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Found 72 results

  1. I stopped the car but I guess it was wiggling left and right which then killed me.
  2. А с каких пор можно задавить того кто находится в транспортном средстве? Очень много раз делал подобный приём, да и часов более 1000, но вот что-то такое вижу в первый раз. Собственно вопрос, что-то меняли в механике столкновений или что?
  3. North georgopol has pretty much 1 or 2 car spawns only, compare that to zharki which is a less populated area, makes no sense.
  4. Bug Description: After I reconnected, my buggy wasn't accelerating more than 29Km/h. Boost didn't help it too. The car shifted to 2nd Gear and not further. Date Seen: 24th of January 2018 Server: Public Troubleshooting Attempted: Getting Out and In again Refueling the car Stop and Go attempts With boost/without boost nothing helped. Other Information: I had a disconnect right before the bug occured. I had to restart the game 4 times before I was able to press the "Connect"-button. The bug happenend on Erangel. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) Graphics Card: SLI 2x GeForce GTX TITAN Black (12090MB VRAM) CPU: i7-4790K CPU @4.00GHz (8CPUs), ~4.0GHz Ram: 32768MB
  5. Okay the following problem occurred : I was riding a car when i suddenly wanted to jump from it at not max speed maybe half speed or so ... And i died falling on round ground. Can you please fix that somehow .. Like .. When you jump from the car at least take some damage depending on the movement speed of the car because this is ridiculous .. I can jump from a 2-floor house and take half my hp dmg or even less , i jump from a car and i die , when 5 people shooting you for example how in the love of god im supposed to STOP and then go out? I would die 20 times in the time that im stopping , i hope you read my report and do something next update because this is getting really freaking annoying . Good wishes , Madnet
  6. So two things, I was trying to go up a flight of stairs and my squad mate was coming down. Somehow we got stuck so he tried to jump. He freed himself up, dropped down two steps and died without a chance to revive. Second issue, I was just in solo, brought my car to a full stop, got out, and as I walk to the front of the car I died from falling.
  7. i was playing a game of pubg and i started driving but then my car got stuck in two really small rocks then it made the sound of it trying to move but it couldn't so im wondering if there's a way to fix this problem.
  8. He ran on a blank map. I'll see the car. I run, I see that without gasoline. I sit in it and kresh.
  9. have you guys noticed, in the game of PUBG, the driving system is really bad,your car will flip over when you trying to make a turn. and that really made me upset. i hope blue hole can change this trash graphic system。
  10. Bug Description: The cars/UAZ are flying around all the time. There is no problem with the buggy and the moto. Date Seen: Permanent since the august patch. (never happened before) Server: It happened inn the test and normal server Troubleshooting Attempted: Verify integrity of game file. Other Information: If i get in the car while and drive the car, I get catapulted across map with the car. If someone else is driving the car is fyling around but we dont get catapulted. If you have any other question about the issue i can stream it. My friend sent you a video a bit early about this : Launch Options: I've tried -sm4 System Specifications:
  11. So... I was playing the other day, I was driving in order to hit some players, I missed one, then I tried to stop the car and get out of it safely, you can see the speed down left on the screen corner, I have no speed when I get out of the car and ... BOOM all my life goes down. Really annoying. CAR STOP BUG VIDEO
  12. Bug Description: During a rain game on the Erangel in FPP, I flipped my Dacia in the field southwest of Gatka, and since I was close to the circle I stayed in my flipped vehicle. I get in the passenger seat which was closest to the ground and decided to aim down my sights. I was able to see through the ground and even shoot at houses that were far away that I couldn't see if I was outside of my vehicle due to there being a hill in the way. It worked with both weapons that I was carrying: AKM with RDS and M16A4 with x4-Scope. Here are some screenshots I took. Date Seen: 11/28/2017 Server: Test server (US): Solo FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried changing sights between weapons and it didn't change anything. I couldn't move the car due to it being flipped over. Other Information: As I was testing the aiming through the map, I found that the ground acted like a wall. It was like when you are too close to a while trying to ADS and your weapon is held up or down. System Specifications:
  13. Hi guys, I am experiencing an awful bug which silents different sounds. For example I was run over by buggy which I haven't heard at all, same happens with the plane.
  14. So I have had this happen to me multiple times now. I am shooting a vehicle up and the person is coming at me. They will then jump[ out of a vehicle to hit a tree or a rock and while I am still shooting the vehicle they are now behind a tree and shooting me. The problem is that they are jumping out of the vehicle at full speed and not taking any damage from it. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed this puts us who don't use cheap tricks at a disadvantage. Also I do know how to do it there is a Reddit post about this and other tricks you can use. Along with that there is multiple videos on how to do this simple trick and it needs to be addressed. So sick of this bullshit getting me killed unfairly. It has happened at least 4 times now that I have noticed. Here is a link to someone who does this "trick" and shows you how to do it.
  15. When landing at Yasnaya Polyana, someone on another team got stuck in one of the busted cars outside of the police station on the east side of town when we dropped. We tried to blow up the car and shoot him, but he did not take damage and we could not get in the car.
  16. I retrieved a crate, a car was coming so i hid behind the crate. The care crashes into the crate. I die. I believe the crate moved a little but was not supposed to move, then snapped back into position. I believe this is reproducible if the player is right up against the crate. This may be an engine bug.
  17. Killed a player in a car and his body got stuck in the driver seat and wouldn't disappear. When I tried to drive the car his body was in my face and blocking all view and forces me to go first person even though I kept pressing V it wasn't changing back to 3rd person.
  18. Описание бага: В месте показанном на скриншоте стоят две машины, если между них встать и попытаться пройти вперед то сразу же застрянешь, собственно как и если подойти к этим двум машинам спереди. Сначала застрял мой тиммейт затем при попытке помочь ему застрял и я. Дата: 15.10.2017 Сервер: Сервер не тестовый. Попытки устранения: Попытки прыгать, вертеться вокруг себя, бить обе машины, попытка сесть в люльку мотоцикла(Надпись сесть появлялась, но сесть не удавалось) Параметры запуска: Параметры запуска не были изменены Характеристики системы: Показаны на скриншоте. Процессор, оперативная память, и видеокарта в разгоне не участвовали.
  19. Hello. A friend of mine was livestreaming on twitch, and then this happend.. https://clips.twitch.tv/NimbleAnnoyingCrocodileSmoocherZ Please fix :c
  20. Date Seen:9/7 and previous Server: AS server, OC server Error Message: Car is full or No space? Other Information: Upon entering a vehicle, sometimes it says its full when its not (duo or squad). Recently tried to enter a dacia with a squad of 4, our last guy couldnt get in. We all died because of that, haha. Troubleshooting Attempted: We tried to all get out of the car and get back in. One person got in, drove someone over and came back - then all tried to get out and in again. Same issue. Launch Options: Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Apple Mac, Windows 10 Home Installed Graphics Card: AMD RADEON R9 M390 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 CPU Ram: 8GB
  21. Every time I even go near a side-car motorcycle, something bad happens. Moreover, riding them is actually more of a hazard than a reasonable means of transportation across the map. The non-side-car motorcycle is just fine, however when I speed over the tiniest of bumps with the side-car, my motorcycle disposes of me and dances to the moon while my dead body lay lifeless without a single protest on the cold, hard earth. A challenge is an obstacle to be overcome, however this issue is no challenge but instead the choice of fate to allow me to progress in the ineluctable battle to the death. Please fix so I can give you more of my money and curse at immature strangers intensely.
  22. There is a bug when you hide behind a supply drop and a car drives against the supply drop you will die. - I was hugging the supply drop. - The car didn't touch me at all. - I was on the opposite site of the supply drop - I was half life.
  23. So. I don't exactly know about this system, but: Is there animation of exiting from vehicles ? Because i can't find any reason to be not able to shooting after u'r leave the car. So. There is the issue - after you leave the car u can't shooting within 1 sec or something like that. I don't know about all vehicles, but i found this problem with Dacia.
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