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Found 52 results

  1. Вообщем при попытке получить рандомный ящик в магазине, мне выдает ошибку "получение предмета задерживается" и это уже напротяжении целого месяца. Как исправить это? PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2018.09.07 -
  2. So I'll explain the situation from the start. Buddy stopped our Queue for matchmaking cause he had to do something all well in good, but the matchmaking cancel popup never went away (guessing its new to this update?) but i figured it'd go away once we queued up again so i didn't really worry about it. So i decided to use some of my BP to open up a crate, it gave me a black loading circle and then finally gave me a crate which was the Militia one i opened that then said error give a few minutes or something or another and then i restarted my lobby and my crate was gone, nothing new in my inventory or in-game but it took my BP.
  3. When vaulting on a Lootdrop in the middle of the Ocean i just got instant knockout by falldamage
  4. U can watch my vid on YT, where u can see bug twice. Hope it will fix soon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yGiTgU-Kh8
  5. Hello, I just recently purchased a few crates using BP (1/15/2018) and I received 2 Wanderer crates and 5 Biker ones. I think the 2 Wanderer should be Desperado crates, please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingSillyNightingaleChefFrank thought it was strange and was wondering if this happened to anyone else
  7. Spent BP on 700 and 1400 rewards and only ended up with one crate. It said it failed to request the crate, but I refreshed the UI and I had just one in my inventory.
  8. I bought two crates earlier this week and they are not in my inventory but my next crate will cost me 2800 BP which means I purchased two, I am not sure where they went.
  9. Is this a bug, is it a hacker who flies to the aridrops before they land, or is it programmed to sometimes not have loot, and I just got unlucky twice in a row? I have screenshots. This happened twice in one match, and it's the only time it's ever happened to me. I know for a fact that I was the first person to the crates, as I tried looting them as soon as the touched the ground.
  10. I had 2 games recently where the drop had landed in water outside the map area. It wasn't accessible as there was some invisible wall blocking my path.
  11. I retrieved a crate, a car was coming so i hid behind the crate. The care crashes into the crate. I die. I believe the crate moved a little but was not supposed to move, then snapped back into position. I believe this is reproducible if the player is right up against the crate. This may be an engine bug.
  12. Crate also appears somewhat leaning for some reason. Also had a visual distortion of the smoke (Smeared across the screen horizontally, as I drove away in the boat, freelooking back at it)
  13. Not receiving a crate when purchased with BP yet the price still multiplies. Wanted to purchase a 1800 BP crate, did not receive it and the new price for a crate is now 2800 BP. I Also keep my previous amount of BP which was 1800. So if I wanted to get a new crate I have to get another 1000 BP just to see the multiplier go up again? I've already tried restarting the game and refreshing the UI numerous times. Not all too concerned about losing money as prices are dropping, but I still do fell this should be addressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Saw this lovely loot crate which happened to be confused about physics.
  15. please check and help, i BOUGHT GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL CRATE #1, i lose 1200 but i dont get the crate. Please check it for me.
  16. Всем привет , есть вопрос : будут ли в будущем эти ящики (пионер крейт) трейдится/продаваться? просто завалялось в стеше 5 штук.
  17. Since this was ignored a week ago I'm reposting it. My gloves are gone from my inventory with no explanation. They were black leather, fingerless gloves if that matters and at the same time they went missing I had bought and opened a crate that was empty. It took my bp but gave me an empty crate. This does not ruin the game for me but it does leave a sour taste in my mouth and discourages me from spending money in the future. I would appreciate if this could somehow be fixed or acknowledged in some way.
  18. I had a bit over 3,000 BP and wanted to change the appearance of my character. When I was confirming the purchase it was lagging and wouldn't go through so in frustration I clicked the confirmation button multiple times. As a result, now I have ~ -17,000 BP. I tried restarting the client but the number remains. I tried playing games and getting more BP but considering how poorly I do in these games my debt is barely going anywhere. Is there any way to get this fixed? Or am I gonna have to play this game for a year to get back to positive BP?
  19. MrLog


    Arkadaşlar merhaba. Güncellemeden önce her pazartesi kutuların fiyatları 700e geri geliyordu. Bu pazartesi yine 700e yani başladığı fiyata geri dönecek mi kutular? Birde gamescom kutusu kaldığı fiyattan devam mı edecek yoksa 1400e geri gelecek mi oda?
  20. I had six crates. The UI lagged and I popped all my keys at once do to spam clicking the button I guess. Each crate had an identical item ( White School Pants ). Bug? Edit with Proof : Account is F00LY where 00 is two zeroes, if you need to look into it. Timestamp of event was about an hour ago.
  21. Just bought multiple crates, the first crate failed to load and then the rest disappeared. Was charged all bp.
  22. Hey, I have bought pioneer crate 25minutes ago, I bought two at once, the first and the second. When I opened them, I only received one item, I lost bp when I bought them, now the next one I have to buy is the third at 2800. I don't know if I didn't get the second crate or if the second crate did not loot anything. I couldn't find if it was a knows bug and if I have to buy and open instead of buying several crates. Anyway, hope this can help to solve the problem.
  23. I just played a game of PUBG and was hiding in a boat when a crate dropped in the water near to my location (near as in within the circle) so I went to take a look. I got close to where the smoke was indicating the crate had dropped when I met an invisible barrier and noticed that the crate was "jumping" between its original location and a spot right in front of me. I decided to see if I could acces the crate so I jump out of my boat and go for it. At the times when the crate was next to me I could view its contents but not take them whilst when it was at the other location I could do nothing and the invisible wall would still be there.
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