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Found 6 results

  1. well i was in a favorable firefight and guess what happened... fix please. looked from all angles there is no way that barrel was blocked.
  2. I've been having this glitch for awhile now. Before it only happened when I was in Full Screen mode and I was still able to play in Full Screen Windowed. But recently it got worse and now I can play it at all without getting the bug. Here's a video of someone else having the glitch, I included some screenshots but I was too lazy to record my own video so here's someone else's. This bug made the game unplayable and i'm looking for a fast fix.
  3. Date Seen: Started around July 10th and is still happening to this day. Server: Live Error Message: No message Other Information: I was ingame when the colors just changed and became pixelated. At first it only lasted for around 20 seconds then it would go away. But then one day I opened the game and it got stuck and the colors wouldn't go away until I changed to fullscreen windowed. Now everytime I try and go to fullscreen the glitch happens again, and when I try to go back into fullscreen windowed the game crashes. The game is still playable, but only in fullscreen windowed. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried everything, I have updated drivers, reinstall steam, ran as administrator, verified integrity, stopped my antivirus and firewall, and basically everything else . I did try to disable my AMD Gpu once and run the game and everything was normal even in fullscreen, but the only problem with doing that is I would only get 10 fps since it was just my Intel GPU running the game. So I think the problem might be with my AMD Gpu but I just don't know what to do. Launch Options: Nothin System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD8970M, and Intel HD Graphics 4600 (I have switchable graphics) CPU: Intel Core i7-4710MQ CPU @2.50GHz (8CPUs), ~2.5Ghz Ram: 16GB
  4. The Bug Starts at 2:30. I get out of a car and the collision checks aren't quite right so it ends up putting me in a space I don't actually fit in. I can't get back in the car mind you. It registers as fall dmg I think and I get downed then when moving the vehicle it kills me. Feels Bugged man. The fix would just be to up the space required to get out on any side of the vehicle. It should have popped me out on the passenger side since there wasn't enough room on the drivers side.
  5. First off I'd like to start off by saying I love this game, but I suck at it and I'm glad I didn't get my first solo chicken dinner because of a glitch. I entered the tunnels east of Roz after getting out of a Das and somehow fell into the underground part of the map. This is definitely a GAME BREAKING bug. I swam to each circle, the underground part of the map is ocean. Lastly Id like to say I intentionally killed myself to the gas due to it being unfair to the guy who was actually on the top of the map. Logasm
  6. In the past 3 days I've been constantly getting a bug disallowing me to use any sort of healing, it doesn't matter if I use my mouse or keybindings and it doesn't matter if I have low hp to medium hp. it also doesn't allow me to help any teammates up causing team play to be un-doable. Please look in to this as its making the game unbearable.
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