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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to report what I believe is a keyboard mapping/keyboard interpretation bug/anomaly. I use the arrow keys and number pad etc. to play rather than the WASD keys. In the game settings for controls with the numlock key set to on, when you bind a key in the settings the keypad is interpreted as num0 through num9. In the game however, when the right shift is pressed they are being interpreted as though the numlock is NOT on. For example num0 will be interpreted as insert instead of num_insert. Whereas this may be correct for typing it is a problem playing this game and I am not aware of any other of my games that takes this approach. They all ignore the shifting of the keypad keys or interpret them as different keys if the numlock is on. For example they might interpret the num0 as num_insert depending on if the (right) shift key is pressed. To demonstrate this and what a problem it can be do the following; Make sure the numlock is on then bind the right shift to sprint (and set to hold not toggle under gameplay). Bind the arrows to forward, backward, left and right. Bind the jump to num0. Bind the insert to prone. Now, if you are holding the move forward key (up arrow) and the right shift key so you sprint and then press the num0 to jump what happens instead is your character will suddenly drop to the ground on his face in a prone position. Along these same lines the Keypad enter is being interpreted as just enter and not Num_enter. This renders it useless as a bindable key if the normal enter is bound to something. Date Seen:reproducible anytime Server: Live server in NA Error Message: none Other Information: In text above Troubleshooting Attempted: n/a Launch Options: default options on Steam IE: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications:
  2. Всем привет, везде искал,на любых языках, и нигде все таки не нашел клавиш, которые в WindowNoEditor в cfg отвечают за раздел "Ход игры" по русски, и Gameplay на инглише. В общем, интересует следующее,если можно графику и другие пункты поставить в блокноте и закрепить(только чтение), можно ли(или же какие то значения) как то поставить и раздел "ход игры", то же отключение персонажа в инвентаре, и слоты худа, оружие и броню. Просто хочу включить их навсегда,чтобы как с графикой, поставил, и не мучаешься, и ничего не сбивается у тебя, или придется мучиться и при каждом перезаходе в игру, все включать заново(Отображение персонажа отключать)? И да, мне не нужны советы по типу, " отключи только чтение и тогда у тебя все будет сохраняться" и т.д. Вы либо знаете эти команды для биндов, либо не знаете. Если их нету в природе, то придется мучиться наверно.
  3. Bug Description: When making changes to the F key either in game or in the GameUserSettings.ini file it is overwritten when loading into the game but still shows as correct on the UI. Date Seen: After the most recent update. Server: Please note if you are on the TEST server or not. This will help to categorize reports. No I am not Troubleshooting Attempted: Describe anything you did to attempt you fix the bug, to help us track down the cause of the bug. I tried changing the bind from in game in the main load menu, in game in the players loading lobby and in the actual game on the map. I also tried to change the bind on the F key from the GameUserSettings.ini, everytime I made any changes in game or in the file and then loaded the game i get an message from notepad++ that the file had been altered and asked to reload it again this was after i had finished editing and saving - Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. What I believe is the game itself is some how altering the bind when loading into the lobby and when making any changes in the lobby or on the map it is not registering the change, as the game is not allowing it. I can make any change to any other key except the F key. Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? No If so, which ones are you using?. System Specifications: Fresh install of the game and my OS and no other binds on that key on any other programs.
  4. There is no key that can replace LEFT SHIFT in your game. No other key works to replace LEFT SHIFT. This needs to get patched sooner than later x.x
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