pieces and has the 11th case which costs 7000 So I passed a cape of 7 in one shot when I received only one Has anyone ever had this problem or not? And or can we contact the developer please
  25. So I think the rewards were bugged the other day and i kept clicking to see if they were working, well they are fixed now and its saying I'm on my 12th pioneer crate (I've only opened 4-6) can anyone help me fix this issue?
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