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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. I hope I'm right here. Otherwise, please move to the right thread. I am having problems with my Twitch Account. Victim by several hack attacks. I had to create a completely new account through the support. Now I am also instructed to change my character names, account names, and everything else. PUBG name included on official servers and test servers. Almost as additional security. Where can I apply for a name change? How can I contact the support accordingly? It is very important that my ingame name be changed. Also my account name here in the forum must be changed accordingly. In addition, I need to know what data is needed exactly. Please urgently for help. Best regards.
  2. Hi, I am currently on the test server and a certain player model is behaving odd when i change their skin tone. The "white" of the eyes is changing colour based on the skin tone selected. I have not checked the rest of the player models.
  3. Czy jest możliwość zmiany nicków/kiedy taka możliwość nastąpi ?
  4. i mistakenly put my friends name when the game asked to create username, now i want to change my name but we cant do that. changing name is so common in games and its not even USP of games, this is a basic thing that all games have but PUBG even after getting on #1 on steam dont have this feature.
  5. I am unable to change clothes In the client menu, I can pick the cosmetics, however this does not have any effect in the game. I am unable to tell exactly how long this has been affecting me, but in the beginning I changed my load-out few times.
  6. I joined a game and my name was set to #unknown, my character changed to a male and was given douche hair. Also I was wearing my character's clothes. In game it said "#UNKNOWN has killed **** with ****" meaning other players saw my name as #unknown Screenshot to confirm I ended up winning the game, i got the points but the win does not show up in my stats. to be clear my steam name is not unknown. t
  7. I had a bit over 3,000 BP and wanted to change the appearance of my character. When I was confirming the purchase it was lagging and wouldn't go through so in frustration I clicked the confirmation button multiple times. As a result, now I have ~ -17,000 BP. I tried restarting the client but the number remains. I tried playing games and getting more BP but considering how poorly I do in these games my debt is barely going anywhere. Is there any way to get this fixed? Or am I gonna have to play this game for a year to get back to positive BP?
  8. Firstly, I am loving this game!! Was hard into H1Z1 previously to this.. I have vowed never to go back since playing this! This glitch only started this morning... But whenever I get into a battle and begin firing my weapon.. I will automatically just swap my weapon after firing a 2-5 shots.. This makes the game completely unplayable and I will not be promoting, playing nor following the game until this issue is fixed.. I understand all the issues that need to be fixed.. But the game is still playable.. This issue however.. considering the genre and style of the game.. Makes it pointless to play.. Please fix asap Unfortunately it's back to H1Z1 for a while =[
  9. Just got killed because the game wouldn't let me switch to a frag grenade, from a stun grenade. Tried to change it in the inventory screen, but it wouldn't swap. Then I tried to change it by "dropping" the stun grenade, and equipping the frag grenade. This is the weirdest part because it automatically went back to the stun grenade that I dropped and shouldn't even have had anymore... By this point it didn't matter because I got killed. Cool...
  10. I dont know is this comon bug, but sometimes when i want to change gun and i click on keybord or scrol mouse to get second gun in hand its not changing it, For the worst when i change its giving me empty hands and when i want to undo change or change for any weapon its not changing at all . After some long time it change gun randomly like im clicking first weapon and it change for second ( after empty hands ) its annoying exacly when your going to building and you want change for shooty and its changing for empty hands and you cant have any weapon in your hands for some time . Is someone have the same ?
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