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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, the other day I was crawling in the high grass spying on enemies from an elevated spot. I could hardly see them through my scope with all the grass in the way when suddenly I got shot from behind. There were only 4 people left in the game and I was curious how I was spotted, so I checked the killcam. Turned out that the guy killed me from afar looking through his 4x scope which didnt display any vegetation at all, like I was crawling on a naked rock... this was quite annoying to say the least...after playing what? 30 minutes?... 30 minutes wasted! I came to ask if anyone else made a similar experience and of course I hope that this behavior will be fixed in the future Cheers
  2. Neues Update vom Entwickler Team übersetzt. Eine positive Bewertung und ein Daumenhoch im Guide wären sehr lieb! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1294957635
  3. I encountered one player from our own side, random squad having quick full healing. So he takes hits, and then goes cover and less than 2s he heals from 10% to full 100%. Several times within same game. The same player probably had also some kind of new aimbot that does not target to head but keeps it in the body or helps as he kept shooting long ranges with AR at full auto at 4x. For this I'm not sure but could think of. I reported the player with all marks (4 checked) as there was no good option to report. Could you add e.g. some other like (none of above) reporting capability. I could provide replay video if needed.
  4. I was recently playing (last night) the new map on the test server. I had level 3 helmet, level 2 vest, full health, and zero damage to my armor/helm. I was traveling down the road in a bronco truck at max speed and I was killed via one shot by a guy cheating with an UMP. When I watched the kill cam, this was verified, the hacker walked to the road, aim snapped on my head already 200m in front of him, and he fired a single shot to my head killing me instantly. The game told me I was killed by a UMP head shot. So either: 1) the hacking ignores the level 3 helmet collision with the bullet, or, 2) it gives the hacker insane amounts of bullet damage letting it kill the level 3 helmet in one shot, or, 3) there is something associated with 9mm bullets that allows them to ignore level 3 helmets, or, 4) there is something about the UMP, where it has the potential to ignore the level 3 helmet.
  5. I keep watching death cams and I'm not sure if its a bug or a cheat. It only seems to happen with Chinese players. And most of the time it shows a clean death cam.
  6. New optical camouflage My camera https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientFaithfulWalletCclamChamp Kill camera https://clips.twitch.tv/BlazingCreativeNikudonNotATK
  7. I've found a bug on a new map. You can see a gap where you can shoot from to enemies and the bullets are going through it like it would be a hole. I found a lot of plasces like this on the whole map (around 10). Hope it will be fixed.
  8. So people are getting banned for no reason other than streamers being whinny. They aren't the best people who play this game. There needs to be a better way to do the reporting instead of auto banning people just because they are skilled and out played someone who thinks they are good, resulting in getting reported and inevitably banned. All I am saying is that this needs to be looked at because it isn't right that people are getting banned for cheating when they are not only because someone thinks that they are. The current system is flawed and needs to be restructured.
  9. Ok so two times in three games I've died with no one around. Instant headshot, no gun sound. First was with a Mk14 in a building where I could only be seen from one window, which did not get broken when I got shot. I had a teammate who was right next to me who never got shot at. Second time was in the school after I had cleared it out. Someone with an S12k killed me (again with no sound, not even suppressor) instantly, and they weren't even there. I stayed in the game for 5 minutes afterwards to watch and listen for footsteps, and there was no one. Bluezone closed on the school and no one ever made noise. How is this happening and are the devs aware?
  10. Hello while playing battle grounds with my friend i was running away from getting shot at and decided to park my UAZ real quick to heal myself and while trying to move with the uaz (it was rolling slowly down hill due to incline) I found that if standing in the way of the uaz to try and stop it from rolling anymore your body will clip through it and you will be stuck inside the body of the uaz I do have a recording due to me record keeping for my friends and will leave a link below if the bug is to be addressed and corrected the time stamp is 21 minutes and 50 seconds
  11. Sometimes when you are in the final circle you find yourself alone with no enemies on the map, even though the player count says there is more. It seems they are stuck below the map where they can't be killed nor seen. The only way to win is to place yourself in the middle of the final death-circle and spam meds, as the guy who is stuck can't heal. A semi-famous youtuber, Aculite, experienced this recently. Here is a link to the video: (Watch from 35:40-39:30)
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