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Found 61 results

  1. As I said, since last patch, randomly the game will have a lower volume for everything, footsteps, gunfire etc altough settings are the same and changing them doesnt make any effect. To make the sound as always i have to restart game. VERY ANNOYING, and the game you play with poor sound is a really awfull experience. Have played some games with people and some of them are having the same issue. Im nearly sure it's happening since last miniupdate a couple of days ago (it wasn't a full patch). [PUBG for PC]
  2. Just a general query for everyone about how useful they find game sounds, specifically noise opponents make when moving around? I watch some streamers on twitch (who are playing on PCs) and they see able to hear opponents from a lot further away than I can on my xbox. If they’re just walking around, I reckon I can only hear them within 10m, which is barely enough time to react. If they’re in an adjoining building, I can hear them maybe a bit farther, but not by much. Some of the streamers appear to have supernatural hearing compared to me. As an example, I was bridge camping on Sanhok today, tucked up in the load bed of one of the lorries so not visible from the ground. Insta died from two shots to the head - turns out he’d walked over the top of the bridge. Now, as he wasn’t creeping, I‘d have thought I would have heard SOME footsteps on metal as he was directly over me when he fired. I’m using Turtle Beaches Stealth 700s, and do have mild tinnitus so maybe my hearing is just a bit crap. Thoughts appreciated.
  3. after trying to use my xbox microphone with my controller the sound will not work even without it plugged in. note that I using a separate pair of earphones and that may have did it. please get back to me asap.
  4. Why oh why does this game hate my USB headset sooooo much? I have had nothing but trouble with my Razer Kraken USB headset when playing this game (and this game ONLY). I have two audio devices that I switch between; my USB headset, and my PC speakers (analog). When I start PUBG I usually have my headset enabled as the default device and I ALWAYS have to enable, then immediately disable my PC speaker device in my Sound device manager for the audio to start playing through my headset. However sometimes, no matter what I do I can not get the audio to play through my USB headset. I can unplug/re-plug the headset, switch USB ports, restart my computer, it doesn't matter. If it doesn't want to work at that moment, it wont work. I'll usually give up and go play something else. I have tried my wife's analog headset and it works fine. After a while I will try launching the game again and the audio will work. This is REALLY frustrating because I can not find a fix, or even determine the root of the issue, but it is isolated to PUBG, I don't have this issue with any other games. Its as if the game just doesn't want to detect my headset. Has anyone had this issue or know of a fix (aside from "just buy a new headset bruh") Thanks
  5. Ever since I installed the game I have this problem for PUBG only. Whenever I launch the game the home menu audio works completely fine, no issues what so ever. But once I enter in game every few seconds my audio will cut out completely, in-game and through my desktop. ALL audio running through my computer turns off. This occurs repeatedly throughout gameplay, going out coming back, going out, etc. When this does happen my mic also stops working through discord and cuts out with my audio in game. Anyone have an idea why this happens?
  6. Hello there, I am experiencing issues with footstep sounds for quite some time now. The problem is that I don't hear enemy footsteps at all. Players in my team seem to be far louder. When spectating my teammates however, enemy footsteps all of the sudden seem to be there. This is why I am asuming it is a bug rather than my sound setup or anything else. If I am wrong though and there is in fact a solution to this then please let me know, since it is a big disadvantage for me. Thank you!
  7. This seems to still be happening fairly often from the bombing or grenade explosion. It sounds like every window in the game is breaking at once and the audio crashes and freezes for 5 seconds. Is there a fix in site?
  8. Estou com problema nos meus fps, constantemente meu fps tem uma queda absurdo deixando tipo em câmera lenta e o áudio picotando, alguma solução pra isso? obs: já formatei meu Pc 2x instalei todos os drivers, atualizei os drivers de vídeo para ultima versão e não importa a qualidade que eu coloque sempre em algum momento eu tenho essas constantes quedas de fps. configuração: i7 7700HQ GTX 1060 6gb 16gb ddr4 2400 SSD 240gb Windows 10 (atualizado)
  9. Date Seen:Since June 2017. Server: Both live and test servers. Error Message: No game crash. Other Information: In game voice chat has not been working since an update in June. I am unable to hear anyone or communicate to anyone despite my audio settings being set to receive all chat and unmuted. I believe it might be a Windows 10 related bug that I would like assistance on. Note: Mic is the built in mic. Troubleshooting Attempted: Alt T, Alt M; all of those. Audio settings are set to all chat and unmuted and my mic works fine in every other game. Some people said it might be my ISP but its not - I live in NYC and I was able to communicate and hear audio at one point in time. Launch Options: No launch commands. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ Ram: 16GB
  10. Since the 1.0 release my audio will completely cut out while in game every ~20 seconds and lasts about 2 seconds. I have tried running as admin, uninstall, reinstall, file integrity, changing between my laptop speakers, my Turtle beach headset which is a jack headset and my HyperX cloud 2 USB headset. I have also tried a clean install of realtek and nahimic 2.0. It only happens on PUBG. I don't have any other programs running in the background and it has only been since the 1.0 release on both maps, have never had sound issues before. My graphics card is up to date and my specs are below. I have an MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro with Windows 10 Home Edition. I have also tried different servers and consistently run above 100 FPS. Date Seen:Since the 1.0 release Server: Live server
  11. Bug Description: HRTF, aka virtual surround sound, is not working as intended or is disabled. One of the mods claimed that HRTF is in the game, however, I have yet to have proof that it is working. I've watched many streamers with a large variety of hardware configurations and none of their streams have HRTF working. HRTF simulates directional sound the way we hear it IRL. Due to the limitations of headphones and other 2 speaker configurations, it is impossible to get this type of realism without some sort of sound processing. Front, back, up and down all sound exactly the same in PUBG, indicating that HRTF is not working. A while back a dev/mod stated that PUBG has HRTF. I have yet to have experienced it, just like many other players. Look on the Steam forums to see how widespread this issue really is. Date Seen: 9/25/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: Updated sound drivers. Reset all config files. Reinstalled PUBG. Turned virtual surround on/off in my audio driver. Other Information: In other games such as Overwatch and CS:GO, HRTF works as intended. Example of working HRTF in CS:GO. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24 GB DDR3
  12. As the title says, my voice chat is not working. I've tried looking for a solution on previous posts about this topic, and nothing helped. I tried looking around in my playback and recording device settings, verified integrity of game files, reinstalled the game, restarted my pc a couple of times. It's still not working. I read something about ports (which I don't really understand) and found a tutorial on allowing ports through windows firewall with an inbound rule. It's still not working. If it matters, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I am playing on the AS region (I've tried the EU region as well). I heard it may be a region block thing and I'd need a vpn (which would slow my connection so I would like to avoid it if possible).
  13. Bug Description: When streaming directly to Mixer from xbox one and with the microphone disconnected an annoying noise is heard throughout the streaming. I've tried two different streamings and it keeps happening. Date Seen: 17/12/2017 and 18/12/2017. Troubleshooting Attempted: I used the option to retransmit live from the Xbox One Original and then I checked that on mixer.com strange noises are heard all the time although I have the microphone deactivated and the game can barely be heard, I have not had problems with other games using the same Retransmit to Mixer function and it seems a pity that games can not be shared directly from the Xbox One. Example of the sound problems in mixer. https://mixer.com/ABUELITOVIP?vod=13552121 Server: Europe System Specifications: Xbox One Original (fat), internet conection of 50mb/s
  14. Hi guys, I am experiencing an awful bug which silents different sounds. For example I was run over by buggy which I haven't heard at all, same happens with the plane.
  15. My push-to-talk is bound to my thumb button on my mouse. In the post-game, when everyone dies, other people can still talk, but the game doesn't seem to recognize me pushing my push-to-talk key. Apparently you can't send a thumb button click when the screen showing your placement is up?
  16. Hi all My game was updated last week and everuthing was working fine but since this weekend the only adio im getting is the chat. None of the settings that Ive changed has helped this problem. Please help, I love this game and playing without sound really makes it difficult to enjoy.
  17. My pubg's audio is completely muted, it seems to have occurred because of a glitch with ctrl + m, at the start of every game, in the lobby, i press ctrl + m to mute everything and i turn the sound back on once the parachute is open, now however when i start a game and press ctrl+m it unmutes the master volume even though its unmuted in settings, so now the ctrl+m does the complete opposite, checking boxes in settings, but it never unmutes my audio, it is just always on mute no matter what i do, -ive tried using other audio, the problem is with pubg, -ive tried verifying the files in steam - i haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling because i would like to avoid this because of my download speed PLEASE HELP, PUBG IS UNPLAYABLE WITHOUT SOUND
  18. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?
  19. This problem has been driving me insane and it's been there since I first played the game. I made sure everything related to windows drivers is working fine. I tried 3 different sound cards: Realtek High Definition Audio, SteelSeries Siberia 650 and Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (which I use for music production). The problem is there with all of them. I only have this issue with this game. Everything else has no problem reaching maximum volume. Please I need help, the game is unplayable like this. If there is a way to manually set the volume levels over 100, I'd try that. PC: Lenovo y700 CPU: i7-6700 GPU: GTX 960m RAM: 16GB Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio / Steel Series Siberia 650 / Focusrite Scralett 6i6 OS: Windows 10
  20. After today's patch I went in to play a quick round of PUBG but found that the audio was not coming through, I checked everything from the games audio settings to my own computer audio settings and tried different headphones as well. I checked file integrity and reinstalling even but still cannot get audio to come through. Everything else the audio works fine (Other games on steam, other programs, music files all play perfectly) but PUBG stays silent.
  21. The patch last 2 weeks i think the one that is 5gb file size i don't know if that is but my mic does work only thing is that i can't hear my team mates though they can hear i can't hear them don't know why my settings is set to Mic "Always" and "Only Team" all audios are working fine. Only in Pubg i've encountered this problem please i need help
  22. Bug Description: Intermittent bug where my audio will become very loud and crackily. The loud crackily sound remains until reinstall my driver and restart my PC. When crackling is occurring, other in games sounds are then very feint/distorted and all I hear is a loud crackle. Today was the first time I correlated it to the lightning strike. (i.e. lightning struck and the crackling began). Additionally, I can exit the game and all other sounds my PC produces are distorted. For example, once bug occurs if I adjust the volume on my PC the chime sounds distorted. Date Seen: 22-SEP-2017 (also experienced the bug on previous versions) Server: NA not test. Troubleshooting Attempted: Once my match is over I use the window's trouble shooter (right click speaker icon in task bar -> Troubleshoot sound problems). This ends up reinstalling the sound driver and restarting my computer. After that happens the audio on my PC returns to normal Other Information: Never experienced this problem with other games. Launch Options: I use default launch options. System Specifications: Screenshots for system information below. I also use a HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset, which is a hard wired through 3.5 mm jacks.
  23. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have a friend that streams battlegrounds. His bullet sound is always off but every other sound is ok, for example footsteps and doors etc it just seems to be the bullet sound can anyone help? Thanks
  24. My sounds, audio or whatever doesnt work, there is just no sounds at all, i've tried various things, but would like to know if any other ppl have tried the same, and if so have a solution?
  25. In the last few matches I've played after todays update, whenever a vehicle is behind me there is no audio, i can hear it if its front or side on, but the second its behind me it can't hear it
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