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Found 5 results

  1. Adaptable loot? Hmmm, using what you find and actually getting use of more things you find as a player? Yes, I would like that... so that would mean I do not spend as much time looting? Hmmm using more yes. I hope the new loot balances take this into account in the future of pubg. I feel that pubg did a great job on making the attachment more streamlined and being able to use more of it so what a player loot does not go to waste. I would love to see the dev team take this further with making the attachments, especially the tactical stock avaible on more existing guns and future guns as well. Would love to see grips and tactical stocks on the AK, perhaps not on the classic AK47? But the AK74u would be an AK that I would love to see come to PUBG as well as the P90 SMG. The whole class of Assault Rifles, would love to see a more so called sub class to Assault Rifles, more tiny versions like the AK74u is a great example of that. Still AR but in quick small package that can be upgraded into this beast of a weapon late game. Thank you so much for reading, Best regards
  2. After 1.0 launch there is an issue with M16A4 not being able to work with 8x scope. Issue is persistent on both maps. All other weapons normally compatible with the 8x Scope will work (tested M416 and AKM). M16A4 still works with Red Dot, Holographic, 2x Aimpoint, and 4x ACOG. Have not gotten the 15x scope to see if the problem is affecting anything other than the 8x scope.
  3. Whenever I play miramar and pick a red dot it shows a random cross 2 parallel lines horizontally and vertically
  4. I was checking a killed opponents AKM to see if he had any useful attachments on it. To do so I dropped my UMP9 with 4 attachments by dragging the AKM over my UMP9. The UMP9 was dropped, the AKM in my weapon slot 2 and it had no attachments, which I thought to be weird for a geared squad as our recent enemies. I picked up the UMP9 again and all my attachments were gone, neither to be found on the ground nor my inventory. Video of me picking up the AKM. Our comments only revolve around the missing attachments and the next area to move to. Recorced 05.08.2017 on v2.5.26 in Squad queue
  5. Hi developers, I found little bug. SCAR-L weapon has Flash Hider, Extended Mag etc. So attachments has a wrong description for guns. SCAR-L = [AR] <- Attachment has "ar" name and AR is Scar-L Thanks!
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