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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. So I've got an issue noone else of my friends has. I have continuously lags although my Ping nor my connection is bad or below my standards. I can play every other game f.e. CS:GO or anything else. I recorded my problem and i made sure that my connection is usually fine. You can see the link here: I searched on Youtube and on Google for fixes but didnt manage to get anything helpful. I hope someone has a fix for this or an advice how to bypass it. Still wishing a nice day ~Roman aka BotRom (If neccessary heres my ING: ImRom)
  2. I recently find a lot of guns and loot spawn on places where you can`t get them. This only happenes on the old map as far as I know.
  3. There is guns from 2 last games I were. There was those guns at the second game from first game and now there is from 2 games at my inventory showing up even tho I dont have them. SOrry for my english.
  4. I like to use sprint toggle since I dont like to not be able to hit WASD while autoruning. (pinky cramps ;O) So I leave it always on but I have to untoggle it to be able to hold or toggle walk. Please make it so that one cancels/overwrite another Also there is a bug (is it?) when u leave the vehicle the character forgets that sprint was toggled.. I suppose it clears all toggle states.. from crouching to prone to walking to sprinting ... And I agree that the person should leave the car standing up but the sprinting or walking should be mantained.. Its from my player perspective anyways.. You devs must know better than me .. But still give me some intel if I am doing anything wrong that could be done easier if done different pls have a nice day
  5. I am a Chinese players After the update I can't run the game in a cyber cafe It will give me prompt some things 02:01:34: Starting BattlEye Service... 02:01:35: Launching game... 02:01:56: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 02:01:56: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\qZSFl.dll". 02:01:56: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\kshut.dll". 02:02:07: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\pd3xo.dll". 02:02:17: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\kshut.dll". 02:02:28: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\uxtheme.dll". 02:02:38: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\MSSPIREX64.dll". We can't play all the Internet cafes In China, I can't find a solution Hope can give me some help My English is not good I use the translation software
  6. Победа с 9 килами + 4 очка!!! ЭТО КАК!!! https://gyazo.com/8b9db8aa933d2b3cb00b9060b344ff80 https://pubgtracker.com/history/pc/DragoGo
  7. i just play PUBG for 15 min my computer will restart and this happen only on me? my spec: GTX 960 2Gb I7-6700 16GB PSU:550W Thank for answer
  8. Clip As you can see in the clip, the fence works like a wall, even though it has holes. Is this intended? It does not make to get 0 hits. And that guy got all hits on me. Is bullet penetration planned for the future?
  9. Crazy door, client side /server side i dunno I'm not that smart. Date occurred 8th of April 2017. Steam Launch Command: -refresh 165 -maxMem=13000 -malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES 2 x Evga superclocked GXT980ti's at stock, i7/6700k at stock. 16G of Vengeance LPX 3000mhz DDR4ram. *Other than this one incident my game has been really, really good. (although have not played since recent patch of the 11th)
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