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Found 246 results

  1. I’ve played 5 or 6 games on the new update today and the game has crashed twice already. Thanks.
  2. Since the last update the game is completly unplayable, the game crashes on every match I play, and even multiple times per match. Stability should be top priority. I uninstalled the game already and I don't think to install it again until it's fixed.
  3. Game frequently freezes, and only solution is to open task manager, and the game and sound recover. Can happen several times in 1 game. Anytime, anyplace. From beginning of game to last 2 people left. Buildings not loading, like the old days when people drove vehicles through buildings in pachinki , shooting through walls, etc... PLAYERS not loading in my last game! my teammate only had his tag above his head, but I could not see his body.. guy shot at me, but I could only see his gun. It eventually loaded, but took 1 to 2 full minutes to get to that point (hot drop military on erangel) Everything was running pretty good, and mostly bug free, for the past month. Whatever you changed this past Sunday/Monday (probably my sunday night PST, your Monday morning) ruined the game, and is making it mostly unplayable. It's not me, my machine, or any programs I am running, IT IS YOU! intel I7 8700K, MSI Krait Gaming x370 MB, 32G DDR4 3200 RAM. Gigabyte GTX 1080ti 11G (latest drivers 418.91) 850 EVO SSD for OS 960 EVO NVMe SSD for Game Cable internet is my weakest link at 24mb/2mb (hard wired, not using WiFi), but NOTHING else running, and optimized win10 for gaming and streaming (problems occurring when NOT streaming, I can't really stream PUBG with watchable settings (only 540p)) Almost 4,000 hours in PUBG playing time.
  4. Since the last update the game crashed a lot of times while i was watching the replays and today i noticed that the replay from the last match i played was missing, not a big deal but i won that match and i kinda wanted to watch it again but it wasn't there...Is that a known issues?
  5. Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x3d0f82ca PhysX3_x64.dll!0x00000000E52EE79E PhysX3_x64.dll!0x00000000E52EBB89 PhysX3_x64.dll!0x00000000E52E74D5 PhysX3_x64.dll!0x00000000E52BEC9F TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF8084E2 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF8083A2 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DE89FD49 TslGame.exe!0x00000000E091D11A TslGame.exe!0x00000000E09417BC TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF8F1513 TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0A6633E TslGame.exe!0x00000000E052822D TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0B79C6E TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0B65896 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DEAAB566 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF21DDF6 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF20DE81 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF20E2BD TslGame.exe!0x00000000DF22F80B TslGame.exe!0x00000000E09897EC TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0C8346A TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0C7CC6F TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0C7CCEA TslGame.exe!0x00000000E0C838AD TslGame.exe!0x00000000E14EEF0A KERNEL32.DLL!0x000000000BDB3034 ntdll.dll!0x000000000BF91431 ntdll.dll!0x000000000BF91431 alguem pode ajudar?
  6. Hi there, I have noticed a strange pattern that I wanted to let you know about. On the day of new patches (and sometimes the day after) I will experience multiple crashes during the first few games (5-6-7 games roughly) and it seems to me that the RCA for these crashes is that the Replay function is somehow active (even though I have it Disabled in the settings) so it seems the replay function "is made active" in the immediate time-frame after a patch is released. My PC is low spec and that is the reason for turning the replay function off in the first place and I can also see in the replay function that the replays are available for the games where I have experienced multiple crashes so that seem to be the underlying reason. (and in the settings the function is still listed as disabled) Just wanted to share that with you so that you are aware that it "seems" that the replay function somehow activates itself after patches even for users who have it disabled ahead of the patch.
  7. Hi, when I die and watch death cam 1st time it's ok, but If I want to repeat it, 2nd time I press death cam, game crash
  8. I was playing and moved on top of a mountain on sahnok north of camp alpha and then the gam crashed. When i loaded back in i had been teleported back to camp alpha
  9. This latest update causes the game to crash when started. It doesn't open the game window at all, I just get the crash reporter message and dialog.
  10. Seriously Blue Hole, how do you pretend to fix things if the crash report tool doesn't even work when game crashes This crash os continuously happening randomly each 2 or 3 games and cannot even send you my crash report because it crashes too DxDiag.txt
  11. Bug Description: First it didn't happen at all playing duos but last night I have been playing squads and began to happen, suddenly computer freezes completely, primary screen goes red and secondary is with analogic interferences and then I have to restart whole PC It happens twice in each match, mostly if there are people around, as told before it does not happens in duos, at least for the momment. Also I have little hiccups while playing in FPS (FPS goes down a lot), it didn't happen before the update, Date Seen: 03/05/2018 after update #12 Server: Live Servers Troubleshooting Attempted: I have verified files and deleted steam download cache Other Information: My mates playing with me had no crashes while playing in same match Launch Options: None System Specifications: Ryzen 7 1700X (no OC, stock speed) Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 (LATEST F23d BIOS with Spectre protection and AGESA microcode) Sapphire Radeon Nitro Plus RX 480 OC 8GB GDDR5 (Latest 18.4.1 AMD drivers) G.Skill Trident Z 2x8 (16 GB) @ 3200Mhz CL 14 Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB Latest Windows 10 x64 updated with Spring Creators update version 1803
  12. I was in middle of playing event, 10 man war mode, and this crash suddenly occurred. Not sure why, played about 10 matches with no issues, before this crash. Game was ok afterwards as well.. error message said something like "GPiinstance ==1" or something about virtual .. I wasn't going to post the bug, but noticed it was IN my clipboard buffer! I didn't copy the bug to my buffer. Why was it there? LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\wk\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Windows\WindowsPlatformMisc.cpp] [Line: 482] Pure virtual function being called KERNELBASE.dll!0x000000002DDA4008 TslGame.exe!0x000000006AFB0EF9 TslGame.exe!0x000000006AF6D41B TslGame.exe!0x000000006AF39B9D VCRUNTIME140.dll!0x0000000027E84B10 TslGame.exe!0x000000006AFFD54B TslGame.exe!0x000000006AFF7E7C TslGame.exe!0x000000006B00066D TslGame.exe!0x000000006AFBEFD7 TslGame.exe!0x000000006AFBC824 KERNEL32.DLL!0x0000000030A41FE4 ntdll.dll!0x0000000030C4F061 ntdll.dll!0x0000000030C4F061 Crash in runnable thread FAsyncLoadingThread
  13. It's as simple as that, whenever i exit to lobby the game freezes during loading of main menu, and I cant tab out of the game and use anything but my arrows, enter and tab buttons, so what I have to do is ctrl+alt+delete and use my arrows to navigate to task manager and from there also manage down to TsiGame.exe and press delete and restart the game from steam again, and again, and again after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE GAME. This only started very suddenly, around 11:30 pm CET 01/15/2017 after several games previous to it on the same evening. It does not happen to my friends. Got an intel i5 something 4750 idrlk, an MSI 1060 6GB, 8gb RAM and I have it on an SSD with more than 70 GB free space. No other applications but Discord and Steam running whilst playing and I prefer to minimize graphic settings for max FPS, but still 1080 with medium render distance and texture (literally 2 FPS difference between low for me so I prefer the whole lotta better gfx than tiny little fps gain). Do take in mind i have not had any issues with loading stuff in this game these past 5-7 months.
  14. On my last post i said that pubg crashed after main menu and before loading the game, it just crashes and closes. But now on a public chat in discord group everyone says they have a laptop and it crashes. Anyone else who´s game crashes... do you have a laptop or is it a desktop? Can you post specs? Thx. My specs: Laptop: Acer Aspire VX15 Intel Core I5-7300 HQ - 2.5 Ghz 16 GB Ram DDR4 GTX GeForce 1050
  15. Hey there, i was trying to play solo and duos but the game literally crashes before even loading. First in duos, we started off pressing "Ready" and it showed the loading screen and after that a CRASH (EU Server), pubg closed unexpectedly and i had to restart it. Tried again, in duos, on another server (Now in SA), press ready, loading screen for 8 seconds, CRASH to desktop. Again... run game again, now in solo, NA server, ready, loading screen, 9 seconds, BOOM CRASH. ¿What did you guys do with last patch that it crashes the game for my friend and i and we literally can´t play it anymore? ... Hope you can fix it asap, thank you devs. Best regards
  16. When trying to upload crash report, the 'Crash Reporter' crashes a few minutes after pressing 'Send and Close' during the 'Sending' stage. It's a .net web exception, and the .Net error disappears after 3-5 seconds. This makes it hard to help track down the issue. (Game crashes to desktop every time opening a replay. Crashes to desktop every few hours during game. Sometimes at the loading screen just after 'Matchmaking...', and sometimes during game.
  17. Custom games didn't start or crashed all day (for pubg partner Fugglet) Regular games are crashing often, title screen getting stuck, timeouts, unable to reconnect, errrors when clicking "continue game?" , wrong gamestate mismatch pre-login, etc.... There was a 1.6 gig patch TWICE in the last 24 hours, but 2nd one was not announced. I'm going to guess TEST got pushed to live by accident....
  18. This seems to still be happening fairly often from the bombing or grenade explosion. It sounds like every window in the game is breaking at once and the audio crashes and freezes for 5 seconds. Is there a fix in site?
  19. Date Seen:It has happened several times but most recently it occurred around 8:30PM PST during a squad game. Server: Live NA Error Message: No error message appeared as the game completely froze out my computer. I could alt tab to different programs, but it would not leave the frozen screen that lead to the crash. I opened task manager through ctrl alt delete and launch TM but was unable to access it because the computer was frozen on the pubg screeen. I tried alt F4 and could not force close the crashed game. My only recourse was to force shutoff my computer and restart it which makes getting back into your game nearly impossible. Other Information: Whenever this type of crash happens I cannot get back into the game which I was playing. Whether it is connection failed or not displaying the continue prompt. Troubleshooting Attempted: Access Task Manager, failed. Alt F4, failed. Alt Tab to other program, failed. Launch Options: Nothing, I have not identified what causes this type of crash but it sucks. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bit 10.0 build 16299 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs) Ram: 16GB
  20. Всем доброго времени суток. Писал в тех поддержку PUBG несколько раз, однако по итогу Sadly, I do not know what else to try. Проблема в том, что после входа в игру появляется краш "Pure virtual funtion being called while application was running". Где-то видел, что это связано с С++, однако, его переустановка тоже не помогла. Может кто-нибудь посоветовать что?
  21. The game keeps crashing my PC time and time again. It manages to hard reset my computer, corrupting even the RAID array because of the severety of the crash. Why the hell do you "optimize" the performance if the game suffers from bugs which are able to corrupt windows. Why don't you seek out and fix this and stop playing around with features of a game that is not even mature enough to crash with a proper error message. I've had it with this game. 5 minutes after another hard reset I'm so unimaginably pissed that I'm close to writing to some computer magazines about that. You don't even answer in person to these kind of problems.
  22. First of all,when iam trying to scope with all X scopes except x2 scopes, (not with iron sights) game most of the times will suddenly crash and sometimes when this happens,my radeon settings may crash too (i have radeon rx480 8gb graphics card).As i've heard many of the users of rx480 graphics card have this issue (if not all) and i would really appreciate it,if you would take a look at this issue and find a fix since this issue makes game unplayable with scopes and players get a sad and dissapointing experience. In addition, there is another issue i have experienced (not as annoying as the first one i mentioned before) and many players independently the graphics card and the system in general as i have heard,experience this issue too.The issue is that when i reconnect to a game,my teammates will see me as an enemy,without a nametag and they will see me on top left of their map.Moreover if they im dead and they try to revive me they wont be able to do that since im appeared to them as an enemy. (This have happened to all the people i personally know after reconnecting).I look forward to hearing from you that you are trying to solve the problem and please your players by providing them the best game experience. Sincerely, A PUBG player
  23. Granted the game doesn't crash as much as it once did.. it used to crash about every 2 rounds.. but now the crashes feel longer Anyone else had this?? When it crashes I'm out for about 5 minutes while it loads back in..
  24. Also, game chat never works after crash no matter if u leave party or what. Steps to reproduce: 1) Hop in as a passenger to a motorcycle or vehicle. 2) Note that someone is driving. 3) Stick your head out the window to aim in first person with control type b setup, hold left triggsr and sometimes hold LB. 4) Note the game randomly crashes when taking these actions. 5) Note when u re enter the game, that game chat no longer works. 6) Maybe test this on a samsung smart tv, with xbox 360 s and a verizong wireless connection thru foxfi on a samsung galaxy 4.
  25. I joined a game and after loading into the airplane my client crashed. I relaunched then rejoined the game. Thankfully just as I was about to make it to the ground. Managed to Get a victory out of it and when I went to go check my replays nothing. I had 20/20 Replays with only 2 of them locked. Normally they just auto delete but I waited around even though I did get that Chicken Dinner. Still didn't show up. I doubled checked the Folder where they are saved and one it wasn't there. So the bug seems to be after a client crash, When the player rejoins the game the replay function will not record/save.
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