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  1. So unless I missed something, it used to be the case that if you had, let’s say, 3 smoke grenades plus a selection of others, if you had a smoke grenade selected and then threw it, another one of your remaining smoke grenades would automatically be equipped ready to be thrown. What’s happening now is that after that initial smoke is thrown, it appears to be randomly selecting from the other types of grenade, and not one of the same type that you’ve just thrown? ‘So for example I was just trying to smoke another players loot crate - overthrew the first smoke so went to throw another but it had equipped a flash, so flashed myself then got myself with a frag somehow. Still has 2 smokes remaining.
  2. Ok so I not have problems that someone kill me, but if he wasn't where he kill me, and before Killing me was far, and for some odd reason after I cover he starts running through me, I have to hear him come, not because some odd glitch you guys have with the sound of the beach in Sanhok, I can even hear a his footsteps and went I hear them I am dead, so tell me that PUBG, oh he seems to know this glitch very well to be almost with nothing on him, and it really frustrates me that there's a Glitch/Bug that makes footsteps silence, please patch this and fast, Vid in link bellow: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgACmcJ_GRTjqwJWaiHn8vtaZPIX
  3. Ok so, apparently there's this problem if you're in the blue zone and it is Phase 2 went the timer is on for Phase 3 or is already Phase 3 and you're far from the circle, and you need to heal it wouldn't let you and everything stops, the damage of the blue zone, you can't heal in anyway and the only thing you can do is drive, kill someone or kill your self, either way you will die instantly no matter what you do, so I am wondering if anyone can tell me what happened here, cause I didn't even lag, nothing happened is like the game kill you, more importantly the game run fine before this happened, it happen in Miramar. There's more problems in this map, if you are in a motorcycle, not use it, until the devs fix the desync on Miramar, it makes you more faster that the game's loading system. **Example: If the loading system of the terrain and buildings are 100fps, if you use the normal motorcycle you go like 200fps more that the loading system, this makes you trespass wall and buildings and if the Loading System goes the same Fps of the motorcycle in just a second even if you survive and go more faster the Loading System Fps, in that time you may just die without knowing or blowup cause you got stuck inside the building/wall. **That was just a sample of what happened to me and many others, not a real time for frame. Devs please I know you want to put new content and many good things, but I think is better to fix the problems the game has FIRST, before any update of new content, cause putting new content first priority is a bad a idea, regarding of the problems the game has, so please I know you won't stop the update of Jun, 27 but if that update does the same has the last one before the "HotFix", that will be bad for the game and us gamers, and that will be really bad on your end, and I won't like to quit the game, cause no one is playing it, please has a gamer I love PUBG and I'll keep playing it until I can't play it, So please devs fix the problems first after the update of Jun 27, before any other update of new content. Thank you for listening: Katashi
  4. Fist off, it keeps kicking me out and shows "Lost connection to the host" and the number of the error, no before you tell me to change my DNS, it doesn't work either, no before you say, if my internet connection is fine, yes it is and I can play way stronger games, restart you xbox? Nop, it still doing the same, do something else, no cause this only started after the update that everything got screwed, I already tell you guys about this, and it seems you guys though it was cause I wasn't in NA, and I can't play the game cause the game keeps throwing me out, right now I started a match and went I am hearing people walking and punching, boom it kick me out with the same thing popping same error and it keeps on and on, you haven't fix nothing, cause right now is like I am still without the update "Hotfix" went I already downloaded that update 1.5g so why it keeps telling me that I can't play, tell me mmm, and please fix this. In additional went you press the "Play" you have to press it a couple of times so it shows the time to wait for the match.
  5. Went you try to see your missions or claim rewards sometimes it kicks you out to Title Screen, and it keeps up even if you close the game completely and enter, it will still kick you out, this came with the before the hotfix, and I thought after the hotfix it fix it cause after that time it stop, but it seems that it came back again, please I can even enter to claim my daily rewards
  6. The bug kicks me out of the match and puts me back to start a new game and it keeps for awhile until it lets me in but of 10 matches only one I can play, Please fix this problem, I'll let a pic of the error on here, my tag name is SanekiKatashi, please can you guys respond and tell me if you know about this bug, anything I do doesn't work, and it will not work, I already do many things, and us not me or my data, or the xbox, is a bug, please fix this, anyone else have this kind of problem and haven't been fix by uninstalling the game, hard restart the Xbox and other things that will fix this but nothing works, please I need help with this, and this the 3 time I post it and no dev has responded, please
  7. Bug Description: A parachute landed beside me, but there wasn't anyone that came down with it. Location: Mongnai | Sanhok Evidence: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/droc-poopsmith/video/75802969 I confirmed that no one actually landed with that chute on the 2d replay. https://pubg.sh/DRoc Poopsmith/xbox/0867d3a2-9ebc-4e77-8fc8-86e9e2d68add Replication: I've only seen it happen this one time. Xbox One Version: Xbox One S, SSD Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP - Squad
  8. Aside from reach top 10 in solo there are other missions that are not getting updated after completion. Please look into and fix
  9. After you open PUBG and you go to Start a match, if you play it or kicks you out of the match it doesn't matter, the bug after you finish your match or you got kick out of the match before you can even play the match, the bug/glitch will come, you can close the game completely so you can fix it but it will come back after you play eventually, if you go to the season rewards area went the bug/glitch is active I'll kick you out to the Title Screen, please fix this I can give you pictures or anything else cause you not allow more that 22mb so, please fix this
  10. A small bug inside the house in which the roof of the next house is going through the wall as can be seen in the attached images. Location: Southwest Georgopol in New Erangel Remaster.
  11. Same trouble. Problem: We cant connect on SA server. Gamertag: Lobkovskaya. Location: Brazil. Version: Xbox One X. Eu sou Brasileiro, e não quero jogar na Oceânia, é pedir muito!? PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.mp4
  12. Bu arada @temaskenan dediğin şekilde konuştum internet sağlayıcıları ile şuan 70 pingi geçmiyor sağolasın hocam.
  13. FPS değerlerimde hiçbir sıkıntı yok, oyunda başka bir hatayla da karşılaşmadım ama grafikleri işlemede sıkıntılar oluyor. Görsel olarak da çok kötü bir deneyim verdiği için oyun zevk vermiyor. Yardımcı olabilecek birisi var mı ? Ne sebeple oluyor acaba bu. DxDiag.txt
  14. Bug Bildirimi şeklinde ayrı bir bölüm açılabilir, öncelikle bunu belirtmiş olayım. Öldükten sonra takım arkaşımı izlerken 8x yada 6x zoom açtığında ekran görüntüsünde ki gibi olmakta. 4x de vs. bir sorun yok.
  15. It seems that full auto fire bug in which weapons stop firing intermitently in full auto Its happening to two mates with I normally play, they even have changed mouse and reinstalled Windows and game and still happens, it seems it happens to movement too, while moving suddenly character stops/freezes even pressing movement keys but not so frequent Some videos with the problem in which my mate assures me that he is doing full auto but weapon intermitently interrupts doing it
  16. I was filling out the survey, more than happy to give my feedback, when I got near the end, and this appeared, and now when I click on it, this is all I get.
  17. Witam. Gra zamyka program dostarczony przez producenta grafiki. Dzieje się tak tylko podczas grania lub podczas włączania gry PUBG. Dzieje się tak tylko gdy program jest w tray'u.
  18. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/maineventev/video/73594765 There seems to be some sort of bug with the pre-selected fire modes. I thought I had this happen to me prior to this instance but wasn't exactly sure. Pay attention to the fire mode on the AK, I have mine preset to be in auto for AR's. Now watch after I pick up the Scar, it is preset to single fire. Not sure if it is because I swapped the weapon slots, but if that is the case I fell it should not do that. Thanks for the help guys. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos
  19. Hi, the other day I was crawling in the high grass spying on enemies from an elevated spot. I could hardly see them through my scope with all the grass in the way when suddenly I got shot from behind. There were only 4 people left in the game and I was curious how I was spotted, so I checked the killcam. Turned out that the guy killed me from afar looking through his 4x scope which didnt display any vegetation at all, like I was crawling on a naked rock... this was quite annoying to say the least...after playing what? 30 minutes?... 30 minutes wasted! I came to ask if anyone else made a similar experience and of course I hope that this behavior will be fixed in the future Cheers
  20. Sometimes, when you go to use a boost in your inventory (or heal), you are not able to, and your weapon rearms each time you try.... in order to get around the bug, you must switch your weapon, and try again...
  21. Witam. Jak w temacie, krzaki w powietrzu.
  22. Frequently, when the user clicks the Cancel for matchmaking, in the lobby, nothing happens. The game should cancel matchmaking. I haven't seen this bug in a while, and today is the first time I remember it happening .. 04/07/2019 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2019.04.07 -
  23. Hi, why any cosmetics are unchangeable ? For example : Just ride T-shirt, vintage helmet,..? It's so bad...
  24. Witam Czasami podczas uruchomienia gry gra jest zminimalizowana do pulpitu i trzeba klikać na pasku zadań aby grę maksymalizować. Taka sytuacja występuje na windowsie 7.
  25. Current build in game defaults at start in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode even in settings it shows native "Fullscreen" (I know it's in "Windowed Fullscreen" because if I ALT+TAB the game doesn't minimize, it only does it when in native "fullscreen") I already posted it several days ago in PUBG subreddit and it's still happening https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/a5rj49/if_you_have_fps_drops_in_vikendi_its_because_game/ This is causing massive FPS stuttering for lots of people and major complains about current performance and it's simply wortkarounded by ALT+Enter twice or by changing screen mode and reverting back to native "Fullscreen" mode. This problem was in TEST servers and in current PRODUCTION/LIVE servers. Just fix that and people will stop complaining about performance in game or at least most of those complains will stop
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