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Found 4 results

  1. Ищу напарников, которые относятся к каткам как к развлечению, а не как к последней битве в их жизни. Люблю играть, ржать и получать удовольствие от игры. Играю на Азии, мне 37 и напарников ищу своего возраста. Если есть девчонки, которые играют в PUBG, буду вообще очень рада. steam - trickytanya discord - trickytanya#7515 pubg - trickytanya всем пис!
  2. This is becoming beyond frustrating for not only myself, but every other player that is having this issue. There are countless players that have no way of changing their default server off of AS! It does not matter if you select solo/duo/squad and any other server, it drops you straight into an AS server round. Even if you hover over "matching" and it clearly states that you have selected your preferred server, it still dumps you straight into an AS round. This issue needs resolving a.s.a.p! Your devs have been aware of this issue for months now......
  3. Após essa ultima atualização, meu jogou realmente ficou melhor, porém tem um "bug" muuuuuuito chato, na qual toda vez que saio de uma partida, a região é setada em "AS SERVER" (região da ASIA), e obviamente eu jogo no servidor "SA SERVER" (South and central america), então toda vez que eu quiser jogar, tenho selecionar o servidor SA SERVER e dar play, o que é bastante chato, pois quando morro a unica coisa que quero fazer é sair da partida e dar play novamente (o que eu fazia antes da atualização), não sei se esse problema é somente comigo, se não for, vocês estão cientes do problema ? estão trabalhando nele ? se for só comigo, o que posso fazer pra solucionar meu problema ? MEU SETUP: CPU (processador): I5 3570K @3.40 Motherboard (placa-mãe): PEGATRON IPMH61P1 Memória RAM: 8GB Placa Gráfica: RX 460 2GB Gigabyte PSU (Fonte): EVGA 600B Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Pro 64bits
  4. In a match of Duo just today, in Asia servers, my partner and I were chasing down another pair in a vehicle chase. I was in a UAZ which was undoubtedly larger than the Buggy. During the chase, the buddy had popped a tire, thus allowing me to catch up to it. But here's what happened. When my UAZ had come into contact with the Buggy, there was some sort of glitch/bug that make my vehicle stuck, spazzing around connected to the opponent's buggy. Moments after my partner left the vehicle for a new one, both vehicles had flown up in the air. The enemy driver was killed upon landing on it's top. I however, flew up in the sky for a good 10-12 seconds before landing perfectly on my wheels. It looked like it was caused when my UAZ had drove over the moving Buggy.
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