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Found 38 results

  1. Playing on Xbox one X, with SSD. Last night on Miramar, was sniping guys and the house they went into didn't load for me. I was able to shoot them through walls, in a building where they should have been safe. Using Kar98 with 4X scope, my teammate had a SLR with 6X and the building was loading for him, he saw it like it should have been. Video loaded to YouTube links below... Was this a scope glitch or just PUBG still being broken???
  2. Why are we still waiting? Locked out of the game for nearly 5 hours now!! What the hell? Keeps say “Failed to get token from xbox” whatever the hell that means
  3. Ever since the beginning of owning this game, which has been since early July 2017, I have never heard a single voice in a lobby, or been able to speak in the game either. Here is a list of my specs for my PC before I talk about the problem in depth. Intel Core i7-6900K CPU 3.20GHz 128 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SOUND Blaster Z Audio Card Windows 10 64-bit I also want to list the steps I've already taken to attempt to resolve this issue. Made sure my Voice Input device in Windows was set correctly. Made sure my Speakers were set to default. Turned Chat to "ALL" or "TEAM" Pressed ctrl-T Changed "push to talk" key binding (and then back to default) Uninstalled the game and reinstalled Uninstalled Steam and reinstalled Verified game files in Steam more than 10 times (no errors) Tried without my Audio Card Tried on another PC with no Audio Card (still doesn't work) Attempted a VPN (couldn't connect) Tried 3 other USB microphones Tried 2 quarter-inch microphones, each, plugged in to the on-board mic input, or the Sound Blaster mic input Went to %APPDATA%/LOCAL/TsIGame/Saved/WindowsNoEditor/ and opened GameUserSettings (within that I made sure that "bIsVoiceInputMute" "bIsVoiceOutputMute" were set to "False" and that "bUsePushToTalk" and "bUseGlobalVoice" were set to "True" Attempted to run Steam in Administrator mode Attempted to run TSiGame.exe in Admin (doesn't connect to server) I think it's important to note that this game is the ONLY game I have that doesn't seem to work for voice chatting. Other games in STEAM like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rocket League, Arma 3, and 7 Days to Die work perfectly. Non-steam games like, Battlefield 1, Battlefront, and Overwatch work perfectly. My microphone(s) also work in Skype and Discord. I have attempted to use a phone hotspot connection, thinking that maybe my firewall is blocking ports that allow me to voice chat. I would then, need to know what ports to open for this, and that hasn't been officially released. However, same story with a VPN, it didn't allow me to connect to the server to even attempt to test this. However, I was able to connect to a lobby, but saw no icon for VOIP working, and my friends also did not hear me in their lobby, so I am assuming this was unsuccessful as well. VOICE CHAT IS IMPORTANT. Many players use VOIP for tactical advantage, talking to friends, or just having fun listening to the shenanigans people do while dying, or in the lobby. It adds so much character to this game and makes it more fun and addicting. There are MANY other players who experience this problem as well, and PUBG Official Twitter posted a PSA about non-functional Voice Chat, and how it would be fixed soon. This was MONTHS ago. By the increasing number of threads related to this problem, it only seems to be getting worse. Are the developers still aware that this problem persists, and is there a fix for this issue already out, or in the works. I would love some input on this situation. Thanks for all your hard work.
  4. Hi, So the new update is great, but I have noticed that you guys didn't update controller sensitivity settings sliders. Or maybe you just forgot to update them. There are 2 new scopes, and also a vertical recoil sensitivity setting (which is great, its something that was needed) They are on the mouse and keyboard slider settings, but you didn't include sliders for controller layout. In the past I was a heavy console player and played a lot of fps, I was good, 25+ kill streaks good, but now I spend more time on the pc, and so play pubg on pc, so I'm in the bad habit of using a controller, yeah its gay and lame and I'm a pussy and what ever else people have to say about people who play with controllers, who cares, I'm happy with it. Id even say that I'm better than the average mouse and keyboard player too, so I don't care what other people think, but it would be really nice if we could get those extra sliders on the controller settings menu please. I know I'm not the only person who plays controller, even if we are a minority. Its really needed. The main problem is the Aim acceleration is broken, the slider doesn't work properly, when on 0 its on max, when on 1-10 it doesn't work at all, It affects all scopes ads and horizontal movement so its crippling the game. Cant turn fast enough. I just got a 3x scope, both standard sensitivity and vertical sensitivity are way too strong, its impossible to control at all, Its like using 10x speed on a 4x or something. Both new scopes and the vertical recoil sensitivity are the same, their sensitivity sliders are needed as they are too strong. This is more important than fixing spelling mistakes. I posted already but must of been to a wrong part of the forum, because I think you would of put out a quick fix already.
  5. I can get inside the lobby but game crashes at launch. Every time. Did anyone test this patch?
  6. your crash info uploader is broken. it takes about 10 min to upload a crash report. Thankyou
  7. The update has broke Bullet Physics and Hit Reg. I played two days ago but had to take a break because the new patch has basically given me cancer. You've made Bullet Physics worse, it was fine the way it was, at the moment it feels broken and unrealistic. Causes where I clearly hit someone but it doesn't register. You shoot someone 5ms away from you and you have to shoot infront of them, lol, bullets aren't slow wtf. Give us back the old system please dear god.
  8. So this is happening a lot and I feel like I'm being cheated out of easy kills! I always have my weapon on auto, but even if it's the shotgun or an SMG I have this problem. It's simple: when I fire my weapon it does NOT register! This is happening consistently for me now. And before you call me out on a faulty mouse or shitty brand: I have a SteelSeries Rival 700 almost brand new. It works in every other game I play, but in PUBG this issue is persistent. It started happening some time ago after an update, and if this is not fixed I will stop playing the game all together. Don't get me wrong I love this game, but when I get killed by someone that should have been an easy kill it is not acceptable. FIX THIS NOW PLAYERUNKNOW!!!
  9. Getting onto a crate that is floating in water causes you to get knocked, team mates can not get you up wither because they are knocked as they get on too. Pls fix
  10. when i land i see the 9mm but i cant pickup it using tab or f because it doesnt appear in there
  11. Game breaking bug. Fences literally act like walls that you can see through. (Haven't tried on the original map.) Specifically in the area near the bottom right "Puerto ...". Version 1.0 Live Server 12/21/2017 12:30AM PST
  12. This happened to me twice, when I press start, I spawned out the map in a game that was already running, the commands don't do anything, I can't move, watch around or see my inventory, after few mins because I was out the save point I died
  13. When starting the game I see the 1st splash screen and then it goes to black never to return again. The game stays black until I have to end the task in the task manager. This also happens with the Test server. This has just started happening with the new update. I have tried rebooting and many trouble shooting tactics. What can I do to fix this issue? Thank you for your time.
  14. So i have about 70 hours on PUBG now, i have only ever had 1 chicken dinner in a 4 man squad. i started to play solo and when it got to top 5 i got a connection interruption, only for a few seconds when i came back i was fine with playing, I then died. After i exited the match i did not receive my BP from the match
  15. https://plays.tv/video/5a285b534a3ed698df/how-is-this-possible-
  16. Hi so I have posted about this before. I have figured out it has to do with network issues, but I can't figure out why. If I change my IP Address with a VPN it completely messes the game up. I need to use a VPN. If I delete the game, clear the Local data and then reinstall, it works as long as my IP does't change. Please I have already posted about this and there was no solution posted other than verifying game cache or reinstalling. There are literally hundreds/thousands of us with this issue and it really sucks, because I have paid money for a game that literally doesn't work. I really reall enjoy this game, please help us out
  17. I was in Yasnaya Polyana and jumped off a roof. I ended up landing inside this fenced area that I couldn't get out of. There was a window there, but it was one of the t-shaped windows you can't jump into. The fence is unbreakable from the inside.
  18. Hi, Whatever you have done to tweak the loot spawns have completely broken the spawns to the point of looting several houses and finding no weapon other than a pistol and shirts everywhere. This game is not DAYZ, it's not supposed to be realistic in that sense, It's a Battle Royale, there should be Weapons everywhere, not clothing items that are completely useless that take up % chance for actual useful items. The loot spawns used to be good, but you've simply made it worse over time. It really takes the enjoyment out of the game when landing with others and the RNG factor is too RNG on finding a gun. Battle Royale is about the Battles/Survival, how is one to survive when they struggle to find something as simple as a shotgun. Please fix the loot spawns to how it was two patches ago, it was a middle ground between too much loot and not enough, it was perfectly balanced so I don't understand why it was changed in the first place.
  19. Hello everyone, I have posted a link to a short video I have edited with several clips showcasing what I believe are problems I have encountered with shots not registering correctly and/or a connection type issue. I never see this type of stuff happen for other people so I don't know what is going on. These videos have been saved over just a couple months. It seems like this kind of stuff happens to me a lot, but these clips are the most obvious to me that something is wrong. If anyone can point something out that I'm missing or has a way to fix it I would really appreciate it as every time I play I feel like I have a huge disadvantage. If you believe it's personal error in one of the clips let me know what's and wrong and what I need to do differently! There is a short black screen after video #1 as I deleted a clip and forgot to fill it.The clips are regular speed followed by slow motion. Each clip is also numbered, if you can leave the # of the video in your comment so I know what you are talking about. Some of the clips are moving pretty quick even in slow motion so you might have to re-watch them a few times. I will leave a list below with what I think the issue is in each clip! Video Clips Here! Clip #1 - Head shot not registering. Clip #2 - Head shot not registering. (Even though the other player slightly moved when I fired, it looks like the bullet almost passes through the right side of head?) Clip #3 - Head shot not registering. 2nd Bullet possibly going through his head? Clip #4 - A few consistent shots not registering. (I noticed I shot the pan on his back twice, I moved the reticle up to his back right after and got 1 out of 2 hits, I also believe I should have got the second hit as he is running down the hill.) Clip #5 - Possible Dsync issue, if you watch close I fire my second round before he fires the kill shot. Clip #6 - Multiple hits not registering Clip #7 - Hit registration mostly on his feet, (the guy I'm firing at also suddenly disappears around the time 2:08) Clip #8 - Hit registration, this one is more debatable to my own error Clip#9 - Hit registration, other player lagging around Clip#10 - Hits clearly not registering Clip#11 - Body shots and clear head shots not registering Clip#12 - Mostly the shots with the vector not registering on this one, again another debatable one Let me know what you guys think, I am open to anything! Also let me know if I am missing any important info to help, Thanks! Troubleshooting so far: Updated to latest Nvidia drivers, all other drivers up to date, Game files validated, latest version of windows 10 Computer specs: Intel Core i5 3.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 (not overclocked), Crucial 500GB SSD, 8GB Rip Jaws Ram, Windows 64 bit.
  20. After today's patch I went in to play a quick round of PUBG but found that the audio was not coming through, I checked everything from the games audio settings to my own computer audio settings and tried different headphones as well. I checked file integrity and reinstalling even but still cannot get audio to come through. Everything else the audio works fine (Other games on steam, other programs, music files all play perfectly) but PUBG stays silent.
  21. Hello, i just brought this game because all my friends said it is fun. when i load it up and i am prompted that it is a early access so things can be broken. i cant click the i understand button to carry on into the game. please could someone let me know why or let the devs know so they can fix this as i really want to play the game i spent £27 on.
  22. I don't know why you keep pushing broken updates! It was reported already for test server... The input controls gets resetted every gamestart. Deleting setting file doesn't help! Move Backward Move Right Move Left You can change it, but game will ignore it and change it back to default WASD. The game is unplayable!
  23. I've got this issue with voicechat; one game it works, and then the next round it totally doesn't work or i can only hear people but my voice isn't picked up/transmitted. i've always got the settings like this: Unmuted voice, voice to team/squad only, always send. In a few games i managed to get it working again by looping a few times trough un/mute and the voice channels, but most of the time when it fails it's not fixable... and then the next round everything works fine again, while playing with exactly the same squad. IF the sound fails, it's only in pubg, using steam overlay to create a private voicechat still works fine if the game voice fails, so it's not my hardware or windows who is letting me down, it's the game. Now lately it's become more and more that the voice often doesn't work and sometimes works; like 1/3 of the games it seems to work... If playing with a fixed group then there's not really an issue as we can use discord or steam voice. but when playing with a team of 3 then there is an issue since the 4th player, designated by matchmaking, cannot hear us. I really hope that they fix the voice, especially since good communication is crucial in this game; in solo it's not needed, but when playing with duo's or squads then voice really is important. Mayb anybody got an idea on how to fix this problem?
  24. Wondering if theres anyone else getting a bug after using shadow play that causes the map and inventory screens to lock open for different amounts of time? This only started after i started using shadow play.
  25. Okay, so recently I've been experiencing a bug where once I've landed on the ground, whenever I'm in third person my camera is completely locked to the player as if the parent movement of the camera was the player's hip. You cannot move the camera up or down at all, but when you move the mouse the player's head moves, and if you move far enough to either the left or right to where your character will actually move their body, only then will the camera move. I did however find a way to reproduce this every single match. It only ever happens when you load into the game without ever being on spawn island and instead are immediately in the plane after finishing loading. Hopefully with knowing this the devs will be able to fix it. Edit: This may be a little cocky of me, but if I am to be credited for this in some patch notes or something, I would appreciate a link to my Twitter or YouTube and for my accredited name to be 'Abnormal Sloth' rather than 'Slothman'
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