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Found 29 results

  1. So i setted my mouse wheel up to select primary weapon. But then when i aim in my Optic i can lower the intensity of the reticule but not turn it back up and that applies to the x8 scope as well because i can Zoom down but can't zoom back up. i have to swap the scope back and forth to get the high zoom back. its particularly upsetting with the x2 scope cause lately you made a change that you can dim the reticule so much on the x2 that the reticule is invisible. When i watch the map and zoom in it selects my primary weapon, when im running unarmed pushing for the zone and this happens it's annoying. the mouse wheel controls when vewing the map and selecting reticule intensity/scope zoom should be independant from weapon selection keybinds. May i suggest that you put the reticule intensity selection in the option pannel. So you could select at wich intensity you want to have the different reticules setted and just leave it like that. That way i wouldnt have to dimm my reticule down everytime i swap attachments. Cause yeah every time you swap attachments (mag, grip, muzzle, stock) it resets your reticule intensity selection as well as your x8 scope zoom preset.
  2. I have been playing PUBG since August of this year. Only about a week ago, I've experienced a very, VERY frustrating bug with the game. Every single time I play PUBG now, I have to deal with this, and it makes the game unplayable. When I try to move the camera, it lags so much. It will stutter and pretty much any action on the mouse will either not register, or happen 3 seconds later. This is especially frustrating in gunfights. and this is the only game where it happens. I tested all of my mice, so which I now know that this isn't anything to do with a single mouse, it's within the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, with no luck. I've updated graphic drivers, with no luck. I've tried using my mouse in different ports, with no luck. I've disabled mouse smoothing, with no luck. WHAT DO I DO!? I cant play the game when it does this, it is so frustrating. This is the ONLY game this happens on for me. Also, has anyone else faced this issue? Please let me any suggestions you have, otherwise I'm just gonna give up on PUBG all together.
  3. I'm reposting this from the general help area, since I did not receive any assistance there. I've encountered an issue regarding the game's controls. At a random interval mid-game, some keys change their bindings. For example, D changes from strafe right to lean right. S changes from backpedal to options menu. Other keys become unresponsive, such as interact, move forward, reload, crouch and prone. If I persist, the issue seems to get worse, disabling almost all keys. Curiously, all keybinds are normal in the controls menu and resetting them to default has no effect. Changing the controls that aren't working properly to what they're supposed to be fixes this, though they appear to be something else in the options menu. For example, if I change 'W' to itself, comma is instead selected for me, though W works normally and comma does nothing. This works as a temporary solution, though it is rather impractical since you have to change your controls every time the problem starts. If I'm lucky the issue will subside, only to return a few minutes later. Restarting the game is only a temporary fix. Date Seen: The bug most recently occurred on the 19th and I first noticed it on the 14th. Server: The bug is occurring on the live server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have already tried verifying my game's cache on Steam and deleting the settings file. Launch Options: I have not added any launch options to my game. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 7700 CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 Ram: 8GB
  4. Sometimes, during a game, my controls will change completely. For example, my prone and walk forward swap, A only leans left, etc. When I go to controls and rebind things, the game thinks that my W key is my Z key, but outside of the game, it's fine. the only way to fix it is by entirely relaunching the game. Anyone else know what this is??
  5. I have heard many diffrent complaints from friends and players experienceing targeting delay while shooting at enemy players. Many are finding it hard to target and/or shoot an enemy player after engagement. Many are saying the controls are delayed and stiff.
  6. Hey, A few days ago I started playing PuBg, and everything was fine. But now, the game does not let me equip anything, or jump out of the plane and activate my parachute. Whenever a trigger information pops up (like "Activate Parachute") there is „none“ displayed, instead of the actual control to do so. How can I fix this? Picture below regards, Joh
  7. Opening the Nvidia GeForce Experience while in-game will reset the camera to a direction (not sure if it resets to the same direction every time). This is a problem if a player looks at his death-cam and sees a person suddenly reset to a random direction - looks like someone is enabling an aimbot software. Example happens at 0:57 (when trying to record a wicked headshot) Video of Example (edit, this does not happen in any other game)
  8. Hey guys, I've been having this issue for the past two days, I'm pressing W and my character will start to run and then slow down and come to a stop where her legs are jittering, pressing shift doesn't do anything and sometimes when I'm crouched she won't move sideways at all. My movement is very broken and I don't believe it's my keyboard as I've changed the movement controls to different keys and it's still doing it. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Hi, so i'm encountering a bug, where every time i restart the game it switches my button for prone from y to z. I'm using a german keyboard with german setting with the game set to english. Hope this'll get fixed soon :-) Greetz Pogo
  10. Hi this isn't really a bug but I think it's something y'all might want to take a look at. Bug Description: I use extremely odd controls that require me to rebind buttons in mostly every game that I play. This includes me using RMB as 'Move Forward' and W as 'Interact'. The issue I am having is: 1) the grenade throwing style is hard-bound to RMB in both live and test servers 2) In the test server, the parachuting isn't determined by the keybinds. Although my W is bound to 'Interact' in the controls, I still have to use W while I parachute (causing me to release early if I tap it more than once). So, if I try to move forward while throwing a grenade, it changes the throw style. If I try to move forward while parachuting, I have to use W which, if pressed again, releases my parachute. Let me know if any of this is unclear and I can record a lil' vid. Thanks. Date Seen: 12/06/17 (today's date since it's been a thing for awhile) Server: Live & Test Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A
  11. The "press space to center yourself on the map" feature was one I appreciated the addition of, but on the test server pressing space while using the map also causes the player to stand (from a prone or crouch position) or jump (from a standing position) I don't think I need to explain why this is bad. Here is a video:
  12. Me and several friends that use ESDF instead of WASD for movement are having a very odd issue with this new patch. We can rebind and use the ESDF for our movement with no issues, but when we reboot the game, the SDF part of the bind get put back to the default ASD. Is anyone else having this issue?
  13. Description: Noticed in spectate mode with on-screen control prompts. The UI shows that [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN] are used to change the player I am spectating, but I have changed the keys to [HOME] and [END]. Date Seen:Saw for the first time today, did not look before. 09/26/17 Server: Live Error Message: N/A Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Home Graphics Card: GTX 1070 CPU: i7 2600k Ram: 16GB DDR3
  14. Occasionally while I am playing I notice that my Left/Right mouse buttons will stop working for about 2-5 seconds. I'm fairly sure this isn't a problem with my mouse as it seems to work just fine in any other program. I haven't tried using a different mouse yet, but like I said I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. I've read around and have seen that other people have had similar problems. It can become a very tedious problem especially in the middle of a firefight and I lose the ability to aim or shoot.
  15. Occasionally while I am playing I notice that my Left/Right mouse buttons will stop working for about 2-5 seconds. I'm fairly sure this isn't a problem with my mouse as it seems to work just fine in any other program. I haven't tried using a different mouse yet, but like I said I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. I've read around and have seen that other people have had similar problems. It can become a very tedious problem especially in the middle of a firefight and I lose the ability to aim or shoot.
  16. Bug Description: Certain Keys in UI; Settings -> Control -, can be rebound without issue but game won't save the change. On game restart certain keys revert back to default binding or a previous setup. The 'actions' or keys in question are the following; - Peek Left (rebound from Q -> C) - Peek Right (Rebound from E -> V) - Auto-run (Get unbound on game start, but bound to " | ") It's very possibly that more keys won't be saved, but these are the keys I've rebound and won't save. Here's a short 1:20 sec video showcasing this issue, Webm without audio uploaded through https://mixtape.moe/ https://my.mixtape.moe/tiiyvz.webm Beware, if your browser loops webms by default the video might run continuously. Date Seen: Experiencing the bug everyday on every start-up or restart of game. Server: On the main server, haven't been on or tried the test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried verifying integrity of cache, re-installed PUBG, manually edited "GameUserSettings.ini". Checked and tried "Read-only" flag on both manually editing it and after editing it in-game. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: i7 2700k OC 4,0 ghz Ram: Kingston 16gb 1366 mhz
  17. Hi, I posted months ago about a problem i have with control settings on a azerty keyboard. With my keyboard i run forward with Z and Left with Q. Whenever i'm in game for some reason this game changes it back to default in the middle of a match, so i have to run with W (lower left corner) and open the map with , (so confusing ) . LET ME REPEAT MYSELF! I POSTED THIS ISSUE MONTHS AGO AND HAS'NT BEEN FIXED. Since then nothing happend and i'm not planning to buy a qwerty keyboard just to play your game. So fix the damn problem as u promissed months ago. Then i'll be satisfied and you'll have renewed my faith in this game. Greetings Gamerzrage
  18. BUG! I tried to change my zoom zeroing keybindings to increase and decrease with my "scroll wheel". However if you try to change the keybinding it will just keep scrolling in the UI. MY PAIN! 1. I personally think swaping weapons with scroll wheel is pretty inaccurate, but changing zeroing distance can be pretty useful for that since it is close and easy access on your mouse. 2. Players should be able to have 0m zeroing distance on their red-dots and holo-sights at least even 2-4 times scopes as well. I dont like the fact I missed some headshots cuz the bullet flys over your aim. 3. I seen some players have issue rebinding the "F" key, so I figured your controls for changing keybindings is absolute garbage and you guys at PUBG team should really fix the entire keybinding system. #FirstPersonServerHype
  19. I'm a lefty, I rebind all my games to use okl; rather than wasd, so all my bindings are typically flipped to the other side of the keyboard. Up until the new update the game was rebind friendly except for the holding breath function (which in the new update has made the sprint function and breath holding into two separate bindings that don't seem to support the ability to bind them to the same key, which is an issue I can live with.) Now its bad. I cannot lean left anymore {i}, change firing mode {[}, move backwards {l}, or use the brakes in a car{l}. The option to rebind firing mode in general has seemed to vanish as well. I might be missing something or the update just broke the game severely for me and possibly others who have to rebind controls. I have rebound, reset, and reinstalled several times to no avail.
  20. On the Test Server, I am unable to bind the "i" key to the move forward control, and unable to bind the "L" key to strafe right. I cannot find the .ini files to change it with hidden files turned on. The next patch will make the game unplayable for me. Help if you can, thanks.
  21. Everytime I'm done changing my controls settings in-game, it gets "saved" as long as I got the game open, (I can play many games with my custom bindings) BUT if I close the game and launch it again, some keys appear 'red' unbind (I guess theres conflicting keys/actions), others just go back to default and some DO get saved like I wanted... I'll link a bunch of screenshots with my wanted control binds and what happens to some of them when I restart the game... I want to know why it's not possible to save them like this, you try this control scheme and let me know if it gets saved. I tried deleting the gamesettings.ini file many times and the game always creates a new GameUserSettings.ini file. I've also tried setting the file to Read Only after and before I make changes to the controls, then again delete it and tried it again, it's driving me crazy... I tried contacting support directly and their answer was: "If you're changing the controls and setting the config file's properties to read-only, I'm not sure what might cause this change. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution. If you have not already done so, please post about this on our forums, as this is where we're collecting bug reports." I hope it's possible to get it patched and it doesnt rely on our hability of re-coding/re-writing something that should be done right...
  22. I use a custom key binding setup to control my character. (some may think its odd, but its more of a natural position on the keyboard for your hand) A - Strafe Left Space - Strafe Right E - Forward D - Backward The game does not like this control setup when I attempt to drive a vehicle. No matter what key bindings I pick, it always forces the vehicle to use the left and right that I have picked for my player character. I tried remapping the vehicle control to the keypad arrows but it will only allow me to use forward and backwards with them. Because I am using space as strafe right, it forces that to be the hand break also (even when I change the binding for this, it ignores it)
  23. Tried to set up xbox one controller to play game by using built in game bindings (forward on stick instead of w, and so on) and controls are stuck for the controller even when unplugged and will not set back to defaults after hitting apply. Anyone else experienced this?
  24. So, after the latest update, PUBG seems to ignore the GameSettings.ini file in my APPDATA folder for my desktop. The weird thing is, on a completely fresh install on my laptop, it saves the settings just fine. I have tried to remove the .ini file itself, but the game doesn't re-create it, even after applying the new settings, or even completing a game, and then exiting using the exit button on the top right of the main menu. Any help would be appreciated! EDIT: I guess OS info would help, duh... Running Windows 10 Pro, with the latest Creator's Update. Thanks!
  25. Hello, At the launch of the game I was having some FPS issues. So I've followed this guide to increase my FPS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889517165 I changed some of the ini logs etc... This guide really did his job and my FPS is great since then! Now I still have a problem that when i start the game I ALWAYS need to reset all my controls, bindings, graphics etc...(I don't know it is because of the guide i've followed???) I have even tried and reinstall the game trough steam.. Is there anything else I can do to make the game remember all my settings? Thnx!
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