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Found 17 results

  1. Good morning! I was playing squads yesterday on the PTS and we fell through the map twice. Video 1 - https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/droc-poopsmith/video/65985254 Video 2 - https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/droc-poopsmith/video/65985309 In video 2, I know it's because the bridge wasn't fully rendered in yet, but I have no idea how it happened in video 1. I'm playing on an Xbox One S, external SSD with a USB 3.1 enclosure, wired internet. Thanks! D-Roc
  2. The clipping occurs in the storage closet next to the bathroom downstairs in the school. If you climb onto the boxes in the back of the closet and then stand up, then your head clips through the ceiling/floor into the 2nd floor and lets you see & shoot into the back auditorium hallway, the main hallway, and the auditorium. I'm playing version 0A2F40 on 2018.01.07.2051 EST in the US.
  3. So I was playing the game today and suddenly it froze and I got an error (I can't remember what the error said). After I opened the game again it asked me if I want to join the game that I left. I pressed yes and thought, that I am not alive anymore. But I was and then the glitches started. Everytime I scoped in (ADS not Hipfire) there were strange clipping bugs and sometimes I could see through walls and see the enemies when I cancelled the ADS view. Switching the weapons helped a little bit but there were still some clipping bugs after that, but at least the "wallhack-bug" was fixed. I didn't abuse this bug. I have recorded the bug with Nvidia ShadowPlay but I am not allowed to upload such big files. That's why I'll upload them on my Youtube channel:
  4. i was in a 1v1 and saw this guy through a tree, i thought it was pretty unfair. this only happens when im far away and for some reason only when i was looking at him from the left of my tree. i have noticed this bug before so i thought i'd report it.
  5. Issue with clipping through the left arm while Aiming Down Sights + Leaning Left + Strafing. More prominent while also crouching. https://gfycat.com/ComfortableTightBobolink
  6. I have found a bug where the player vaults over a window and through a wall at hospital(instead of going through the window) Youtube link:
  7. There's a floor in a building in La Cobreria that you can clip through. I just walked onto it and fell straight through to the ground below. Images attached show me clipping through, as well as the location of the building.
  8. With the new m16 model, the 8x doesn't fit correctly. The far end of the 8x scope doesn't actually attach to the m16 like it is supposed to.
  9. My computer lags insanely for about half a minute after landing and struggles to load buildings fast enough so they just appear as lod objects, and I can literally just walk through them. Sometimes they load 10 seconds after I land but sometimes they are lod objects for like a minute. After landing and waiting a bit however, the game runs fairly smoothly, there are some minor stutters here and there but nothing major, but the performance is literally garbage right after I land.
  10. OK so this happened a while ago and after posting about it on the steam forums and getting 1 reply saying "cool" I forgot about it. Thought it might be worth posting here. While duo with a friend he dropped out of the plane and half the walls were missing for him. We worked out that it was only walls that had windows on them and that if he walked up to where the window was supposed to be he could prone and them move through the wall unimpeded. He also could prone and clip through furniture and then stand up inside the furniture. I dont have screenshots from his end but I do have screenshots of him standing inside a tv. No idea about what caused it.
  11. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperAnimatedOxDancingBanana See above clip for illustration. This bug used to happen to me frequently before the last monthly patch, mostly in warmup, after which it hadn't happened again until today. The effect is that for the rest of the game, you move at the speed as if you were crouch-walking, even when in full sprint. I think the cause is something to do with buggy object collisions (player + environment or player+player, or both as you can see in the above clip)
  12. Not a big issue, but probably easy to slip by and be included in the next update.
  13. Bug Description:Clipping through the ground due to poor optimization Date Seen: 7/20 Server: 51D79F. Other Information:playeruknown refusing to properly optimize the game. The game is completely buggy and Needs actual work done within the game to improve optimization, Playdough like textures and models are extremely common, as well as poor FPS. I realize you stated you don't really plan on improving performance for "lower end" builds, but you have to, otherwise stuff like this will continue happening due to your stubbornness Launch Options:I'm not using any command line options, System Specifications:Windows 10:GTX 750 OC:G3258:8GB DDR3:
  14. Devs- I'm sure you already know, but guns are clipping through walls again. Please fix... such a downer. **Mental note** Stay away from walls. kthxbai, -x
  15. So recently I've been having an issue when doing Duo and Squad matches, but never Solo. Buildings are shapeless with no details, and you can never find the door. I can however just phase through them and start rubber banding. This allows me to see completely through walls and floors, and pick up items, etc. What I recently learned, after landing on a roof somewhere, is I can see down and at everyone else in the building while in my perspective I'm hovering. I picked up a shotgun and my team mate got downed a couple floors below. So I just started shooting at where the enemies were, and I killed two. Through two floors down. My friends and I know we've been shot at like this, and after that happened we knew what must have occurred when it happened to us. I get these shapeless buildings every game of squad and about fifty percent of the time during Duo games. Not sure why never Solo. My friend suggest I get an SSD so I load faster, but my room mate and I have pretty decent computers and don't think we should have to shell out for an SSD just to install this game on. Is there any other fix to make buildings load in faster, or just be there already? If you could post a link where this is already being discussed, if it is already, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I just found this on the subreddit. Bummer for this guy but didn't look like anyone posted this particular one. Here's a link to the gif showing location and the event itself.
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