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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, i just came across this, in the customisation screen the letter 'P' Is not showing on item names so the new Pioneer shirt shows as 'ioneer shirt' and combat pants as 'Combat ants' but a space is left of the screen as if there is something there. i have a video of the error but its too big to upload. Cheers!
  2. So I was playing PUBG wearing my awesome orange shirt, then I open a loot box, equip the dirty tanktop to see how it looks with my camo pants and my ORANGE SHIRT disappears from my inventory. This cost me real life money and it is nowhere to be found. It is my favorite clothing item in this game and I need this fixed ASAP. It is ridiculous that something like inventory items disappear when they were looted using PURCHASED LOOT KEYS FROM LOOT BOXES IN AN EARLY ACCESS GAME.
  3. When riding in a land vehicle I noticed the coat glitches through the bottom and presumably the sides of the vehicle. Have not tried replicating this bug on marine vehicles.
  4. Bug Description: Clothing tiles are either blanked out or shift around suddenly and are refreshed as I hover the mouse over them There is also significant flickering (which is what I was trying to show in the statistics windows) which isn't captured by the video recorder but is prevalent when I'm navigating around the UI, I do not believe that this is tied to G-SYNC as it happens with and without G-SYNC enabled. The UI also sits on top of the character model, so it's hard to see what your character looks like behind the clothing tiles. Date Seen: 9/27/2017 but has been in the game since the patch that released the Twitch Specific clothing items a couple of months ago. Server: Every Live and Test server build since the Twitch Items were introduced into the game. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Enabled and disabled G-Sync to attempt to fix the flickering issue, didn't work. - Enabled/disabled reshade. - Verified integrity of game files through steam. Other Information: - This is on 21:9 aspect ratio, 3440x1440 resolution. - There is flickering going on with all of the UI components which wasn't captured by the Video Recorder. I have not found a fix for this. - The issue with the tiles only happens when using the mouse scroll wheel, if you use the scroll bar on the right side of the UI, there is no problem. Launch Options: None, but I also use reshade - this bug happens with and without reshade enabled. System Specifications: Operating System: Win7 pro CPU: I7 5930k @ 4.6GHz GPU: 2x NVIDIA TITAN X (PASCAL) SLI MB: ASUS X99-A/USB 3.1 ATX DDR4 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400MHz HD: Samsung 950 PRO -Series 512GB PCIe SSD Monitor: Asus ROG PG348Q Black 34" 3440 x 1440, 100 Hz Curved IPS G-Sync 21:9 WQHD G-SYNC OFF: G-SYNC ON:
  5. Bug Description: When I enter the "Character" screen from the main menu all clothing items appear as blank squares in my inventory, crates and keys also appear as blank squares. I cannot equip any of the clothing aside from the first item of clothing in each category. When opening a crate with a key i have to click the blank box where the crate would be in the inventory screen, then click on the "Rewards" tab at the top of the page. Upon doing this the crate opening screen pops up and i am able to open the crate normally. All clothing items still appear normally in my inventory. The bug happened as soon as I started the game today. Date Seen: 8/08/2017 NZST Server: On the default server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted the game, reinstalled the game, verified integrity of game files, reinstalled reshade, restarted steam, moved the games install location, waited. Other Information: I purchased a couple crates and keys on the steam market today. Before loading into the game Launch Options: I use the default launch options, reshade is installed System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7 6700k Ram: 16gb
  6. So, I bought three crates and opened at the end of the week. Two of the three items I got I already had so I went to the Steam Community market to sell them. When I went back into my game, The Home, Rewards, and Statistics tabs were working as usual, but when I went to the Character tab to make sure I sold the right items, everything was messed up. Here is a screenshot of what is looks like: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103453462 As you can see, all of my items are invisible and I can't equip or take off any of them, but that isn't the only problem. It says I have " " coins. Not even 0, just " ." I know I have 2309, so something is wrong. The last problem is in the bottom left. I don't even know how to describe what is wrong with my steam friends list so check the screenshot to see it. Just to make it clear, all of these problems ONLY HAPPEN when I am in the character tab. the Home, Rewards, and Statistics tabs still work fine; They even show my coins and steam friends correctly! Anyway, this is a HUGE problem because I cant change what I want my character to look like. Please fix, -=< Le Doge >=- (Steam name) or CJSassy (In-game name)
  7. Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  8. I know there's already a bug in which your clothes, coins, crates etc. reset and you have nothing. Best way to fix that is to restart your game/steam/computer and wait a while for it to get back to what it was. I came out of a game and upon getting back to the menu, i have no clothes. But my coins remain. Boxes haven't reset and neither has my stats, looks like the only thing missing are my clothes. I've currently tried restarting the game, steam and my computer and it's been like this for a just over an hour now. I've even tried going into a new game to see if that fixes it, to no avail. If anyone had the same issue, or a similar one and has a way to fix this, pointers on how to rectify this would be great.
  9. Bug Description: Started the second squad game in a row with 3 friends. In the lobby i had my full outfit on, including shoes, jeans, t-shirt, jacked, glases and a hat. After the loading screen i was spawned nacked on the spawning island and i continued to be nacked after the round started. After the round i had my outfit back on in the lobby. Without changing anything or clicking any item in the outfit menue i had my full outfit in the next squad round. Date Seen: DD.MM.YYYY: 07.06.2017 Server: Normal EU-West Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing Other Information: Nothing Launch Options: I have changed launched options: -malloc=system -maxMem=16000 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -refresh 144 System Specifications: Windows 10 - Home Edition 64 Bit i7-6700 R9-390X 16 GB DDR4-Ram
  10. Bloggles

    Reward Crates

    Is it just my character, or are other people having issues with the reward packages? I purchase a couple, in hopes of saving enough to get the next level pack of clothing, yet next time i log in, the packages are back at the 700 level one, and i cant just get to the next crate. It seems to reset each time, yet i keep my clothes that i had, just cant get anymore. I have spent the reward points in a couple of cycles of packages, yet it resets each time. How can i fix this so i can actually get to the coats and such?
  11. I just finished 5th in a game and got back to the menu and had to restart the game as I was experiencing a bug where my character was super far left on my screen. I reloaded the game and my items are somehow gone. I am completely naked. However, I can still see my items in the steam inventory. Here is the bug for the view angle image attached.
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