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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Despues de la actualizacion al final cada partida no me estan dando los BP ya me paso 3 veces seguidas, alguno tiene idea de que puede ser?
  2. ENGLISH: At the end of two different games, at least they were the ones I noticed, I didnt receive the coins. Here are the images of the two games I mentioned. PORTUGUESE (BR): Ao final de duas partidas diferentes, pelo menos foram as que eu reparei, não recebi as moedas assim que saí do jogo. Seguem as imagens das duas partidas que citei.
  3. 5 times playing new map - 0 COINS RECEIVED!!! What the PUBGING PUBG is this?!
  4. Just today i was playing and i die. i go back to the lobby to find out my coins have gone and been replaced with an N/A and all my clothes have gone. i've tried restarting the game and nothing
  5. So, I bought three crates and opened at the end of the week. Two of the three items I got I already had so I went to the Steam Community market to sell them. When I went back into my game, The Home, Rewards, and Statistics tabs were working as usual, but when I went to the Character tab to make sure I sold the right items, everything was messed up. Here is a screenshot of what is looks like: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103453462 As you can see, all of my items are invisible and I can't equip or take off any of them, but that isn't the only problem. It says I have " " coins. Not even 0, just " ." I know I have 2309, so something is wrong. The last problem is in the bottom left. I don't even know how to describe what is wrong with my steam friends list so check the screenshot to see it. Just to make it clear, all of these problems ONLY HAPPEN when I am in the character tab. the Home, Rewards, and Statistics tabs still work fine; They even show my coins and steam friends correctly! Anyway, this is a HUGE problem because I cant change what I want my character to look like. Please fix, -=< Le Doge >=- (Steam name) or CJSassy (In-game name)
  6. Attached 20170724205152_1.jpg Здравствуйте, перед сбоем серверов я выиграл игру, и мне за победу не зачислились мои 1038 монет. Зачислите их мне пожалуйста, ведь я заслужил их в игре. (время скиншота можете посмотреть на моем стим аккаунте, я его сразу после игры опубликовал) Я надеюсь, что вы сможете сделать, что бы иметь возможность корректировать количество монет игроков на аккаунте и вернете мне мои кровно заработанные монеты) ------------------------ Hello, before the server crash I won the game, and my 1038 coins were not credited to me for the victory. Please list them to me, because I deserve them in the game. (SkinShot time you can look at my Steam account, I published it right after the game) I hope that you can do that to be able to adjust the number of coins players on the account and return me my hard earned coins)
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