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Found 20 results

  1. Hit these two bangers with the M24 last night for a solo win. Wasn't even going to grab the M24 off the enemy I killed because the zone was pushing in but I'm glad I stopped for it. Anybody hit any nice shots or make some nice plays this weekend? 2xM24headshot.mp4
  2. Liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside-Gaming e.V. sind ein Multigaming Clan mit mehr als 400 aktiven Mitgliedern und einem eingetragenen Verein mit ca. 60 Mitgliedern. Man kennt uns eventuell durch unsere Charityprojekte um Gamer gegen Krebs, wodurch wir mittels Tournieren und Events Spenden für die Deutsche Krebshilfe sammeln. Bei uns wird hauptsächlich CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm und eben auch PUBG gespielt. Da der Bereich noch relativ "Jung" ist, sind wir derzeit auf der Suche nach neuen Membern im PUBG Bereich und natürlich auch nach Teams! Also wenn ihr bereits ein Team habt oder euch eines aufbauen möchtet - wir unterstützen euch soweit wir können! Skill hat bei uns keine große Bedeutung - je mehr Leute zu uns kommen, desto mehr können die Leute untereinander Spaß beim Spielen haben! Was wir euch bieten: - Große Community - Teamspeak³ Server (IP: endside-gaming.de ) - Online- sowie Offline Events - 2 Mal jährlich ein Clantreffen (August, Silvester) - Organisiertes Adminteam - Möglichkeit, sich selber zum Admin hoch zu arbeiten - regelmäßige Clan- und Bereichsbesprechungen, um uns permanent zu verbessern - Möglichkeit ein eigenes Team auf zu bauen - Freundliche und Lustige Leute soweit das Auge reicht Was ihr mitbringen müsst/solltet: - Mindestens 18 Jahre alt (bei vorhandener geistiger Reife können Ausnahmen gemacht werden) - Teamspeak³ + Headset mit funktionierendem Mikrofon - Kein VAC Ban in den Spielen, die wir vertreten - Frendlichkeit und Spaß am Spiel! Wenn ihr also Interesse daran habt, euch einfach einmal ein Bild von uns zu machen oder direkt zu uns kommen wollt, dann schaut doch bei uns auf dem Teamspeak vorbei , und kontaktiert dort einen der Admins. Für Fragen stehe ich als Leader des PUBG Bereiches natürlich immer gerne zur Verfügung! Liebe Grüße, Markus 'Major Winters'
  3. I have PUBG for Xbox one and I bought an X to prevent as many bugs as possible but this still happens. I was in a squad game on NA I had 3 total members in my squad alive then at the 1 second circle spent all my time looking for this guy but he was not anywhere. We naded trees in case he was stuck inside shot at random grass patches and ran around every inch of that tiny open fielded square. This was not at shelter and more so up by stalber but he was nowhere. When my squad died to the circle after it fully shrank the number on the top right for players alive read 2 even when it said 4 which meant 3 in my squad and 1 enemy. I have a 2 minute video recorded on xboxdvr.com under the GT: PUBGsPunisher and have uploaded this gif. This happened on 1/3/2018. The player or players that the game claimed was alive had no way of surviving outside of that circle because they were not in the 1 second circle before it closed. The full 2 minute video shows my surroundings in case someone thinks its just the camera angle. ;-; My Win/Lose ratio will never let me live this down. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PUBGsPunisher/video/41935628
  4. --- Bug Description: Not recieving BP after winning a Chicken Dinner. Recieved BP game before and after this one in question. Date Seen: 12/21/17 USA Server: Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted PUBG from force close. Attempted another match which i DID receive BP for. Waited more then 24Hr in case the system lagged and didnt pay out. Restarted PC, did NOT do clean install. Verified game integrity with steam. Other Information: Has never happened before that i know of for me. No overclocks CPU/GPU, Latest windows update. Latest GPU Driver Launch Options: NaN System Specifications: VIDEO FROM PLAY THROUGH
  5. The highest of rewards on winning not added to the main menu on wins. This happened on test servers a few times in duos and squads when bp were finally added for fpp. Now I have noticed this happening on live version with me, friends and saw a post on Facebook as well. 2 squad wins, 1 duo win, 2nd in duo, the Facebook post was a solo win.
  6. As the title states I do not receive any BP from a Chicken Dinner. I'll add images later on, that show my BP before and after a chicken dinner.
  7. Hey guys, my name is LocustLab in game. I played 1 match in solo tpp as of the 1.0 update. I won. had 240 bp prior, still have 240 bp after. it was a ten kill game with a win at the end. A couple nice quickscopes with a kar 98 in there too. Please fix this, I would like my 1, 190 bp that I earned Also, this has happened in the test servers as well leading up to the 1.0 update. I saved that match as well. heres a link to it happening to me I was streaming at the time luckily. also, i was just trying to tactically scare my fighting buddies. I said I was rank 97 i am not
  8. Just played a game of first-person solo on the NA servers. Near the middle of the game, I received a notification saying I had died outside of the player zone. see screenshot 1, it shows i'm within the blue gas and near at full health. I thought nothing of it at the time other than it was odd. I won the game but when I killed the last guy it showed me at 38th place, see screenshot 2.
  9. KavalierPirat und ich sind auf Ninja Jagt gegangen
  10. Attached is a picture from 10/15/17 at around 11pm, that I won a Solo round. I checked the morning of 10/16/17, and stats still have not shown up. Please let me know what I can do to help get these stats on the record.
  11. Hey, a few weeks ago, right after I bought the game, I was very lucky to achieve my first chicken dinner, proud of myself I took a screenshot and went on. Recently I checked my statistics window, because I accumulated a few top ten placements and I was curious how I was doing and what I saw was very disappointing, the chicken dinner and other stats didn't show up or were wrong. Server: EU Maybe somone else experienced this or can tell me if this is a known issue? Best regards, Xeles
  12. Has anyone have this problem. Just won a game, didn't exit out the proper way due to me having to go to bed. So I just shutdown my computer and checked the next day and didn't receive my chicken dinner reward nor win count.
  13. HI guys, I was playing solo in a squad match, and a random message came up saying "You died outside playzone" i was running in the middle of the first circle at the time. Later that same game i managed to get to the final 10 and got my first kill for the game but i noticed that it didn't come up in the kill feed. I killed 2 more and still no action in the kill feed. Then i end up getting the final kill and it comes up with the winning screen but instead says "Better luck next time!" and gave me a team rank of #17. Watching the recording i took of the final 5 minutes of the match i noticed that none of my kills registered. This was super annoying because i won solo in a squad server but didn't get awarded or feel like i even won. I've attached a link to a terrible attempt of a video to this thread that shows the whole thing going down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlphm7BdmPY&feature=youtu.be
  14. Hi, Ever since the recent patch, after winning a chicken dinner, if I am still alive, my screen becomes totally black, obscuring everything : The first pic is a before patch win: Before patch: And AFTER patch: (THE GLITCH) Twitch clip inserted too: to illustrate what happens: https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearAcceptableCrowShazBotstix No idea why the screen fades to black?
  15. Aloha zusammen, ich habe auf meinem Channel eine Double-POV Playlist begonnen und experimentiere damit etwas herum. Es zeigt auch die Perspektiven meiner Mitspieler oder blendet meine Perspektive fast ganz aus, wenn ich useless rumstehe und meine Team-Mates die ganze Arbeit machen Aktuell hat die Playlist schon ein paar Teile, es werden sicherlich noch mehr folgen! Unten seht ihr noch ein paar Links zu anderen Playlists Vielleicht ist ja etwas für euch dabei! Viele Grüße _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Psychoghost Gaming | Solo Chicken Farmer | Double-POV | PUBG Absurdity | PUBG Teamplay
  16. Am Ende wurde es wirklich sehr knapp mit der Munition. Wollte schießen, kam aber nichts mehr raus
  17. Ich bin heute im Livestream dem Mythos auf den Grund gegangen, ob es sich auf dem asiatischen Server derzeit leichter spielen lässt als auf dem EU. 2 Chicken Dinner und einige Kills später kann ich sagen: Zur Zeit scheint das zu stimmen. Oder es ist der Placebo-Effekt
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