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Found 29 results

  1. So I've noticed that I'm not receiving my BP after I die or after a Chicken Dinner if I've had to rejoin the match do to the game crashing. For example, I needed 56 BP for my next reward crate, me and a friend went into a duo's match where we both crashed and rejoined. We got the chicken dinner and the game tells me i earned 800+ BP but when i went to buy that next crate, i was still 56 BP away from my next crate and that 800+ BP was not added to my BP wallet total. This has now happened to me multiple time now. It doesn't matter if you die or win the game, will not receive your earned BP if you have crashed and rejoined the match. This is something that need to be looked into because this game crashes all the time.
  2. So since the last update the Xbox has been crashing a lot during driving when I play DUO. It is been a daily thing multiple times.
  4. Someone help me please!!! My game is crashing and my pc is restarting automatically. This is the crash report client. [CrashReportClient] bHideLogFilesOption=false bIsAllowedToCloseWithoutSending=true CrashConfigPurgeDays=2 SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!! My pc config (If the setting have anything related) : FX-6300 RX-560 4GBx2 HyperX DDR3 ASUS M5A78L-M EVGA 450W 80+ BRONZE
  5. Hi, I have been playing pubg for some time now, I have recently run into a bug. When I and my teammates win/die, I have to ALT-TAB and then press "Exit Lobby" to actually go back to the main menu. If I don't do this I have to Either Restart my PC or Sign out completely. It is really Frustrating. Does anyone have a fix for this? It would be much appreciated. This wasn't a problem on the test server.
  6. Why does the game constantly crash when you in the middle of a game..?? I keep getting crashed right when the storms moving and putting me in it to die before I even get loaded basck up... it is very frustrating and other friends of mine are saying the same thing... please address thank you
  7. I just want to start by saying, I understand this is a game preview & is currently in early access. I am grateful for the opportunity to play this game on console, HOWEVER it is basically unplayable at this time. Bug Description: The game seems to crash every other time I join a lobby. When its not freezing and sending me to the xbox home screen its lagging so bad i take two steps forward and 3 steps backwards. I have noticed some of my friends get the crash more than others and I have noticed that the crash happens more often around car sounds, heavy gun fire, or a mix of a lot of loud noises and other players together. This is extremely annoying after 30 mins of scavenging for awesome weapons and scopes, for the first shot to cause your game to explode and send you to the home screen. Date Seen: since launch on xbox one. Server: Xbox one, North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Turned off broadcast/capture settings. Power cycle xbox console. reset modem. Close all other xbox one programs/apps. only thing I have not tried is uninstalling the game and reinstalling. System Specifications: Xbox one (OG) 1T Edit: Also, the game takes a few seconds usually to render while parachuting. Been having some issues where I land on top of a building and I go straight through the roof. Some times its no big deal as I am on the next level of the building. However, from time to time I will land on a building, for example in the military base, some of which you cant access the second floor... I've been trapped several times in buildings as wells as stuck halfway in a roof when the game rendered, ultimately leading to my death
  8. My game has now crashed 3 different times today, in three very different locations on the map. Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of performance updates? Oh wait, there was already two of those, and they somehow managed to either make my game worse or just as bad before the patches were implemented.
  9. I love PUBG on the Xbox One. In fact, I want to spend many more hours and days on this game. However, this game crashes a lot. It crashed 3 times yesterday and about 2 times today. Please fix soon.
  10. Game is crashing non stop, had an 8 hr stream last night with it crashing at least 10 times, sometimes right after another. Rendering issues have been horrible when landing causing no guns to render and getting shot before a weapon has even loaded in the game. We are streaming non stop hoping developers can see for themselves.
  11. Hi, I have been playing pubg for some time now, I have recently run into a bug. When I and my teammates win/die, I have to ALT-TAB and then press "Exit Lobby" to actually go back to the main menu. If I don't do this I have to Either Restart my PC or Sign out completely. It is really Frustrating. Does anyone have a fix for this? It would be much appreciated. This wasn't a problem on the test server.
  12. I love this game! Coming from fortnite this battleground is so much more fun! BUT I am getting to the point where I just don't want to play it anymore. It continuously lags and rubber bands through out the game especially at the start of the game. The random crashes are just as consistent as the lag. Its every game either I or my teammate crashes and I fell its just gotten worse with this new visual update. My teammate has crashed every game since this update and we have only play like 6 games and the last game he crashed twice right after he got back from the first! Idk why I don't crash as much its like every other game for me. I might just be lucky but this is really frustrating! For him and me being a player down and trying to make sure he doesn't die before he gets back. However, one thing I have noticed is it happens more when your driving a car with the lag and crashes so if you don't know where to start check the vehicles/rendering. I'm glad to see that y'all are improving the game visually with this latest patch but plz make sure the game can handle it. Better yet plz fix the crashing/lag first then work on the visuals. Again don't get me wrong I LOVE the game but right now its getting really annoying to play.
  13. This has been happening ever since I started playing PUBG. Every time I would load up the game it would run fine until I were to start a match. Once I started the match it would be fine at first but then freeze out of no where but I would still be able to hear sound. Every time it were to crash my (Wireless) internet on my pc would disconnect then reconnect once I exited out of the game. I would then have to restart my game then once I join back in the match I would be on the ground or dead because I wasn't playing.
  14. Ever since this game was released in early access I have been getting this problem with my textures. When I load into the game and jump out of the plane I get to the ground and my textures just look like paper. Although I have above the minimum requirements i think the problem is, I have 2gb of Memory on my graphics card. But it clearly states in the minimum requirements that is ok. So i'm trying to figure out when this is going to be fixed or maybe trying to get a refund because the game is unplayable.
  15. Hello, Ever since the newest patch arrived i have been crashing every game i press "Tab" to open my backpack - (The backpack opens for a second and then crashes). I'm playing the game on my Macbook Pro 2015, via bootcamp windows 10 - Running a decent 30-60 fps on lowest settings thanks to the patches last month. Could you plz help me locate the issue the latest patch has caused?
  16. I start the game. Everything is fine, until I get into the plane. In like 10-20 seconds the game crashes every single time without fail, after reinstalling and verifying the game cache multiple times in attempt to fix it. When it crashes, there IS an error message, but its only stating that its really sorry that it crashed and asks me to send a report (which I do every time). Specs- Gigabyte - GA-Z170-HD3 ATX LGA1151 motherboard EVGA - GeForce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+ gpu Intel - Core i3-6300 3.8GHz Dual-Core Processor cpu Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin- ram All of this is new enough to run the game and ive already played on this PC for over 200 hours. I know its not the hardware, but maybe there could be a problem with drivers that I am not aware of. help 1!11!!!!!!!!!! ):
  17. Bug Description: This is a strange one that my friends and I can't figure out. Basically, I can pick up a gun and fire at other players in the debug area, but OFTEN (not always), when I'm firing at enemies in-game, my screen goes black for about 3 seconds, and then the game becomes minimized in the taskbar. This also happens at the point-of-death ie. right as I've been killed. Screen goes black, and it minimized into the taskbar. When I click on the icon in the taskbar, the game maximizes and functions normally. If I have multiple windows open while I'm playing PUBG, the Alt-Tab window will pop up! As I left click, it will cycle through the various windows that are open. If I have no other windows open, the game simply minimizes like I described at the beginning. This doesn't happen when I'm shooting at random objects or at other players in the debug area before the game starts. SOMETIMES the game minimizes without me even shooting. I'll be running along a hill, another player nearby comes over the hill to shoot at me, my screen goes black and minimizes - by the time I maximize the screen - I'm dead. I can't tell if it's minimizing because I died, or if it's minimizing and THEN I die. Date Seen: I downloaded the game last weekend (Sunday, May 30, 2017) Server: I am not on the TEST server Troubleshooting Attempted: My controls are set to default, I have no keyboard or ease of access software running with any funky programs (thought it would be connected to the weird alt-tabbing/ minimizing) I have changed the quality from high, medium and very low. I have tired the windowed, fullscreen and fullscreen (windowed) modes - selected using the in-game options. Other Information: Feel free to ask me any other questions. Launch Options: I have not added any launch options through steam System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: MSI R9290x CPU: Intel 4690k Ram: 8 GB
  18. Hello everyone, I bought PUBG last night and have been having problems from the very start... Bug Description: As soon as I started up the game for the first time, my GPU started whining (coil whine). I set the graphics settings to medium and decided to play. Spawned, played for about 15-20 minutes - in the meantime my display randomly turned off and on again (once), with all my programs shifting from it to the secondary and then back again. At the end of those 15-20 minutes, quite suddenly, my secondary display stopped receiving images from the GPU (black screen, it said "no signal", but the display itself didn't turn off). The display I was playing on wasn't affected for a few seconds and then it started getting periodic black screens (meaning that for a few seconds the game would look OK, and then a few fully black frames, as if the display had turned off before returning to normal for a few seconds). I panicked and turned the game off immediately. A few seconds later it all went back to normal and my secondary display turned on, as if nothing had happened. I suspect that all of that happened due to overheating, but I don't know of a way to find some logs to prove it. This morning I decided to play for a bit again, but mostly just to see if it really was overheating. I turned on HWMonitor so I could be able to look at the temperature on my secondary display while playing. As soon as I got into the menus, the temperature skyrocketed from 50ish Celsius up to 80 Celsius. I pressed play and went into the pre-game thingy. I was there for about 30 seconds before the game just turned off (without any error messages, "PUBG has stopped working" notifications or anything). I stumbled upon the Logs folder in the Local AppData, but there were no files in it. I planned to go and clean my computer, so I went and did that. I gave it a thorough and careful cleaning, removing the GPU and cleaning all the fans with a paintbrush and compressed air. When I reinstalled the GPU I accidentally forgot to plug the power cables in it, but I resolved that and the computer was working normally. I tried playing PUBG again so I turned on HWMonitor. As I entered the menus the temperature was around 75 Celsius. While checking the graphics settings things started to get weird and now I regret forgetting to record it - therefore I will try to describe it to the best of my ability: The primary display stopped receiving from the GPU with all of the windows/programs shifting to the secondary display which was "blinking" to black every few seconds. It then started shifting programs from one display to another (I presume, as the primary display was still "off") and that didn't stop. I pressed ctrl+alt+del and tried to open Task Manager to kill PUBG's process, but I couldn't even do that because the mouse reset to the middle of the screen with every blink of the display. Eventually, I hit the reset button on my PC and after it booted up everything was normal again, which confused me a bit. Date Seen: 6th July 2017 and 7th July 2017 Server: I was on the regular (non-TEST) server. Troubleshooting Attempted: As said in the Bug Desc. I cleaned the computer because I suspected the problem was heat. To no avail though. Additionally, I removed and reinstalled my graphics drivers. Other Information: I believe that it is possible the problem is in my GPU, as I had similar problems with it before. Although this is the only game in which this happened (I tested GTA V, War Thunder, Payday 2, Elite Dangerous and Argo, and they all worked fine). Launch Options: None. System Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) GPU: PALIT GeForce GTX 970 JetStream (4096MB GDDR5) CPU: Intel i7-4790K @4.00Ghz with a Coolermaster Hyper T4 Ram: 16GB DDR3 in 2 sticks Primary display: AOC G2460VQ6, 1920x1080 60Hz Secondary display: LG (I don't know the exact model), 1360x768 60Hz ------------------------ If any additional information is required (or if something was badly written, etc.) I will happily provide it in an edit. Thank you for any and all help!
  19. my game is unplayable. crashes constantly. wasted £27 on this and cant even play it, any idea how i can find out whats causing the crashes? just an error saying oops its crashed is garbage. doesn't tell me anything. system : i5 6600k 16gb 3000mhz corsair vengeance R9 Fury really bugging me now - i posted a thread recently but it was ignored.
  20. Hi, I was wondering if someone official could confirm this cause a lot of people speculate but I've never seen an official answer. Does crashing in the game affect the rank? Does the game register you as crashing or does it treat it as though you've just rage quit etc. Also if I crashed in a duo/squad game do I still get the points from my partner squad and their progress or is it nullified due to my crash? Wanting to know this as was in the top 100 on OC recently and have been crashing a ridiculous amount more than normal, and have dropped back to 330 due to crashing. So I'm wanting to know if I'm affected when I crash or if my team mate wins the game if that will boost my ranking? Regards, JoshyCii
  21. Hi guys..Spec:- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz- Dual - RX480 AMD 8GB GDDR 5- 8 GB GDDR 3 how coem my pc keep crahing..?? my fps is solid 40+ " full medium setting"Can anyone help me locate the problem ??
  22. My friend was able to run the game fine up until last patch. He has, Processor : Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.20Ghz Ram : 16 GB OS : Windows 10 (64x) Graphics card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB. He is unable to load past ~30 secs before he crashes.
  23. I'm in the lobby for squad and once we've all pressed play and it's loading us into the lobby my game crashes. I've sent my logs off several times now. I have an Intel I7 940 8GB RAM. SSD 850 EVO 250GB GTX 480.
  24. Hi, I would like to report couple of issues I have after the latest patch. 1. reloading bug youtube link here happened this morning - 2. Mine and couple of my friends game started crashing on the plane island while the countdown is counting down, all of us have experience this issue yesterday (not everyone at the same time but at the same evening) 3. I had 3 disconnections from the server in the past 24 hours, and they happen when there is about 15-20 ppl left in the match and all of us a heading for the circle. I have my last match recorded if proof needed, just need to upload it as its a big fie
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