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Found 7 results

  1. So starting the day before yesterday (1-15-18) I have been getting [25] Client not responding EACH AND EVERY GAME! So finally today I said screw it and downloaded the game on my laptop and transferred the PUBG folder, the BattlEye folder, and the TSLgame back into their proper positions on my main pc and allowed Steam to verify and boom I GOT TO PLAY! Well 4 games later I get the same CLIENT NOT RESPONDING ERROR. I see so many complaining about this and NO RESPONSES ever come from admins/mods. I cannot play the game at all. I have tried pages upon pages of fixes with no avail. Other players have been posting all over and in the bug report main topic but this needs its on topic since no one ever tries to help fix the issue. I'll follow your "Template" Troubleshooting Please attempt the following list of fixes before posting: Uninstall, reinstall of all MS Distros, game, steam. Transferring files from another personal pc Playing with VPN Removing BattlEye and allowing steam to verify and fix. Uninstall reinstall gpu drivers and update them all the way update windows use MSI Afterburner to turn my GPU down a bit as I have had to do once before in another game. -- If you're still having issues with your gameplay, please respond to the existing thread (not this thread) related to your specific error. If there isn't an existing thread for your specific bug, please create a new thread with a descriptive title and follow the bug reporting format below: Date Seen:1-15-18 Server: LIVE (NA) Error Message: [25] Client not repsonding (ID) ((I Guess version? 3.6.4)) Other Information: Happens about 5 to 10mins in match. Troubleshooting Attempted: Done it all. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Pro Graphics Card: Nvidia 780ti CPU: i7 4770k Ram: 12gbs
  2. When playing in fullscreen, the client minimizes randomly.
  3. I play over few second ,the game will sotp,and return to main screen with this "Client Not Responding" error It just happen today I play this game long time without this error.
  4. Has anyone of you experienced some random game freezes in the client? Lately, I have been experiencing these random freezes which I have never encountered in the past patches. It is somewhat similar to the 'Network Lag Detected' freezing, only it is not due to the network connection and simply a game freeze (no motion/animations at the screen, whatsoever). PC Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 stable overclock profile: 3.8GHz@1.35V Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B350-F RAM: G.Skill TridentZ 4GBx2 stable overclock profile: 3066MHz@1.35V GPU: Palit GeForce® GTX 1060 Super JetStream 6GB GDDR5 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO SSD 250GB Occurence: December 11, 2017 12:50AM (GMT +08:00 HongKong) This happened in different games running on the current patch, as well as multiple times on this game. I was only able to capture a single clip of the game freeze when I was having a firefight with 3 different people, but it also happened inside a house when I was simply looting and when I was reviving a teammate. Video:
  5. Bug Description: I'm new to the game and just opened my first crate, after that I played some matches and then after I got 121 BP my game crashed, I ignored it, reopened and kept playing, its been around 3-4 games and its stuck in 121 BP Date Seen: Today (10/15/2017) Server: Normal server, and been playing on both NA and sometimes accidentally on Asia Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried reloading, restarting and etc, nothing works. Other Information: Notice that it was working perfectly yesterday, I don't know if it was an update or something that could have caused it? I just really want to get BP or the ones I should have gotten. Launch Options: I haven't changed anything System Specifications: Windows 10 Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz RAM: 8124 Mb
  6. Hey there, after my game crashed right now, i closed the client, reconnected to the existing game, and as i respawned and tried to hop in a car, i fell through the ground and landed in water some meters under the map, and were able to see the map from underwards. I was swimmin into the next border and reached it, but i was too slow for the next one and was killed by the border. hope i could help you, TimbabGG
  7. After almost two weeks of trying just about everything manageable to stop having issues with desyc I may have finally found a solution. Please keep in mind that this change may only resolve client desync and that any server lagg or desync will not be affected by this change. What was suggested to me by a teammate was to disable the system paging of memory to the hard drive. It sounds irrelevant but after doing so just about all of my desync issues have been eradicated. Pickups and doors feel smooth, falling from the plane no longer freezes midway for a few seconds, and I have been able to notice a great difference in hit placement especially at long distances on all servers. To do this you simply follow the screenshots below and set your system to use "no paging file". I run a Server OS but your menus should be very similar. Please ask me if you need any help locating these options. Be sure to restart your PC after making changes and verify that the pagefile is still set to "no paging file" and shows "0 MB". From what I can gather it seems as though the game has an issue with the caching of memory data while using a pagefile. Since the current build of the game does just about all of the calculations client side and then sends those results to the server to update all other clients after the fact there may be a delay or fault in between the client processing the memory and that data being sent. I am using an M.2 SSD and can only imagine that players using an RPM disk would benefit even more from this change. I am unable to verify if the game just has an issue with select types of hard drives or if this will help all players globally. If you have been having desyc issues with your client and have the administrator rights to do so please give this solution a try and post your results below. If this does indeed fix the issue globally for users I believe this information can then be passed on to the development team to tweak and resolve the client desync completely.
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