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Found 174 results

  1. Dear Dev Team, why the PC Version gets more and quicker Patches then the Console Version? thx for your answer. Best regards.
  2. Just in case it helps. Driving through and then under the map https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badlaw80/video/67903889 buildings rendering late with fatal consequences 🤣 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badlaw80/video/67903930 Not from my own game-play, recorded by a squaddie.
  3. 1. Invisible players. 2. No footstep sounds 3. Parachutes not visible Bluehole has been made aware of all these issues over a year ago. Nothing has been done to fix listed issues. Now I would like to hear what other players think about priorities company has taken to not fix these issues.
  4. I marked the parts in question. Even without understanding German, you'll see all three texts are the same in German. Now that's gonna be fun figuring out what is what : ) Everyone knows PUBG UI is one of the worst ever released. This fix takes 3 minutes to implement. It just shows there's no quality control what so ever. I'm a dev, software is hard business. But this is a joke.
  5. Доброго времени суток! Подскажите, пожалуйста, в чем может быть причина следующих лагов: во время игры, резких разворотов, а иногда просто во время бега (особенно в зданиях) появляются мелкие фризы, после которого тебя наоборот бросает вперед, как будто игра наверстывает упущенную пройденную дистанцию (прошу не путать с лагом на сервере, когда ты бежишь, а тебя возвращает на место по 10 раз. Это другой случай). Иногда подбегая к зданию, получается войти раза с третьего. Бросает постоянно то мимо двери, то оказывается что я уже пробежал пол комнаты. Ставил MSI Afterburner, думал увижу во время фризов какого железа не хватает, но в этот момент даже фпс якобы не проседает особо. Железо, ясное дело, уже никудышнее на сегодняшний день для подобных игр с такой оптимизацией, но хотелось бы понять, в чём основная загвоздка. AMD FX-6300, MSI 970A-G46 (MS-7693), Radeon R9 270x, 2x Goodram DDR3-1600 4096MB, SSD нету Неделю назад специально ради хоть малейшего улучшения производительности переставил винду, выиграл 10 фпс в лобби, по игре сложно заметить. Видеокарту настроил на максимум производительности, в ущерб качеству. Поставил файл подкачки на диск с игрой на 8 Гб на всякий случай. Все настройки игры для улучшения графики в файлах прописал. Параметры запуска так же включил для максимальной производительности. Пробовал Razer GameBooster, до сих пор не могу понять улучшает ли он что нибудь. Пинг на Европе 60-90. FPS в лобби 110-115, в игре в среднем 40-65. (скачки до 120 и просадку перед погрузкой в самолет до 25 не считаю) Короче говоря, что именно может вызывать эти постоянные "рывки" после микро-фризов. Возможно кто то уже сталкивался. Кардинальную смену железа пока не рассматриваю, но хотелось бы знать, из-за чего идет эта проблема. Заранее спасибо!
  6. Three bugs affecting War Mode: Team Names often disappear. During a match my squad mates will no longer be marked. I have been killed by and have killed my own teammates because we have no way to identify each other. Color fades away and then returns. Occasionally when I am killed the game will fade to grey tones and stay like that even after I drop back in to play. The color returns after some time (maybe 2 minutes or so...) Can't access map after death. It would be nice to see the map after I die and am waiting for the next plane. Often I cannot look at the map. But sometimes I can.
  7. Please help me, since the game updated for me: All my tree sprites are messed up. when i ads my tree sprites are constantly changing. Whilst traveling on the bike tree sprites start wobbling and changing to weird angles makes me feel dizzy When shooting, half my body covers my screen so i cant see anything (FPP ADS) - 02:07seconds yt Whilst in ADS Reddot isn't visable anymore even when brightness scrolled to the top? please help - never ever had any of the bugs before the update. - GTX1060 I5 7600k@5ghz - on lowest settings i had 144fps solid before - now im pushing out 100-110???? Could anyone please advise me whats gone wrong?.. i been away from the game a week to find all these gfx problems - Youtube clip attached thanks!
  8. Jogadores PC, abaixo podem encontrar alguns passos comuns que ajudam na solução de problemas, bugs ou situações anormais no jogo. Por mais que estes passos possam parecer inúteis, uma grande percentagem dos problemas é resolvida com uma destas medidas. Fique também atento ás contas de Twitter PUBG Help, PUBG Brasil ou PUBG Portugal e possíveis anúncios acerca de problemas por resolver. Além disso consulte a nossa lista de Problemas Conhecidos. Requisitos Mínimos e Recomendados do PUBG Possíveis Soluções 1. Tente desligar e voltar a ligar o seu PC. Reiniciar o PC ou, tecnicamente falando, "power cycling" poderá resolver alguns problemas. Este deverá ser sempr o primeiro passo a tomar. 2. Remover todas as opções de arranque do jogo na Steam Quando o PUBG estava em processo de Early Access, os jogadores tinham por hábito recorrer a opções de arranque da Steam para melhorar o desempenho. Nós recomendamos que todas as opções de arranque sejam removidas para garantir que não estão causando problemas. Entre na sua Steam Library Clique com o botão direito do rato em PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS e selecione Propriedades Clique em Set Launch Options Apague todo o texto da caixa e clique OK 3. Verifique a Integridade dos Arquivos/Ficheiros do jogo Os arquivos/ficheiros podem se tornar corruptos, serem acidentalmente apagados ou desaparecerem por alguma razão. Esta ação garante que os arquivos/ficheiros existem e estão corretos. Entre na sua Steam Library Clique com o botão direito do rato em PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS e selecione Propriedades Clique no tab de Local Files e depois Verify Integrity of Game Files 4. Apagar manualmente os arquivos/ficheiros de configuração Por vezes poderão existir problemas com as opções de configuração do jogo. Apagar essas opções é normalmente a forma mais fácil de resolver estes problemas - AO APAGAR ESTES ARQUIVOS/FICHEIROS VOCÊ IRÁ PERDER AS CONFIGURAÇÕES DE TECLAS, OPÇÕES GRÁFICAS E CONFIGURAÇÕES DE SENSIBILIDADE Aperte Windows Key+R Na caixa escreva %localappdata% e clique OK Navegue até ao arquivo TslGame\Saved\Config Apague o arquivo WindowsNoEditor Siga as instruções na solução 3 (Verifique a Integridade dos Arquivos/Ficheiros do jogo) para substituir os arquivos/ficheiros 5. Fazer atualização do Windows As atualizações do Windows são importantes para o funcionamento de vários sistemas no PUBG. Ao manter o Windows atualizado você também está protegendo o seu sistema de problemas de segurança relacionados com versões anteriores. Aperte Windows Key+R Na caixa escreva ms-settings:windowsupdate se estiver usando o Windows 10 ou wuapp.exe para edições do Windows anteriores e clique OK Clique em Check for updates Permita que o processo acabe e reinicie o PC 6. Fazer atualização das drivers da placa de vídeo/gráfica Quando as drivers da placa de vídeo/gráfica se tornam corruptas ou estão desatualizadas elas podem criar vários problemas. É uma boa ideia manter estas drivers sempre atualizadas. Para placas Nvidia, se tiver o GeForce Experience instalado, pode consultar as atualizações com esse programa automaticamente ou visite http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=br para o fazer manualmente. Para placas AMD, consulte o site da marca e inicie o processo de deteção automático ou selecione as drivers manualmente em https://support.amd.com/pt-br/download. Queremos relembrar que por vezes podem surgir problemas ao instalar as drivers sem primeiro desinstalar as drivers anteriores. Desinstalar completamente as drivers antigas e instalar de forma limpa as novas drivers pode ser benéfico na solução de problemas. Para esta solução, recomendamos o programa Display Driver Uninstaller disponível no site do programa. 7. Inicie a Steam em modo Admin Quando se atualiza o Windows 10 ou se reinstala o Windows com vários discos no sistema poderão existir problemas de permissão e a Steam deixa de conseguir escrever dados no sistema onde está instalado. Uma forma de solucionar este problema é dando à Steam privilégios de permissão. Para que possa testar esta solução siga as instruções. Encontre o arquivo/pasta da Steam, habitualmente é C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Com o botão direito do rato clique em Steam.exe e selecione Run as Administrator 8. Inicie o jogo através da Steam Se tem o PUBG instalado através da Steam, por favor, garanta que está tentando iniciar o jogo diretamente através da Steam e não por atalhos no ambiente de trabalho ou pela aplicação do jogo. Para algumas pessoas este passo resolveu imediatamente os seus problemas. 9. Verifique a aplicação do BattlEye O BattlEye precisa de estar ligado para que o jogo trabalhe de forma correta. Por favor confirme que o serviço BattlEye está ativo no seu sistema. Aperte Windows Key+R Na caixa escreva services.msc e clique OK Na lista de serviços procure por BattlEye Service Este serviço deverá estar definido como Manual na descrição Startup Type. Se não estiver por favor tome os seguintes passos: Clique no serviço com o botão direito do rato e selecione Propriedades Clique na caixa drop-down perto do Startup Type e selecione Manual e clique OK para aplicar. Pode fechar a caixa. Se não conseguir encontrar este serviço na lista, por favor vá a C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye Apague o arquivo/ficheiro BEService_pubg.exe e BEService.exe Inicie o PUBG e procure o BattlEye Service seguindo os passos 1-3 10. Adicione regras de exceção aos seus programas anti-virus e firewalls Alguns programas de anti-virus e firewall podem se tornar muito protetores e considerar o PUBG, executáveis associados e outros arquivos/ficheiros perigosos para o seu sistema. Assim esses programas vão bloquear o PUBG de funcionar corretamente. Existe uma panóplia de diferentes programas anti-virus e firewalls e fica assim impossível entregar instruções para todos os programas. Por favor tente encontrar informação específica sobre o seu software utilizando o Google e adicione os seguintes executáveis como exceções: TslGame.exe TslGame_BE.exe Se o PUBG estiver instalado no mesmo local que a Steam, então estes executáveis podem ser encontrados aqui: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 11. Faça ligação direta ao seu router/modem Erros de conexão/ligação, network lag input detection e interrupções de ligação podem estar sendo causados por uma ligação incorreta ao seu router. Nós sabemos que apesar de ter um ping razoável e os testes de velocidade determinarem que a qualidade de ligação é positiva em uma rede WiFi, por longos períodos de tempo, a degradação da qualidade de ligação pode ser um problema nestas conexões. Vale a pena testar esta solução e ligar o seu router/modem diretamente por cabo ethernet ao seu PC para assegurar a melhor ligação possível. 12. Faça Port Forwarding para o PUBG Por vezes os routers bloqueiam tráfego de informação que é necessário para o correto funcionamento de programas e jogos. Além de desligar por completo a firewall no seu router, o que geralmente não é recomendado, você pode adicionar exceções para portas específicas utilizadas pelo PUBG. Isto permite que o jogo envie e receba informação sem interrupção do seu router. Aconselhamos o portforward.com se está precisando de ajuda para abrir as portas do seu router e este site tem também instruções especificamente acerca do PUBG e para várias marcas de router. 13. Tethering através de um dispositivo móvel Não é recomendado que faça isto para uso normal do jogo mas usar tethering através de um dispositivo móvel ao usar a sua conexão móvel pode servir para determinar se o problema de carregamento do jogo se deve ao seu router ou ao seu provedor de internet. Sugerimos que procure no Google como fazer este teste, pois existem muitas maneiras diferentes de o conseguir. Basta procurar como criar um mobile hotspot. 14. Desinstalar/Reinstalar o PUBG Por vezes os problemas podem surgir quando os arquivos/ficheiros se tornam corruptos e as permissões não estão corretamente distribuídas e alguns aspetos do jogo não são instalados corretamente. Para resolver este problema precisamos de desinstalar completamente o PUBG e os sistemas associados. Desinstalar o PUBG Entre na sua Steam Library Com o botão direito do rato clique em PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS e selecione Desinstalar Irá aparecer uma caixa de confirmação do Windows, clique em Delete Apagar os arquivos/ficheiros associados Aperte Windows Key+R Na caixa escreva %localappdata% e clique OK Apague a pasta TslGame Navegue até C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye Apague o arquivo/ficheiro BEService_pubg.exe Reinstale o PUBG Formulário de Ajuda Se nenhuma destas soluções resultou para o seu caso, por favor crie o seu próprio tópico na seção de Problemas Técnicos usando o formulário abaixo. Ao usar este formulário, teremos a informação necessária e relevante para tentar solucionar o seu caso (pode copiar e colar no seu tópico). Data do Problema (a data aproximada em que o problema começou a ocorrer) Servidor (Servidor Oficial ou Servidor de Testes, a sua Região e o Modo) Especificações do seu Sistema Sistema Operativo: Motherboard (placa-mãe): Placa de Vídeo/Gráfica: (incluir a marca, modelo e quantidade de VRAM) CPU: (processador, nome inteiro do modelo e não apenas i5 ou i7) Memória RAM: PSU (Fonte): Explicação Detalhada do Problema (Seja o mais específico possível. Se não for específico e detalhado na explicação do problema este processo torna-se mais longo) Detalhes da Mensagem de Erro (Se você receber uma mensagem de erro do jogo/sistema operativo por favor coloque aqui a informação - se você receber um crash reporter do jogo por favor aperte Ctrl+V no notepad e coloque aqui a informação recolhida) Soluções que já aplicou (Explique de que forma já tentou resolver o problema) Informação Extra (Qualquer informação que ache relevante para o problema ou que nos possa ajudar a resolver o seu problema) PUBG Corp.
  9. minigoldfish767


    Dying from hit anything at 40 or above i can see half damage or something. Crashing into mini cactus or shopping cart shouldn't bring vehicles to screeching halt. Or the lawn chairs or milk crates in the other map !
  10. Here’s what I’ve come across so far that makes this game some what unplayable. I understand it’s still beta phase and adjustments and recalibrations are necessary before full release but this is what I’ve encountered so far. - Glitching: (Game Crashes) : Half way through a game session, the Game will systematically crash. This happens maybe every few games but it means closing the game down and restarting in the hope that you come back alive and well. In some cases, when you return and you’ve died, a pop up will give you the choice to rejoin in, in which you will be stuck at the lobby screen, staring into the distance. In other cases, the pop up may not appear at all to rejoin but one will appear after you’ve died to tell you so. If you are playing duos or squads and the game crashes, the game will give you a pop up allowing you to spectate, only this will send you back to the lobby screen, staring into the distance. - (Driving) : While Driving through the map, I’ve come across a few hills except on the occasion of trying to drive up them, my vehicle seems to hit an invisible brick wall and refused to go further, so I have to detour and find another way to drive up. In other cases however, the Driving is smooth until my vehicle decides to flip on flat ground. The way this happens is quite amusing, not while being shot at by the other players in the session however. - (HitBoxes) All Characters have the same hit box however on some occasions, firing at an enemy with the same weapon as you seems to fail even after hitting them with the perfect headshot with a shotgun. You’re dead and the other player is running off with all your loot and other items simply because for some reason, your headshot hit didn’t recognise. The Hit Box on Vehicle is also nigh on impossible until they’re driving anything less than 20Kph or they’re stationary. Either way, head shots or face shots don’t mean much when you’ve got an UAZ Flying towards you. - (Environment) Graphics and performance get better with time however, firing a weapon through a broken door or a stair rail for example seems to be once again, like firing at a invisible brick wall and your rounds seemingly bounce off these items and waste your precious ammunition. As far as grenades go, throwing that perfect swing, aiming straight through the window to your unsuspecting enemy doesn’t always work in the way you want it too. Especially after said grenade, bounces off the window ledge, back down between your legs and explodes, killing you instantly and sending you straight back to level 1 again. - (BP and Reward Boxes) After every game, you receive BP or Battleground Points to customise your character and buy your Rewards crates, granting you the ability to change the appearance of your character and also trying to acquire that fluffy jacket you’ve had your eyes on for a while. However, especially after gaining yourself a hard fought chicken dinner or a place within the top ten. Any BP amount over 400 will subsequently be lost by the system and you will not receive it meaning that all the effort put into the last game was for nothing and you’re no closer to the fluffy jacket you love than before. However, every buy on the reward crate doubles the amount needed for next time, only the chances of better gear do not raise with the amount spent as all items for rewards are common. meaning spending 4800BP on a white tank top seems rather pointless. Being giving a random crate out of the 4 to choose from also dampens the mood when you receive a pair of high tops you didn’t really want. Anything you’ve come across yourself, please post below so we can get these issues fixed and on the way to the full release. Thank you and happy hunting!
  11. donald7773

    Invisible Players

    hello, the other day whilst playing duo fpp with a friend of mine, we took 2 separate vehicles into the first circle, where he was jumped by a duo in a complex who managed to kill him. I took a hard turn to get distance, parked over a hill and began scoping the complex with my scar and 8x scope. I saw one player where my friend's death crate was, and just to the side was what appeared to be 2 rifles floating in midair, the problem was that these rifles were moving, and when placing my sight between them and shooting, I hit a target multiple times and this invisible player ducked into cover. Normally this would make me think hacks but my friend was spectating me and was able to see this invisible player fine, its almost as if my computer had not rendered all of the enemy players on the field, and this guy happened to be one of them (kinda like on the spawn island when you're loading in) Sadly I could not find the replay, as it is a couple days old. Just curious if this is something that's happened to other players, a known issue, or anything along those lines. Thanks
  12. Всех приветствую! У меня есть свой канал с летсплеями и техно контентом. Вот запилил небольшую подборку смешных моментов случившихся со мной в игре. Буду рад конструктивной критике. https://youtu.be/9In4ByHNJKM
  13. Can you fix this? Now its like few months almost a year and this motorcycle still destroy my mood! See for yourself please!
  14. After playing hundreds upon hundreds of hours of PUBG I hate that 1.0 is showing me the most inconsistent performance with weapons and armour values. I feel that the whole new ballistics system hasn't really been properly tested and fully tweaked before it was pushed out in december thanks to the Xbox release date making the game a little rushed and it's not really hard to see what hasn't been thoroughly tested and tweaked, I mean just look at the server performance for one in early 1.0, desync and lag for the first minute or so from landing. Parachutes are still awful hanging you around on literally nothing and then throwing you to the ground making you start the game with half health which is F*#KING ANNOYING if you haven't noticed: Another nice little feature is the desync, obviously blowing away a guy with no armour at point blank range with a shotty to then be killed miraculously by some freak superhero strength he possess(When I know for a fact that if he was on the other end of the shotgun I'd be one tapped from that range, It's happened a lot, even with full armour on...even level 2 gear.): I know I'm not the only one that doesn't like 1.0 for the very same reasons, in terms of the weapons why are the bullets so damn slow? I mean what was really wrong with the old ballistics system? Nothing from what I experienced, that was the best and that's what made the game so popular in the first place was how the weapons handled, yes there was a little bit of an armour issue which was fixed towards the end of the early access period. Early access was my favorite version of the game, roughly Week 26 to be specific, I've spoken to a few other people who have been log time players and they also agree on the same points that I bring up, I mean I have 700+ hours in the game since Alpha 2 so I've experienced some of the worst points of the game and some of the best but unfortunately 1.0 isn't my favorite version of the game. Hit registration seems to be off also, the amount of times I've clearly hit a stationary target and the bullet has magically whiffed past/through someone's head even though it's been less than 100m away and somehow the bullet dust kicks up above or eve behind the targets head...I mean I can feel it when I play the game and I've made mental notes on the situations I've been in with similar armour set ups and I've been one tapped with weapons it usually takes maybe 4 chest shots for me to kill. If I had it my way I'd honestly revert the ballistics to how it was before, it was a LOT more consistent speaking from experience. I've been one tapped two many times with an AKM and level 1 helmet and full health but apparently that's not the case when the gun is in my hands, takes at least two shots. it never used to be like this. Vehicles handle like they're on ice...what the hell is up with that? sliding all over the place. So annoying. Also when is this game having ping caps implemented on the servers? It's been something people have complained about for months and there's still nothing...asian players over run the NA servers and are starting to ping whore on the EU servers too. Plus the game just about runs half decent too, I'm pretty sure there's more you could do to improve the performance of the game. I play the game with everything on low and PP: Ultra and VD: Ultra and yet the game can barely stay above 60fps in some areas. PUBG used to be my 'go to' game but 1.0 is kind of driving me away with this BS that I've been experiencing lately. basically what I'm saying as a whole is that for me PUBG has had it's prime and that prime was before 1.0, if I had it my way I'd roll back the ballistics system because I'm going to start playing Fortnite more than PUBG. That's everything I have to say about how I feel about PUBG post v1.0.
  15. FyruzVidia


    First of all,when iam trying to scope with all X scopes except x2 scopes, (not with iron sights) game most of the times will suddenly crash and sometimes when this happens,my radeon settings may crash too (i have radeon rx480 8gb graphics card).As i've heard many of the users of rx480 graphics card have this issue (if not all) and i would really appreciate it,if you would take a look at this issue and find a fix since this issue makes game unplayable with scopes and players get a sad and dissapointing experience. In addition, there is another issue i have experienced (not as annoying as the first one i mentioned before) and many players independently the graphics card and the system in general as i have heard,experience this issue too.The issue is that when i reconnect to a game,my teammates will see me as an enemy,without a nametag and they will see me on top left of their map.Moreover if they im dead and they try to revive me they wont be able to do that since im appeared to them as an enemy. (This have happened to all the people i personally know after reconnecting).I look forward to hearing from you that you are trying to solve the problem and please your players by providing them the best game experience. Sincerely, A PUBG player
  16. davidkiller


    Meu pc roda pubg ? Queria comprar mas não sei se otimizaram mais nem sei se meu hardware suporta... i3-2120 6gb ram Gtx 750 ti 1gb Oc da gigabyte Resolução : 1280x1024 , monitor de 17 polegada , nem é full hd , oq deve ajuda eu acho , em fim se roda pelo menos acima de 30 fps ? O jogo ta mais otimizado , ou vai ter muito drop de fps se rodar .
  17. There is a black box in the lower right corner of the screen that says: Nice Work! You've unlocked all the achievements in this game. This box is there from menu screen and throughout game play. The box blocks the view of the mini map, making it very difficult to see what direction I'm heading, etc. Not sure if this is isolated specifically for Xbox One or not. I noticed this box showing up earlier this week, approx. 1/14/18.
  18. Please fix it i just stuck and die in the blue zone
  19. I know it’s pre beta or beta I don’t know... But it’s beyond my comprehension on how a game can make millions of dollars in a month that a game has been released and fixes nothing that needs fixed besides lag. But just has to add things that don’t matter nearly as much such as adding a star by the squad or duo host name... I’m also curious on what possessed you guys in adding a 1 man squad, 2 land squad or 3 man squad... ?? but anyway, So I kill a guy at the supply create and go to loot his body and create and when I go to loot that area it either 1) had me loot the dead body and he had a ton of shit “pick up vicinity” section or tab 2) loot the create and that had a ton of shit in the “pick up vicinity” section or tab 3) it put everything together in the “pick up vicinity” tab, section... either way, I guess there were too many items In the “pick up vicinity” tab/section and it made it to where you have to scroll down to see all that is in the vicinity... When I try to scroll for some reason the game switched tabs/sections within the HUD. So it went from “pick up vicinity” to the section where it shows what weapons I have to the section of what gear I had in my inventory, etc... So I couldn’t pick up what I wanted to that was on the ground in the “pick up vicinity” tab because it would switch to the other tabs when I would try to scroll in spoken tab... then I died... —————————————————————————— Issue 2) I play in 3rd person... when I aim down sight with a gun and I want to quickly run away I have to 1) press the left bumper to cancel my guy looking down sight.. 2) press right bumper get out of first person(even though I was in 3rd) 3) press “B” to stand up because you have to be standing to run 4) press the left thumb stick to run... that’s a “4” step process to simply run away.. thats a 30 second process. I can literally put the controller down, walk to the bathroom piss, was my hands and get under the nails, dry my hands and walk back to my controller and play a game of Rocket League faster than that.. It doesn’t help that the your character is 5 seconds delayed as well. If if I wanted to mash 11 buttons in a row to pull off a simple command I’d go downstairs, pull out my PS1 and play Street Fighter and do a special move... It’s like I’m trying to im trying to do a combo on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3... I’ve got a crazy alternative to all this.... Now bare with it may sound crazy but get this... click the left left thumb stick down... Boom magic. and to give that little “lean over” motion that that button already applies for that no one uses, change that to something else... like the D pad while zoomed in... problem solved. Now you make everyone happy at the expense of pissing off 3 people world wide who uses that “lean over shit” or or orrrrrr you can just put into the control setting and let you change it to that option where you can have the player chose what buttons do what, within reason.... then now no one’s mad... The little things
  20. Hi why cant i Buy Early Bird Keys in game Via the + button for 2.5$ ? is this Region Lockes only for the USA ? iam living in Europe and i want to buy some Keys for my Crates ...
  21. There is a bug when ADS in FP with Tommy Gun if you see below most of the screen gets covered on the left with player shoulder when ADS in FP as you see in my screen shot.
  22. This has happened since the new update. Anyone else have this issue? I've uninstalled the game and re-downloaded it twice. What else can I do?
  23. toastedwaffle3

    car stuck in object

    i was playing a game of pubg and i started driving but then my car got stuck in two really small rocks then it made the sound of it trying to move but it couldn't so im wondering if there's a way to fix this problem.
  24. Stop sleeping..... Fix the arrow bug, Ad a memorize menu leaderboard and game option, Fix the aiming bug witch is not at the same place when you aim at a dot when you ads it moves to the right, Give us the flippin kill when somebody dies to the blue!!!!!!, Make the car actually break normally, it's Disney On Ice on this game, i legit brake for 100m (except the buggy), Fix the shotgun damage, it's a SHOTGUN! One shot in CQB yet after 3 shot sometime they're still alive... How!? Oh and if you give us clothes, could we at least modify the colors or give us the customization /modification to our character the YOU promised?! I have over 1000 hours played, and getting tired of the general clunkyness of your game, like nothing has improved, fps is trash, D-Sync is still present, there is still not enough AR in the looting phase, except the famous shitguns that doesn't do any sort of damage and P92 and of course the Uzi... Your game won't survive 6 months when another good company will publish their good version of a polished battle royale. IO guess your lucky that Fortnite is Disney-like, because it's god-damn well optimized compared to your trash game. Sincerely, itmeOni. P.s; Sorry not sorry about the harsh comment, it's just that I Really loves this game but its fading away and nothing is moving bug-wise and performance wise even a 1080ti is having a hard time... I really want this game to keep it's player in.
  25. NX-gaBRiel02


    Encontrei esse bug de renderização no dia de hoje, no qual meu personagem ficou preso embaixo do chão, impossibilitando a minha jogatina, gostaria que fosse consertado. Link do vídeo onde o bug é mostrado: