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Found 84 results

  1. theblaster78

    PUBG crashes my internet (HELP)

    Hello! So for the last couple of months playing PUBG I've ran into some issues, and all of them got one thing in common, my internet connection. Everytime I go on the main menu, my internet goes down the drain, I lag like hell on discord and on every device connected to my router. Once ingame, the lag normally disappears, but every once in a while, I get some serious rubberbanding and "Network lag detected". The second I close the game, my net goes back to normal. This form of lag does not occur when playing other games, only PUBG. This is really frustrating, because sometimes I wont even be able to load the menu. I've been looking everywhere for a hotfix, but I can't seem to find one. I've tried opening the ports for PUBG, letting the game and BattlEye through my firewall and verifying integrity of game files. But nothing seems to fix the issue... Can somebody help me please?
  2. aljory1968

    Connection Failed!

    Need help! connection failed for 2 days now! my internet speed is good. game client is fully updated. please help admin. Steam Account: aljory1968
  4. Hi, I got the game a few weeks ago just before Christmas and was able to play it fine, but ever since about a week ago I've been totally unable to queue for a match. Alone I just get a black box at the bottom of the game lobby saying "Matching failed, try again later". This occurs no matter what time of day I play at, and friends have no trouble finding games at the same time, so I doubt it's server load. If I queue with a friend, we won't be able to ready up, as when one player ticks the box, the other's automatically unchecks its self, no matter how many times we restart the lobby and/or our games. I've also totally reinstalled my game and tried installing it on different drives to no avail. I haven't port forwarded anything, and resetting router/using a VPN/disabling firewall makes no difference. I've also verified the game integrity in steam multiple times. Side note; I'm one of the players who's been suffering from the N/A battlepoints problem ever since I got the game (despite once getting a notification about being compensated several thousand, which changed literally nothing). My character doesn't appear for my friends on their screen if we're in a lobby together. Not sure if these issues are related but I seem to be part of a small sub-section of players that the game simply hates I've tried everything and it seems I'm totally unable to play the game. As you can imagine, this kind of sucks. Not being able to play a game I own for no good reason. I've discovered I'm not alone in this issue, despite apparent attempts to silence us. So yeah, if anyone knows a fix or even if a developer could just acknowledge that there's a problem, that'd be great. Would ask for a refund but would rather just have a working game, plus the game was a gift anyway. My ingame name: TehCatOfWar Date Seen:It's been like this for over a week, and is the same at all times of day. I used to be able to play fine before, though. Server: Neither live nor test works Error Message: Sometimes just "an error occurred", but I get this if I queue alone. Sometimes no messages at all, but I won't be able to play the game. Other Information: As mentioned, I've always had the N/A battlepoints bug. No idea if relevant but some steam and other forums suggest that other people who've had the bug are also having this one. Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting lobby (many times) Restarting game Playing at a different time of day Updating graphics drivers Queuing with friends Queuing alone :c Verifying game in steam Completely reinstalling game Using test server instead Resetting router Disabling firewall Removing all port forwards Closing all background programs/antiviruses Using a VPN Moving the game to a different drive Playing on different region servers Launch Options: No, I don't know any and haven't used any. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Fall Creators 64 Bit Graphics Card: AMD RX Vega 56 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k RAM: 16GB DDR4 Monitor: 2560x1440 @ 144Hz

    Connection timeout.

    Hi, since yesterday I got the following problem when joining the game. https://imgur.com/a/oEswQ this happens only sometimes. The first game after a restart works most of the time. After that I get this issue a lot. Sometimes I have to restart my pc/steam/pubg or whatever to make it work again. then I can play one game and after that I get the same error while trying to join the server. I reinstalled the game which didnt help. Please help me
  6. I was playing Squads (4) with a friend on my lobby, 2 other strangers on EU servers. My house's internet went down and I tried to connect many times in many ways. I got this error.
  7. I was playing Squads (4) with a friend on my lobby, 2 other strangers. My house's internet went down and I tried to connect many times in many ways. I got this error.
  8. AmrasCro

    Bad connection response

    So, it's been happening for a while. Before 1.0 enemies were teleporting in increments (instead of seeing them move normally) unless 100-ish m or closer, but I thought it was my poor connection. After 1.0 and getting a better connection, the thing is whenever I'm in the car, my icon teleports in (I would say 10m) increments, making me unable to heal in the car. I am pretty sure it's not the firewall (even though I might be wrong) but other than that I cannot really pinpoint what's causing this or how to fix. Anyone has a suggestion or solution? Thanks
  9. AbyssalLurker

    Account Bugged?

    After the last patch I am no longer able to play. When I start game after menu 1st pops up, I see a small message saying just "An Error Occurred". I then try to start the game see a larger error message saying "Matchmaking Failed. Try Again Later". That's my biggest issue at the moment but I've also been seeing the message "An Error Occurred" whenever I try to customize my character's wardrobe appearance or even look at the crates since the beginning. After seeing a message for the update about BP being awarded for some issue, my BP score next to my screen name still says N/A instead of whatever the bonus was as well. Have also repeatedly tried restarting the menu, restarting my computer, and even reinstalling the game.
  10. dameclown

    Connection timeout every game

    Every time i start a game, i can get into birth lobby.but when the count down hit 0, my game freeze. 30 seconds later, it shows connection time out. it happens to every game, sometimes the problem solved for one game and come back again. I have xfinity comcast 1gb broadband, i have not install any firewall or anti virus. Can't figure out why
  11. 之前游戏都可以,最近我换了更快的网络,出现这个bug之后我也找了网络公司来检查,所有都很快,没有问题,网速1000mbps。 但是每次开局我可以进出生岛,时间一倒数完应该上飞机那一瞬间,整个屏幕不动了,我可以开tab,可以听到队友说话,就是无法移动,所有人都在空中卡着或者保持跑步姿势。 然后过一会就出现connection timeout/连接超时, 其他游戏看视频下电影都很顺畅
  12. Today I upgraded my graphics card and downloaded PUBG. However, I have not been able to get into a game except for one occasion. The issue is that once I click start on the main menu matchmaking will begin and I will start to load into a game but instead of actually getting into the game, i will sit on a loading screen for up to 5 minutes until an error pops up saying "Connection Timed Out. 3.5.7-" (see pictures). Also, I should note the whole loading screen I can only hear the main menu music; the one time I was able to get into a game I heard the sounds of people around me until i fully loaded in. I am playing on university internet which has tendencies to to block ports for certain games, however, I do not believe this is the issue as, like I said, I was able to get into one game (I left before getting on the plane because I didn't intend to play, I was trying to test to see if it was working). Also, at one point instead of the usual "Connection Timed Out. 3.5.7-" I was given an error message that read something like "Your client version is . Please exit the game and update to". I really have no idea what could be causing this. I'm considering taking my PC to a mates house and testing to see if I can get into a game because if I can that would mean the uni internet is the issue. So far I have: Verified integrity of game files uninstalled and reinstalled the game let both TslGame and PUBG through my firewall disabled firewall did some weird shit that I found on a guide which I canny remember but it involved deleting and editing some files closing bservice while loading then restarting I just really hope this is on PUBG's end and it'll be fixed because the main reason I finally upgraded my graphics card was to play this game nd all day its stressed me the fook out. Any help is appreciated cheers.
  13. Bug Description: Ever since the 1.0 launch, I have been getting a persistent bug, primarily on Miramar, in which the game just freezes when the countdown timer hits 0 and never loads into the plane. I have to close the game and reconnect on nearly every match on Miramar (which is 90% of games it seems like), though it also occasionally affects Erangel as well. Date: Persistent since PC 1.0 Launch. Server: Normal server. Miramar worked normally on test server before 1.0 launch. Troubleshooting: I have reinstalled the game, verified the local files on steam, deleted and reset the user settings folder, and run in administrator mode. None have had any affect on the bug. The only thing that works reliably is the workaround demonstrated here: This workaround entails manually restricting the game to one of the 8 cores on the CPU during matchmaking and loading, then activating all 8 again once you are in the plane. It works nearly every time, but is a major hassle and also causes the game to run terribly while it is restricted. I am not sure why there is a multi-core issue. Other Information: I also recently switched to a new modem, but the game is set to run all processes on any networks, public or private, so I wouldn't think that would be the issue. Specifications: OS: Windows 10.0 Home GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0 GHz RAM: 16 GB
  14. Cashlemke

    PUBG unable to connect

    Date Seen:Persistent since last week Server: Live Error Message: None. Occasionally a servers are too full message. Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstalled wireless drivers, tested other games, moved wireless card from PCI-E 1 time slot to PCI-E 4 slot. Same issue. I am believing it to be the wireless card, but I am looking to see if anyone else has related issues. Launch Options: None changed System Specifications: Operating System: WIN 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1070 CPU: Core i7 - 6700 (non K) Ram: 16GB Other Information: When I open the game my internet connectivity drops to zero. If I am in a browser I can't refresh a page. When I try to run speed test, I can sometimes get a ping, but I get no download speed or upload speed. I am in the middle of trouble shooting my wireless card (TP-Link Archer T8E) with the manufacturer, but I was wondering if anyone else had noticed a significant speed decrease when playing PUBG specifically. I have re-installed wireless drivers as well as deleted the device from Device Manager and re-installed drivers afterward. TP-Link does have a problem with Windows 10 and their suggestion is to join Microsoft's beta program to fix it, but I am not having that issue because I can still re-install the drivers. I have changed the channel on my wireless router, but the problem persists. When I am not running PUBG I can usually get 20Mbps to 30Mbps from the room I am in. On my phone (iPhone 6s) I can get 45Mbps(ish) in the same room. If I was closer to my router, I can get the 75ish that I pay for. So I also know it is not signal strength.
  15. Ken Samson

    Lost Connection to Host

    Hi Team I've been experiencing this since I bought the game 2 months ago. I can't even complete a single game without the game kicking me out because of the "lost connection to host" bug. I already contacted my ISP and they said they don't have any problem on their side. I already did all the tweaks and solutions that can be found on this forum and none of them helps it. Please try to fix this. Here is a screenshot for your perusal (please see attachment) Please provide me a solution Regards, Ken
  16. Ken Samson

    Lost Connection to Host

    Hi Team I've been experiencing this since I bought the game 2 months ago. I can't even complete a single game without the game kicking me out because of the "lost connection to host" bug. I already contacted my ISP and they said they don't have any problem on their side. I already did all the tweaks and solutions that can be found on this forum and none of them helps it. Please try to fix this. Here is a screenshot for your perusal: Regards, Ken
  17. chackaloso

    Connection Timeout 3.5.5

    I started getting this issue earlier today after losing network connection during a match that never recovered. Anytime I go into matchmaking it takes forever an eventually gives this error an I cannot play.
  18. Hi, This is my first post here, so hopefully this is the right place. I tried searching for "bad service version" but couldn't find anything related to my issue. Please let me know if this has been reported already. I've been having a few problems with being disconnected from the game with a "Bad Service Version" error. I've seen this error a lot and have tried a few things to fix it including verifying game files. However, one thing that always makes the issue go away for me is for me to disable the "Enable In-Game Overlay" in Geforce Experience. Of course disabling this means I can't use ShadowPlay, but that's a small price to play for being able to play the game... I know that many/most users don't suffer from this issue as I'm sure ShadowPlay is a highly used feature. I'm running the latest versions of both the Nvidia Drivers and Geforce experience. Here is how it usually goes: The In-Game overlay is enabled as I've been using it another game I start to play PUBG I get into a lobby and after a few minutes my screen freezes for 3-5 seconds, after which I am booted back to the lobby with a "Bad Service Version" error. I quit PUBG and return to the Windows desktop IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: BEService.exe REMAINS running even after I've exited PUBG. I cannot kill BEService.exe with task manager as I get a permission denied error. Because of this I'm forced to fully reboot my PC before I can start PUBG again. I reboot my PC (sometimes I even have to hard reboot with the power button as it seems even Windows is unable to kill the hanging instance of BEService.exe, but othertimes windows managed to restart ok) I get back into windows, open Geforce Experience, disable the In-Game overlay. Restart PUBG and join another game Game runs fine. Is there anything I can do to help you trace this problem? I realise it may be cause by some combination of software / hardware as it doesn't seem like a common bug. Let me know if you need any further info, but here's a brief rundown of my system: Hardware i7 4770K @4.4Ghz Gigabyte 980Ti 16GB Corsair Memory Several SSDs + HDDs - PUBG is running from a HDD. 120Hz Samsung Monitor Corsair K70 Keyboard Logitech G9 Mouse Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Sound Card (my sound output is via Optical out via an Astro Mix Amp) Software Windows 10 Pro 1703 GeForce Experience Nvidia Driver version 387.92 Discord Samsung Magician Corsair Link Intel RST Logitech Profiler ESET Smart Security
  19. Can not connect to the servers for about 5-10 minutes after every game with my 4g Mobile Hotspot. This is my only form of internet, have got 400 hours on this game, not once had a problem until they changed to Microsoft Azure today. want to know if anyone knows a fix? I'm quite sure it is due to the fact that 4G limits NAT Type. but would love to know if anyone knows what to do.
  20. JusBlaze

    Stuck on matchmaking

    Hey everyone I have a problem which only started occurring within the last week or so. I have been playing pubg with no real issues since august. My problem is now I can't join any games I click to ready and it just stays on matchmaking and nothing happens. I was looking through the tweets and seen there was a server stability update? Could this update be the reason I can no longer play games anymore? To help clarify my connection isn't great to begin with. Where I am uses low orbit satellites for our internet so I average anywhere from 300 to 500ms pings on oc servers. Please I hope this can be fixed I bought a computer just to play this game. Cheers
  21. So i have about 70 hours on PUBG now, i have only ever had 1 chicken dinner in a 4 man squad. i started to play solo and when it got to top 5 i got a connection interruption, only for a few seconds when i came back i was fine with playing, I then died. After i exited the match i did not receive my BP from the match
  22. MrTominov

    How to VPN

    Hi, Iam still having an issue "connection timeout" and I would like to ask how do I connect through VPN on Pubg. I tried to find videos or tutorials, but nothing of that was specific. I need help because Iam not PC Whiz. I heard about VPN but I know nothing about it. I havent been able to play this game so far. Thanks for help.
  23. ineedhelp87

    Stuck in Loading screen.

    It's stuck in the "players wallpaper" with a loading bar and says "connecting". After the first 20 secs loading into the game, it will refresh itself then show a "connection closed". Then it will just stay at connecting... for ever. I had no trouble launching it last night. Problem occurred after the update... HELP ME PLEASE
  24. MrTominov

    Connection timeout

    Hi, Is there someone to help me with this? I bought PUBG on Saturday, played on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, then... I havent been able to connect to any game so far. I know that I can use VPN, but is there another solution? I would be really pleased If maybe developer can repair it!
  25. fuzzy961

    connection timeout 2.6.43

    since i updated the game to the newest update, i can't join any match. every time i try joining a match, an error pops up saying *connection timeout 2.6.43* but when i use ( vpn ) , i join normally. but it's lagging a lot. any suggestions ? i tried everything.